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The Odyssey White Hot RX putter is super soft, lightweight, and rolls the ball very smoothly.



Odyssey’s White Hot insert is arguably the most successful putter insert in golf history, but as the game evolves, so must the equipment.  Enter the new Odyssey White Hot RX putter line with the new White Hot RX insert.  The goal of the White Hot RX insert was to keep the iconic soft feel of the White Hot but get the ball on a better roll like the Metal-X and Odyssey Works putters.  For our review of the White Hot RX, we tested the White Hot RX V-Line Fang putter – a design similar to the classic #7 shape.



At first glance, the Odyssey White Hot RX putter family is fairly plain.  The finish is a matte silver to reduce glare with additional blue, black, and white coloring for the accents.  The insert itself has a large Odyssey swirl on the heel and small oval impressions to mimic the surface of the Metal-X putters.  My favorite cosmetic feature is the blue accent stripe on the sole with the ovals like the insert.  That stripe really gives a subtle punch of “cool” and creates some unique texture to an otherwise plain finish.


Sound & Feel

Odyssey really nailed it when it comes to the sound and feel of the Odyssey White Hot RX putters.  The White Hot insert is beloved for its super soft feel and muted sound which Odyssey has managed to maintain in this latest version.  I would even go so far as to say that I think the putter feels even smoother than before which I can only attribute to the oval impressions on the face of the RX insert.  Unsurprisingly, the White Hot RX V-Line Fang is very well balanced and makes for a very smooth stroke.  Our putter had a standard size grip on it which made for a little bit lighter feel, but still very easy to control.



I’ll be honest in telling you that it took me a little bit to adjust to the lighter feel of the Odyssey White Hot RX that we tested.  Once I did adjust I found the White Hot RX to be extremely easy to use.  The roll was so smooth and pure, the consistency was almost perfect, and distance control was a breeze.  A nice added bonus was that the sweet spot was extremely forgiving both in feel and end result.

Odyssey has used the etched oval pattern in more than a couple families of putters to produce quicker, better rolls.  With the White Hot RX insert, Odyssey also added a textured clear coat that’s supposed to work with the ovals to create more friction with the ball which is why you get the ball rolling quicker and smoother.  I don’t know if this is just a bunch of fancy marketing talk, but I can tell you that I am extremely impressed with how good of a true roll this putter produces.



I think to be successful with the Odyssey White Hot RX putter line, you can’t be an “anti-insert person” (you know who you are).  Players that like inserts or are indifferent will find the soft muted feel, precise balance, and exceptional roll to be impressive on any green.  I think the White Hot RX insert is the best urethane insert Odyssey has produced to date.

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  1. Gerry Valois

    I agree, this Metal X like urethane insert puts a quick roll on the the ball, and the weight and balance make for a smooth stroke to impart a accurate putt with great distance control. What I was further curious about was the definition of the eyeline designation that they put on the sole of the club as I have only seen the one fitting option.

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