PowerBilt Air Force One DFX Tour Driver Review

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50 Words or Less

The PowerBilt Air Force One DFX Tour driver is designed to be a consistent, high performance driver.

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PowerBilt is one of the oldest names in golf clubs dating back to 1916, and it’s seen success in all the major golf tournaments.  Over the years the brand has experienced a bit of an identity crisis but still makes a solid driver for the every day golfer.  The PowerBilt Air Force One DFX Tour driver is designed to be a consistent driver with good distance using crazy concepts like PowerBilt’s patented “Nitrogen Charged” technology.

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When you look down at the PowerBilt Air Force One Tour, the crown is a plain matte black finish with the Air Force One logo acting as a cool alignment aid.  In an effort to appeal to more skilled players, the DFX is deep faced which is definitely noticeable at address.  In terms of the shape at address, the Air Force One appears more conical than pear shaped.

When you look at the sole of the Air Force One, the vibe is definitely “extreme” and opposite of the modesty found on the crown.  The bright orange really jumps off the black and there’s a lot of branding to let you know exactly what’s going on with the club.  I wouldn’t tell you that I think it’s overstated or obnoxious, but the Air Force One has that kind of NASCAR/race car branding theme going with it.

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Sound & Feel

At impact, the PowerBilt Air Force One Tour has a quiet, almost dead sound to it.  In an effort to reinforce the face of the club, PowerBilt injected nitrogen into the club head via the weight port, which is definitely going to have an impact on the acoustics of the driver.  When I tested the Air Force One at my driving range, I would have to tell you it was one of the more quiet drivers out there and the sound was more like a springy pop than any type of thwack.

The feel of the Air Force One definitely mirrors the sound.  While PowerBilt pairs the head with one of my favorite shafts (the Fujikura Pro) as its stock offering, the head still feels a little dead and hollow at impact.  When I hit the ball pure, it didn’t really feel like it was jumping off the face.

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I would classify the PowerBilt Air Force One Tour as a “blue-collar work horse” of a driver.  While I don’t think I was getting my maximum distance with the Air Force One, this driver really had a great trajectory and ball flight.  I seemed to have great control and accuracy and could keep the ball within my targets virtually every time.  While this driver may not be my cup of tea, I can’t argue with the results I was seeing in terms of keeping the ball in play to stay alive on the course.  To get the distance you see above, I had to consistently to swing out of my shoes and I still came up short.  So maybe I have to club up once or twice for my second shot, so what?  That’s better than having to take a penalty for going OB.  I find the stock Fujikura Pro shaft to be one of the most consistent and easy-to-hit shafts in all of golf, but for those players looking for a better fit, PowerBilt can fit you with shafts from many of the leading shaft manufacturers.

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I’m still sort of stuck on where the PowerBilt Air Force One DFX Tour driver falls in the market, much like I think the PowerBilt brand is a bit unsure of its own identity.  PowerBilt currently has Mixed Martial Arts fighters as the main faces of their golf brand which doesn’t seem to fit the mold.  I see the Air Force One as a good driver for a mid-handicap player that only gets out a handful of times a year and is looking for consistency off the tee.  All that said, I think you will be hard-pressed to find a more consistent $300 driver on the market with a better real-deal quality stock shaft in it.

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      Plugged In Golf does not sell anything. If you placed an order and have not received it, you should contact the company you placed the order with.



  2. Richard Mosier

    I have only hit a few balls but like it

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