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The PING G425 Max driver has the same adjustability as the G410 Plus but with more forgiveness.  The easiest-to-hit, most consistent driver on the market.


Going back to the G30, I’ve been gaming PING drivers.  With every new release, I’m left to wonder, “How are they going to make this one better?”  The additions to the G410 Plus [review HERE] were obvious: a more versatile hosel adjustment plus a moveable weight.  For the new G425 Max, PING has taken the adjustability of the G410 Plus and merged it with the beloved, uber-forgiving G400 Max [review HERE] to create their most forgiving driver ever.


The PING G425 Max ditches color completely, opting for a black and silver color scheme worthy of Batman.  I love the sole design because it looks futuristic without being cheesy.  Whenever I pulled the headcover off this club, I felt like I had a weapon in my hands.

At address, the G425 Max has a lot of similarities with the past several generations of PING drivers.  It’s a matte black head that has ridges (turbulators) along the front edge instead of an alignment aid.  There are also subtle depressions along the back of the crown, also designed to improve aerodynamics.

The differences between the G425 Max to the G410 Plus are subtle but noticeable.  First, the crown is slightly darker and the depressions along the back edge are less noticeable.  In terms of shape and size, the G425 Max is a little beefier than the G410 Plus.  It looks a little longer and a bit wider, more rounded than triangular.  Again, the differences aren’t huge, but with the drivers side by side, they’re apparent.

Sound & Feel

I felt like PING really dialed in the sound and feel with the G410 Plus, and clearly they agreed because not much has changed in the G425 Max.  Impact feels extremely solid and stable; you need to hit the very edge of the face to make it twist.  That said, your hands still get a clear picture of where impact occurred.

The sound is quiet, mid-bass, with a slightly hollow “pop” or “clap” character.  You won’t hear much difference between pure strikes and middling contacts.


Let’s get right to the big question: did PING maintain the adjustability of the G410 Plus while also boosting the forgiveness?  Yes.  The G425 Max delivers on that promise in a big way.

In testing the G425 Max head to head with my G410 Plus, the most obvious difference was the superior forgiveness of the G425 Max.  Mishits with the G425 Max driver were consistently a little faster with more robust launch and spin numbers.  On the course, that means there’s less distance between your best swings and all the rest.  In comparing the G425 Max to the rest of the market, I don’t think there’s anything that’s quite on its level for forgiveness.  If you want maximum consistency off the tee, I would suggest bagging the G425 Max driver.

What’s impressive is that the G425 Max achieves this boosted forgiveness without giving up adjustability.  This driver uses the same adapter as the previous one, so you can use all the same shafts in the same eight positions.  Loft can be adjusted up or down as much as 1.5 degrees.  The 26 gram weight in the back can be put in three positions – Fade, Neutral, or Draw.  Each position has a noticeable impact on the ball flight and the position of the sweet spot.

As one of the leaders in custom fitting, PING offers a great array of stock shafts in the G425 Max driver.  There are three proprietary models: ALTA CB 55 Slate, PING Tour, and Alta Distanza.  For the player that wants a hot aftermarket shaft in their driver, PING also offers the Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI [review HERE] and Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Orange in 55 and 65 gram weights.


This probably isn’t going to surprise anyone, but the PING G425 Max is going to be in my bag for 2021.  I love the G410 Plus, but if I can get more forgiveness without giving anything up, I’m going to take it.  If meaningful adjustability and maximum forgiveness sounds like a winning combo to you, head to your PING fitter to dial in the G425 Max driver.


PING G425 Max Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Christopher Shively

    Has the #GetFit2021 contest winner been selected? The Ping G425 max would be an awesome option to be fit into. Great review as always!

  2. Hi Matt, great review. As soon as this review appeared I knew this club was headed for your bag.

  3. Per-Erik Olsson

    I recently tried g425 Max 9.0 my self and I agree.
    Wery easy to hit. What shaft did you use during your review ? And what shaft are you going to use when you play? Still using Ventus Black 6x?

  4. Just add the Aldila Ascent shaft and you should be closer to 300 yards. Excellent review.

  5. Those are some great numbers! Curious to know which shaft you tested the 425Max with? Thanks!

  6. I have 410 LST and love it. Will take all the courage not to upgrade. By the way, I have Atmos black shaft, best driver ever, and I’m old in golf yrs.

    ….next project, irons. May have to jump ship to Mizuno

  7. What shaft will you be gaming with in your G425 Max?

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s TBD. I won’t decide until I can see hit them outside.



      • Any chance you can do a compare and post data with your last couple shafts of choice to see how they perform vs. your final choice? Shaft from G400 Max, G410 Plus and ???, how do they stack up in the G425 Max?

        • Matt Saternus


          Realistically, no. At this point, we’re all working as hard as we can to keep up with the new equipment releases. There’s not time for or good ROI in producing the content you suggest. I hope that doesn’t come across as rude, that’s not my intent, I just want to answer your question honestly.



