2022 Puma IGNITE Articulate Disc Golf Shoe Review

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The 2022 Puma IGNITE Articulate Disc golf shoe upgrades its waterproofing material for the most comfortable spiked golf shoe that can withstand any condition without the hassle of laces.

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Puma needs no introduction.  They have been a large player in the golf game ever since Rickie came onto the scene sporting orange from head to toe.  A lot has changed since then, but their shoe line still garners a lot of attention.  In 2022, Puma worked to revise and improve their best-selling shoe – the IGNITE series.  In this review, we take a look at the newest addition to their lace-less shoe offerings: the IGNITE Articulate Disc golf shoe.


Upon first glance, the 2022 Puma IGNITE Articulate Disc golf shoe does not stray too far from the looks that have been so popular in previous iterations.  The adjustable disc rids users of laces while the associated cord wraps the top of the shoe with two plastic tabs.   The tongue does not separate from the foot opening as seen in previous IGNITE versions.

One important change I noticed was the waterproof material covers the entire toe box.  This feature, which Puma dubbed the “PWRFRAME,” gives the top of the shoe a more uniform look.  It also provides some functional benefits which I will talk about later on.

Pictured in this review is the Quiet Shade and Puma Silver color scheme but there are five other color combinations available.


The Puma IGNITE series has long been known for their comfort, and the Articulate Disc series is no exception.  The latest version has improved its foam sole base and well padded interior which allowed my feet to be supported without any rigidity.  Once I put them on, I knew the adjustment period would be short.  The disc lacing made it easy and efficient to adjust the shoes to my liking.

The shaping of the shoe evenly distributed pressure without feeling too tight.  It hugged my feet in all the right places.  Despite the narrow appearance of the toe, the toe box is spacious.  That said, this particular IGNITE seems to run a half size smaller than previous IGNITE golf shoes.  If you’re in between sizes, I would encourage you to pick the bigger one.


The Puma IGNITE Articulate Disc golf shoes are the closest golf spike I’ve worn to a true running shoe.  I’ve reviewed dozens of shoes and Puma continues to top my list of favorites with their IGNITE series.  New for 2022, the grooves or “articulations” that cover a large portion of the shoe help the material flex to your movements.

The other major change for this year’s model is the added spike.  For those wondering, these are replaceable tornado spikes so you can get a few extra miles out of them if you so choose.  While I have never had a problem with the older seven spike models, the new eight spike system certainly felt stable and well connected to the ground during even the most aggressive swings.  This also translated into swings in wet conditions.  Whether it was morning dew or after some rainfall, I never felt like I would slip or lose my footing.

Speaking of wet conditions, I appreciate Puma upgrading the toe box to a fully waterproof material so your feet aren’t soaked by hole 3.  It also makes the shoe easier to clean and keep looking fresh for a long time.  Puma backs this up with a one year waterproof warranty.


The Puma IGNITE Articulate Disc golf shoe packs a punch for the golfer looking for ultimate comfort.  The waterproof upgrades, added eighth spike, and adjustable disc system blend perfectly for any golfer looking step up their shoe game in 2022.

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  1. Weird about the sizing. I got the pwradapt caged in my normal size 10 and they were at least a half size too big.

  2. Cody Baxter

    Am I the only one who saw the model name of these shoes and initially thought they were a “disc golf”’ shoe? Maybe I’m alone but it feels like a clunky/confusing name.

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