Odyssey O-Works #1 Putter Review


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The Odyssey O-Works putter line introduces a new Microhinge insert for better performance and feel.



Odyssey has been the insert putter expert for years and has seen a great deal of success around the world.  Rather than sit back and ride the acclaimed White Hot insert, Odyssey has created different types of inserts to accommodate a range of preferences.  I believe Odyssey has produced their best insert yet in the Microhinge face found in the O-Works #1 putter.



From address, the Odyssey O-Works putter will look familiar with its Black/White/Black Versa color scheme.  To help with alignment Odyssey has added red sight lines that form a “T” on the topline and flange.  There is a lot of assistance to make sure you have your putter on target.

Flip the putter over and you’ll find red weights and cool laser-etched graphics.  Odyssey enthusiasts will feel some slight nostalgia for the old Protype iX putters.


Sound & Feel

It goes without saying that the insert in a putter is going to greatly influence the sound and feel.  Many anti-inserters always complain that there is not enough response and the sound is too puffy.  I believe Odyssey tried to appease these people with the Metal-X inserts which I found to be too clicky and lacked a certain “sweetness.”  The O-Works insert has found the sweet spot I’m looking for.  The new Microhinge insert is soft but has a touch more response and “tock” at impact than softer inserts.  Aside from the insert in the White Damascus iX, the Microhinge is my favorite Odyssey insert to date.



There are different theories about how a ball is supposed to come off the putter face.  Most companies are striving to get the ball rolling end-over-end as fast as possible.  Odyssey‘s Microhinge face has little hinges on it that help the ball roll with immediate topspin.

oworks_2_rollMy experience was that the ball started its roll almost immediately with the O-Works.  I paid close attention looking for any really noticeable skid, but this was difficult to achieve.  The only way I seemed to be able to create any skid was with a totally ridiculous putting stroke.  A decently squared stroke resulted in a pure roll.



Whether you’re looking for more feel in your insert or are just due for a refresh, the Odyssey O-Works putter is worth a look.  Soft feel with precise response and a pure roll should please any golfer out there.  Odyssey’s Microhinge insert creates a middle ground for insert enthusiasts and milled-face players looking for change.  For a company that has already set the insert bar, Odyssey continues to work to raise it more.

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  1. Great review Bill. I’m curious, since your last Odyssey putter blade review was so glowing (the Odyssey RSX 001), how do you compare these two? I know one should be softer (O-works), and the versa alignment is very different. But since the O-works black came out, it seems more of a fair comparison. Just wondering what your opinions are on the two and which you prefer?

    • That’s a tough ask, you’re asking me a preference of two totally different things, so I still wouldn’t call it a fair comparison. The RSX is single-piece milled putter, the O-Works is a soft insert.

      Nevermind colors and alignment aids. In this discussion, you have to figure out which feel you prefer more.

  2. Hello Bill,
    How would you compare this new insert to the Milled Collection #2 insert? Would really appreciate your insight.

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