  8. Can you shed a little more light on how moving the weight changes the sweet spot? I’ve never used anything other than front to back adjustable weights, never sideways

    • Matt Saternus


      When you move a significant amount of weight toward the heel or toe, you move the sweet spot in that same direction. That’s what creates the draw or fade bias – making more of the face perform like the toe or heel and thus creating more gear effect.



  9. Hello from Paris (FRANCE)
    I try the new Ping driver and the sound remember me the first metal driver with a noice of « casseroles « 
    Thé G30 G400 sound is more firm
    Best regards

  10. I think those without a G400 Max will enjoy the G425. It’s a great driver.

    I hit both side by side with the same shaft from a huge bay that opened out to the back of a golf range with Trackman, and the 425 did not add to the equation for me. Perhaps after 3 years of play, the G400 Max face was now hotter. As to sound, the G400 (not the Max) was tight and characterized by good sound. The G400 Max was not as satisfying, and to my ears (and others), the G425 is higher pitched than the G400 Max. It is definitely not as pleasing. I was hoping for more after two additional iterations past the G400 Max. But for those who don’t have the G400, the 425 is definitely a go-to-to demo.

  11. Hey Matt! Big fan … can I ask what setting you ended up (or currently in) in the G425 Max? My setup currently is G425 Max 9 degree turned down to 8 degrees flat with a Ventus Red 6X tipped 1.25”.

    • Matt Saternus


      I played my Plus in neutral weighting with the stock 9* loft. I expect I’ll play the Max the same way.



  12. Michael Pasvantis

    I put the Max and LST up against my King SZ and while the Max was straighter it wasn’t as long and I wasn’t swinging it as fast. This got me tinkering with the heads, first I took out my digital food scale and found that the Max head was 17 grams heavier than the SZ! Now I know why all of Pings stock shaft offerings are counter balanced.
    The LST head was also about the same weight, a few grams lighter but not by much (side note, sound and feel of LST vs Max is night and day, LST is fantastic). I decided to weigh the weight plugs and found that the Max weight that is supposed to be 26 grams was 29 grams and the LST weight was 16 grams which was 1 gram lighter than standard. I then put the lighter LST weight into the Max head and all of a sudden the Ping was right on par with the Cobra. I may now take that 29 gram original weight to my bench grinder and shave it down to the weight I want.

  13. Jeffrey Fish

    Great review. Comparing your previous test of the 410 Plus to this review of the 425 Max, it appears that the numbers are only slightly better. Can you explain to the average golfer the justification to spend $600 on a new driver for a 1 yd. gain in carry distance and the same offline number? I am having difficulty understanding your need to “upgrade”. Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      Two things that I’ve said numerous times in the comments section over the last 7+ years:
      1) You cannot look at numbers from different reviews as apples-to-apples. The G410 Plus review was almost two years ago. Even if it was only two weeks ago, it might have come during a great stretch of ball striking that’s not representative. If we have numbers that are meant to be compared apples-to-apples, we either A) state that explicitly or B) make a side-by-side graphic.
      2) I am not now telling, nor have I ever told, anyone how to spend their money.

      Specific to this review: The G425 Max is $500, not $600. I did not say that I, or anyone, has a “need” to upgrade. What I said is that the G425 Max is noticeably more forgiving than the G410 Plus. For me, having both drivers in hand, the choice between more forgiving and less forgiving is pretty easy.


  14. I would like to have a new driver but l can not afford it ,if I could get one free it would be nice ok?

  15. If everyone would just understand that golf clubs are toys and not tools, then they would understand that if you’re happy with your current toy you don’t need to buy a newer one 😉(it’s a good thing that these are toys and not tools !)

  16. I’m happy with my G400 Max I’m not jealous of the others , but I bought it new this year .
    I always try different drivers . But this time I’m going to stick with it for a whole year .
    So I can make this driver into a club I can trust every time I use it , instead of jumping around and buying different clubs.
    Great review Matt.

  17. As a 61 year old, playing golf since I was 6 years young, I don’t generate 110 mph club head speed like you, therefore it is hard for me to accept a full review. Can I suggest testing and evaluating different club speeds with different shaft flexes and different golfers to make thee review more pertinent for all types of golfers. Thanks

  18. It seems that the comparison to the G400 Max keeps coming up in discussions on new drivers. I have the 400 Max and don’t really see how they can improve on it enough in a short time to make me buy a new driver. When they talk about increasing the size of the sweet spot, the actual size is never given. If you increase the size of a pinhead by 10%, what have you actually gained for $500.00? The 400 Max stays in the bag for now.

  19. Dale Hillman

    I’m 67 and swing 95 mph. I have the G400 Max with a specific fitted shaft. Is the G425 MAX that much longer or more forgiving? I’d need serious distance gain or incredible dispersion data to change. You tested both. What do you think the difference is between the two?

    • Matt Saternus


      The obvious difference is that the G425 Max has substantially more adjustability.
      I haven’t hit the G425 Max against the G400 Max, so I can’t say what the difference would be. For any given player, it will simply be a question of fit. Both are extremely forgiving. If one spins or launches more in line with a given player’s needs, it might be substantially longer. My advice, as always, is that if you’re interested in a new driver, takes your current club to a fitting and see if you can find something that will beat it.



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