Puma ALPHACAT NITRO Golf Shoe Review

Puma ALPHACAT NITRO golf shoe

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The Puma ALPHACAT NITRO spikeless golf shoes feature impressive stability.  Clean, modern aesthetics.  Secure fit, solid traction.


When I comment about golf shoes while watching tournaments, I typically get a, “That’s interesting dear” from my wife as she continues reading.  But when I see non-staffers wearing Puma golf shoes, it seems noteworthy.  Especially when I’m seeing it with more frequency.  Often it’s the cleated IGNITE Articulate [full review HERE], but the spikeless ALPHACAT NITRO is also out there hunting birdies.  I needed to find out what makes the ALPHACAT NITRO so compelling.


The Puma ALPHACAT NITRO shoes have a clean, modernistic look that might have onlookers wondering what sport they are for.  The small segment of honey colored sole visible on the outside of the heel reminded me of the rubbery, grip-centric soles of volleyball shoes I used to own.  The overlaid materials of the uppers exude a technical, purpose built vibe. 

The clear segment around the perimeter of most of the sole is distinctive and futuristic.  The honey colored section adds contrast as well as visually highlighting a change in sole material.  Overall, the APHACAT NITRO golf shoes maintain a cohesive look.

The Puma ALPHACAT NITRO is available in the feather gray colorway I tested, as well as black/quiet shade/red blast, white/black/gum, and white/red/navy.

Puma ALPHACAT NITRO golf shoe heel


Removing one of the Puma ALPHACAT NITRO shoes from the box I noticed it felt a bit heavy.  I decided to pull out a scale and also grab the recently tested PAYNTR 005 F [full review HERE] and one of my favorites, the adidas CODE CHAOS [full review HERE].  The ALPHA CAT NITROs were indeed heavier, weighing in at 15.3 oz. compared to 13.2 oz. for the PAYNTR and 13.9 oz with the CODE CHAOS.  That said, the ALPHA CATs didn’t feel heavy on my feet, but those ounces can affect comfort if you’re planning to spend a long day at the course.

Across my midfoot, the Puma ALPHACAT NITRO were snug, creating a secure feeling even before tightening the laces.  The fit was similar in the toe box and left no wiggle room for my toes.  I have fairly normal width feet and wouldn’t recommend the ALPHACAT NITRO to anyone with wide or wide-ish feet without first trying them on.

The foot bed was firm and supportive.  I really appreciated the cushioning around my ankles, and the low cut at the rear that created a cradle for my Achilles.  There was a noticeable stiffness to the soles, a clear indicator of a shoe built for stability.


Building on that last comment, the ALPHACAT NITRO created stability via three distinct design elements.  The rigidity of the sole was obvious from my first steps.  Interestingly, the stiffness is derivative of the hardness (Puma refers to it as high-durometer) of the sole’s clear TPU.  During my first swing I discovered the second element – the EXOShell Upper.  That secure fit I noted earlier was purposeful, as Puma designers fused layers of material to limit lateral flex.  The third element isn’t highlighted by Puma, but I’m confident the thick band that wraps around the heel adds to the stability.

For stability to deliver positively on performance, a solid connection to the ground is required.  The ALPHACAT NITRO golf shoes employ a bevy of multi-sized, multi-directional, chevron-shaped lugs that provided solid traction.  The grip wasn’t as strong as I’ve experienced with cleated stability shoes, but more than adequate for the gyrations of a typical golf swing.

As for the namesake “nitro” infused foam used in the midsole, it did offer a responsive interface between my feet and the sole.  From some quick research I learned that engineers discovered that nitrogen molecules respond faster to applied forces, which results in more efficient energy return.  I never wore the original Puma ALPHACAT shoes, but clearly this version is more than just cosmetic changes.

Puma ALPHACAT NITRO golf shoe sole


The stability of the Puma ALPHACAT NITRO golf shoes was a stark contrast to the spikeless mobility golf shoes I wear most of the time.  For the golfer who’s been wearing cleated stability golf shoes but has been searching for a worthy spikeless model, the ALPHACAT NITRO deserves a look.  Regardless of your motives, trying them on is a must.

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  1. Might have mentioned what is perhaps the single most important item: what material the uppers are made of.

    • You are right Pat, I wasn’t totally clear in describing the Exoshell. Here’s what Puma states it as: “Engineered mesh fused underneath TPU film.”

      – Meeks

  2. Puma engineers beautiful shoes but shys away from making a WIDER version. Why? People with wider feet would like to join the Puma bandwagon.

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