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New to the Project X lineup, the Cypher driver shaft provides a smooth, controlled feel with mid-section stability.  Consistent high launch and spin.  Also offered as an iron shaft for consistency across your set.


Like other crafty names from Project X (think HZRDUS and Riptide), Cypher has intrigue but on its own doesn’t tell you much about the shaft.  The True Temper website starts with this simple description:  “The key to decoding distance throughout your bag.”  Clever.  And fortunately, as I’ve come to appreciate over the years, the website goes on to define the target golfer (deliberate tempo) and design characteristics (high trajectory and high spin).  The Project X Cypher is also billed as an ultra-lightweight design.  One final key aspect of the Cypher is that the shafts are available in both woods and irons, providing for consistency in feel and performance across the bag.  This review is solely focused on the driver version.


The ‘CYPHER’ graphic on the shaft perfectly captures the essence of the name with the interlocking notches and  thin green lines on the leading edges of the letters that give the appearance of coming into focus.  Further complementing the name, Project X wrapped a segment of interlocked geometrical squares around the shaft, again utilizing the color green.  If you like a well coordinated color scheme in your driver, the Project X Cypher shaft looks amazing in the Callaway Epic Speed [full review HERE].

Revealing itself when the light hits it just right is a band of graphite weave in the midsection.  The section adds some visual interest if you prefer a logo down setup.


The Project X Cypher driver shaft is designated as ultra-lightweight, but, with a weight range from 47 to 56 grams, the ‘ultra’ may be a stretch at the top end.  My typical stock driver shaft option with most OEMs falls around 55 grams, and the Cypher 5.5, at 55 grams, felt comfortably familiar.

Overall the Cypher shaft had a smooth, controlled feel that seemed fairly consistent.  It took some focus to sense a kick point about a third the way up from the clubhead.  Leaning into some shots, the profile remained the same – a positive note for those occasional tee shots where you really want to try and bomb a drive.  Turns out that graphite weave I mentioned above wasn’t just for looks, it was located to provide mid-section stability.


Reviewing my launch monitor data, the Project X Cypher was strong on high launch, but didn’t produce the intended high spin.  In fact, spin was on the low side but very consistent.  That said, the combination of high launch and low spin provided solid, fairway finding distance.

Expecting a more lively profile based on the description, I also tested the Project X Cypher driver shaft in Fifty 6.0 – for a few swings.  I quickly concluded that more stiffness was not needed and was not going to work well with my swing.  Based on my results with the 5.5, going down to 5.0 would have been a better choice and very likely would have brought up the spin numbers.

The Project X Cypher is also available in a Forty version with 4.0, 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 flexes.  Weights in that series run from 47 to 49 grams.


If you typically shy away from an ultra-lightweight designation, you owe it to yourself to try the Project X Cypher wood shaft.  The stable mid-section contributes to a great feeling shaft that stands up to speed bumps.  Although my spin numbers were on the low side, the shaft still delivered the anticipated high launch.  And any shaft that keeps me in the short grass, well down the fairway is a winner in my book.

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Matt Meeker

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  1. Tom Duckworth

    It reminds me of the Project X LZ graphite shafts. Do you feel there are similarities?

  2. michael joseph boyle

    69 of age and looking for the right shaft in grams of weight . Looking at this shaft. Distance around 210 at best. please advise.

    • Matt Meeker

      There’s no way to advise on this Michael – shaft weight is too dependent upon your swing. A proper fitting is required. Short of that you can only guess based on what weight currently works for you. You deserve the right shaft to maximize your enjoyment of the game – don’t short cut the process.

      – Meeks

  3. What was your swing speed for the driver shaft in 5.5?

    • Matt Meeker

      Looking at the Launch Monitor Chart above the Performance section, I was averaging 81 during that session.

      – Meeks

  4. Being a stiff midsection do you think there is a similarity between the cypher and La golf trono in terms of feel ?

    • Evan,

      I don’t have any experience with the Trono. Extrapolating feel based on one parameter between brands is big endeavor regardless.

      – Meeks

  5. If you were swinging at 81, what flex shaft were you using?

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