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Puma FAAS Lite Mesh Review

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50 Word or Less

Super light, super comfortable, very breathable, incredible traction for a “spikeless” shoe, and surprisingly stable. I believe the Puma FAAS Lite Mesh to be the best spikeless shoe out right now.


The spikeless golf shoe trend has become much more than a fad since Fred Couples first put them on the map (with no socks!) at Augusta. Since then, every golf shoe brand has introduced their own spikeless model(s) and there is certainly no shortage out on the golf course. Puma Golf introduced their FAAS line and marketed them as the best and lightest spikeless shoe on the market. After speaking with a Cobra-Puma rep at a demo day and hearing his speech on the shoes, I decided that I would give a good test drive.

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Personally, I feel the most important thing in a pair of golf shoes is the comfort and fit. I find myself always stressing to golfers that the most important piece of equipment they can invest in is a good pair of shoes. Everything falls apart if your feet are killing you from a poor pair of shoes. Trust me, I’ve been there more than a time or two.

I don’t know if these shoes are in fact lighter than every golf shoe on the market, but what I can tell you is that they are the lightest shoes I own. This actually caused me to worry because, contrary to popular belief, light often equals uncomfortable. So far, it has been exactly the opposite. I can wear these shoes for hours, with or without socks, and have no urgency to take them off when I’m done.

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Let’s face it, Puma is not working to gear their product lines toward the traditionalist. The FAAS Lite and the FAAS Lite Mesh both have a couple of tamer options, but even those still have a little flash to them. For those that embrace the flash, there’s plenty of bright color options to go around. I’m a big a fan of the Brilliant Blue/Limeade option for the FAAS Lite Mesh.


The second thing I worried about after comfort with such a light shoe was stability.  Typically a shoe this light is not going to be a stable and supportive shoe.  For walking around, this isn’t a big deal.  On the golf course, however, maintaining a nice stable foundation is critical.  Surprisingly, this shoe has provided plenty of stability for me and I have not had any issues with rolling ankles or losing my balance.

Traction is usually the biggest question in a spikeless shoe. To date, the Puma FAAS Lite Mesh has the best traction I have felt in a spikeless shoe. The only feeling I can equate it to is similar to a trail running shoe. It doesn’t feel like you’re digging into the ground as you would with spikes, but there is definitely an added grip that I have not experienced in other spikeless golf shoes. The only area where I felt like traction was poor was in the rough, however, this is always the case with spikeless shoes.

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Price & Manufacturer Notes

The Puma FAAS Lite Mesh can be found at golf retailers for $90 and the Puma FAAS Lite can be found for $100.

From Puma: Light, minimal, single layer mesh enhances breathability and reduces weight. A zero heel-to-toe drop creates a more natural walking stride and posture during the swing. Corrugated flex grooves provide optimal flexibility and increase ground contact throughout your swing for improved traction and stability. Finally, bonded overlays (which keep weight down) provide support through your swing. See? Plenty of lightweight cool to keep your feet happy, round after round.


While I still prefer the performance of spikes for serious rounds of golf, I think I have finally found a pair of spikeless shoes that I’ll be happy to quickly throw on my feet before I head over to the course for practice or a casual round. The comfort and performance of the Puma FAAS Lite Mesh are truly the best I have found in a spikeless shoe and will be a great alternative for when conditions do not allow for a pair of spikes.

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  1. I picked some up at the local big box a couple weeks ago solely on the weight factor. While they are a bright orange, and everyone at the course makes a comment, they are reallllly comfortable golf shoe with superb traction!

  2. I was in absolute shock at how well these “held the ground.” I love these shoes, simple as that!

  3. I would be hesitant to take a mesh shoe onto the golf course, especially one extolling its single layer. Are they as susceptible to morning dew and casual water as the mesh walking shoes I used to caddie in?

  4. Tyler, I won’t try and tell you it’s waterproof, but I haven’t had a situation yet where my feet have been soaking wet where I wouldn’t have been soaking wet in a regular pair of shoes.

    I mainly looked to these to be a good shoe for a trip to the range or putting green, with the occasional casual round mixed in. I ended up being surprised at how solid of a golf shoe it was. That said, would I take them out in super wet conditions? No. Would I wear them in normal morning dew? Yes.

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