PING G410 Plus Driver Review

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The PING G410 Plus driver is the company’s first foray into adjustable-weight drivers.  All the forgiveness and performance of the G400 with more adjustability and better sound.


When I think of PING, one of the first things that comes to mind is custom fitting.  That commitment to getting every player into the perfect club is evident in the new G410 Plus driver.  Not only does it feature a moveable weight to customize ball flight, it also has an upgraded hosel adjustment system.  I was very excited to test it and see if it could dethrone my beloved G400 Max.


Anyone who has seen the last two generations of PING drivers knows what to expect from the G410 Plus.  The crown is matte black and the leading edge has PING’s Turbulators.  What is different is that the Dragonfly Technology is no longer visible on the back of the head.  Instead you’ll see two ridges that run from the back of the head to the middle.

Compared to my G400 Max, the 455cc G410 Plus driver looks smaller and more streamlined.  It’s shorter from front to back and heel to toe.  Also, the back of the crown is cleaner and sleeker looking.

Sound & Feel

I remember hitting the G400 for the first time and remarking to the fitter that the sound was a massive upgrade over the previous generation.  PING improved upon that even further by making the G410 Plus quieter and more solid feeling.

The impact sound of the G410 Plus is best described as a “clap” – mid-bass, fairly quiet, and exceptionally solid.  Even mishits feel very stable but somehow there’s also precise feedback in the hands.  Like many of the other G410 clubs that I’ve tested, there’s not a big change in the sound between pure strikes and mishits.


The PING G410 Plus driver had, far and away, the best out-of-the-box performance of any driver I’ve tested this year.  There are certainly some confounding variables at work – I’m extremely comfortable with PING drivers and the Tensei Orange shaft is one I’ve had success with – but the fact remains that this club was crushing it from the word go.

My best swings mirrored the results from my G400 Max game: high launch, low spin, fully optimized carries.  What was impressive is that the G410 Plus also went toe-to-toe with the G400 Max on forgiveness.  Even tragic mishits maintained strong ball speed, high launch, and low spin.  My worst swings were carrying 30 or 35 yards short of my best ones instead of losing 50 yards or more.

What’s new in the G410 Plus is enhanced adjustability which starts, most noticeably, with the moveable weight.  The tungsten weight slides along the back edge of the driver to keep MOI high.  It can screw into three positions: fade, neutral, or draw.  PING states that the difference between the Fade and Draw settings is 20 yards.  For me, moving the weight shifted the sweet spot noticeably.  It also made a significant impact on my ball flight.

Also new is the Trajectory Tuning 2.0 hosel.  PING has added two more positions – there are now eight – to allow golfers to add or subtract as much as 1.5 degrees of loft.  You can also set the lie angle up to 3 degrees flat.

Finally, PING has five stock shaft options available at no upcharge.  The Alta CB Red 55 is a proprietary counter-balanced shaft that’s lightweight and high launching.  PING also has a low launching stock option in the PING Tour.  If you prefer something with an aftermarket vibe, you can choose between the EvenFlow Black and MCA Tensei Orange.


PING has taken my favorite driver, the G400 Max, and added new adjustability without sacrificing forgiveness.  I don’t know how they did it, and, frankly, I don’t care.  All I want is for the snow to melt so I can find the perfect shaft for the G410 Plus and get it on the course.

PING G410 Plus Driver Price and Specs

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  1. Mark Kuyawa

    I hit this driver last weekend and will be giving it one more fitting to fine tune. I love my G400 but I feel this improves even more. Thank you for confirming !!!!

  2. John Eidinger

    Considering the new “Draw” position on the G410 Plus, is there any need for the G410 SFT ?

  3. Jim W Rosteck

    Is the shaft connector the same as the G400 or is it a new system?

  4. In your opinion is there that much of a difference between the 400max and 410 to get you to spend the money and switch?

    • Matt Saternus


      The biggest difference is the adjustability. If that’s not important to you, continue enjoying the G400 Max.



  5. Matt,

    I’m somewhat surprised that you were able to keep spin that low with the (non-pro) tensei orange.
    Thanks for the review.


  6. John Eidinger

    A follow-up on a comment and question I posted on 3/12 re: the need for the G410 SFT.
    Attended a fitting session today and compared the G400 SFT, G410 Plus in draw position and the G410 SFT. Obviously, the results are particular to me (senior golfer) but I have to report that the results definitely favored the G410 SFT. My drives were moderately longer and the shot dispersion was more concise. If senior golfers are the target audience for the new SFT, I urge Ping to keep this model as an option.

  7. Mark Kuyawa

    As a Ping G400SFT player, I will add the G410 SFT to options to try ! I was leaning toward the G410 but will look at all.

  8. Hi Matt,

    Great review! When comparing with Callaway epic flash driver, which one do you find more forgiving?


    • Matt Saternus

      Ta Wen,

      That’s really splitting hairs. I don’t know that there’s much difference. I would tell golfers to play the one they prefer aesthetically, the one that gives them confidence at address.



  9. ANTHONY Murray

    I am 80YR Young golfer who laid out a heap of money on a set of G400 recently
    and now Ping bring out the G410 I can’t afford to keep up will ping swap them for me
    they LOOK awesome

  10. 45.75″ length, doesn’t feel too long?

  11. Marcos Cadó

    Are you bagging G410 or Flash Sub Zero?

  12. Hey Matt,
    Were you able to hit this driver with the Ping Tour shaft ? If so any feedback on that shaft, and also how it compares to the Evenflow Black that is also a shaft option.

    • Matt Saternus


      I have hit past versions of the PING Tour shaft. I’m not certain if it’s any different in the G410 series. In the past, it’s always been a very stout shaft, very little kick. The EvenFlow Black is smoother, in my opinion.



  13. 45.75″ is just too long

  14. bill argersinger

    Can you elaborate on perceived compromise of distance vs forgiveness between the plus head vs the LST head? I’ve hit the g400 max and the last version from last yr and I felt like the max was the most forgiving driver I’ve ever hit. The LST longer for sure when right on the button but less forgiving when off center.

    Curious if you have an opinion on the 410 lst vs the plus primarily for forgiveness. Thx

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t hit the G410 LST yet, so I can’t speak to that, but I will certainly address it when I get one in for review.



  15. Matt, I read your reviews a lot and enjoy them. I know you emphasize getting fitted but hope you can help me with a general question. I hit the ball high and maybe from 240to 260 or so with roll and occasional longer hits thank God above. I wonder if lowering height would help on yardage. Since the Lst at 10.5 had the same spin as the plus for you and you were looking for the most flexible combo to be able to make adjustments would you go with an lst with a Tensei shaft which is supposed to be a med launch shaft or a plus with a tour 65 or evenflow 75 which are supposed to be low launch? Just wondering which gives the most flexibility. I am getting older and thinking about not only best for now and down the road. Also how do these compare head to head with epic flash on distance? I may still try to get fitted but best fitters are almost 2 hours away. Thanks and may God bless you for trying to help me and others

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy the reviews.
      As for your questions, unfortunately there are way too many variables in there for me to give a credible answer. The one thing I would say is that I would find a shaft that I could deliver consistently rather than trying to make a shaft work because it fits the head or fits an idea I have about specs.



  16. I meant to put same spin as 9 deg plus

  17. Thanks Matt. I understand what you are saying about the variables. I need to just get fit, as I really don’t even know what flex I would need. Keep up the reviews, always interesting reading!

  18. mark Nitkoski

    Hi Matt, I had my G410 custom fit and I’m very pleased with the results. Now I want to try out some adjustments. I have an 85-90 mph swing speed and I adjusted the 10.5 degree up 1.5 degrees to 12 degrees. The result is nice high carry shots that are straight and average about 220 yards total. I am asking should I adjust the lie angle. I’m 5’9″ tall and my question is will adjusting the lie angle help me with distance.

    • Matt Saternus


      Likely, no. Lie angle adjustments tend to change dispersion and sometimes strike location more than distance.



    • Hi Matt! I’m 66 and currently play the Taylormade M5 driver with the Tensei orange reg. Flex and i’m about a 12 handicap. I was wondering about the forgiveness and distance of the 410 plus and the new Tour edge C721 drivers compared to my M5.Thank you for all your great reviews.

  19. Hi Matt.
    Thanks for all the great reviews over the years.
    I’m having a hard time finding any information / reviews on the new Ping adjustment cog with flat lie angle options. Even Ping’s website is sparse on info.
    Will a shaft with the new cog fit an “old” G400 driver head?
    I’m short and mostly interested in a flatter lie angle appearance (less toe up) but I’m also assuming the flatter lie angle would help fight the left side miss a little also.
    I’m surprised how little mention of the new cog there is available on the web. Any info or thoughts you have would be appreciated. And hopefully many more people will also find it to be useful.
    Thanks again.

    • Matt Saternus


      My understanding is that the adapter for the G400 and earlier will not work with the G410 woods.
      I can only assume there’s limited discussion of the new adapter because players with previous PING drivers/shafts will not be happy about having to change out their adapters.



  20. Maximiliano

    Hola Matt, tengo 51 años y hace 4 que juego Golf. Soy hdc 12.5. Juego un drive Taylormade M2 10.5 regular. tengo tendencia al slice. Quiero comprar un Ping g 410 Quisiera saber si me conviene el plus y llevar el peso a drow o comprar el SFT ???
    Algunos jugadores expertos me dicen que compre el Plus que ponga el peso al drow y que sea loft 9 y lo acondicione a 10.5 para ayudar a evitar slice.
    Muchas Gracias

    • Matt Saternus


      If your slice is severe, I would buy the SFT. If it’s a modest slice, get the Plus because it allows you the flexibility of adjusting the weight.



  21. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the information. I’m a 10 handicap, and wondering what shaft to choose from on the Ping G410 plus driver. I have a fairly low ball flight. Any input helps.
    Thanks so much!

    • Matt Saternus


      The best thing I can recommend is getting a fitting. No one can credibly tell you what shaft to play without seeing how your swing works with different equipment.



  22. Hi Matt, Im looking at buying a G400 from a friend who upgraded. Its a 9* driver and typically I play a 10.5. If I adjust the driver loft to 10* (I believe thats the most that I can increase) will this change the driver face from square to slightly closed and make it more draw biased. I would like to keep the lie at standard as well if I make this change in loft. Thanks very much and really enjoy your comments and reiews

  23. Looking at a new (left over model) Ping G410 Plus. Was on a simulator and realized Father time is catching up (66). Swing speed is a steady 87. Soft regular seemed to be the best shaft for me. Only option available in the Ping was the soft regular stock shaft with a 12 degree head. Normally play at 10.5 loft. My question is if I turn the 12 degree head down to 10.5 I know that will open the face up somewhat but can I compensate by moving the weight to the Draw position. I know fitting is always the preferred route but the price is roughly half of the new G430. Presently a 10 handicap who loves the game. Presently gaming the Wilson Cortex 10.5 with the Atmos Tour Spec Red 5R shaft. Follow your reviews intently. thanks for any input. Best Bob

    • Matt Saternus


      Very interesting question. My gut reaction is that trying to fix the open face by shifting the center of gravity is not a great idea. Can it work? Yes, it’s possible. Can it create a whole new set of problems unrelated to the open face? Yes, very possible.
      I try very hard not to spend other people’s money because everyone has their own situation/priorities/etc, but more often than not, I find the saying, “The Bitterness of Poor Quality (or poor fit) Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten” is true.



  24. Matt
    Thanks for the prompt reply. My plan is to book a fitting and see what we can wring out of the 410 in its present configuration. Also keeping an eye out for a pre owned Ping Distanza 40 gram shaft that was also an option from Ping with the 410. Thinking the lighter shaft might also help bring my swing speed up into the low 90’s. Again thanks

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