Nippon Regio Formula M Shaft Review

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The Nippon Regio Formula M shaft has that signature superior smooth feel that’s synonymous with Nippon with a similar profile to the Modus Pro 130 steel shafts.

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Nippon has been taking the world by storm with their steel Modus Tour 130 iron shafts known for the superior feel and elite performance, but now Nippon is bringing the same characteristics to the graphite shaft world in the Regio Formula M shaft.  The idea is that if you’re a good match for the Pro Modus 130, the Regio Formula M will be a great fit for your wood setup.

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As with most things that Nippon does, the first word the Regio Formula shafts call to mind is “premium.”  The graphics are cool and well-done so the shafts are far from boring, but far from over the top.  Unlike many other modern graphite shafts, the looks of the Regio Formula shafts will not be polarizing in any way so they won’t seem out of place in anyone’s golf bag.

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In my honest opinion, the feel is where the Nippon Formula Regio shafts set themselves apart from the rest of the field (not unlike their steel iron shafts).  Nippon describes the Formula Regio as having a softer tip section with a firmer mid and butt section.  From my experience, I find this to be a very accurate description, and the shaft still feels silky smooth.  Given that description, I would normally expect a stout shaft with a very low kick point, but with the Formula M, I thought the firmer sections of the shaft had a smooth bend to them with a bit of extra kick at the very end in the tip section to give you some extra pop.

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The purpose of the Nippon Regio Formula M is to mirror the feel and performance characteristics of the Tour Modus 130 iron shafts.  From my experience, I would classify this shaft as a high launch shaft, but I would say that it’s versatile and controllable.  A “regular swing” was producing some pretty high-launching shots with high spin numbers, so I wasn’t getting very good distance.  The Formula M being a high quality shaft makes it easy to make adjustments to hit different types of shots without sacrificing control and the elite feel.  I was able to lower my launch angle by making a couple of minor adjustments and ended up with pretty solid numbers.  My biggest takeaway is that the Formula M has good range and isn’t a one-trick pony.

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I’ll be interested to see what the future looks like for the Nippon Regio Formula shaft line.  More and more players have started to recognize the quality feel and performance of Nippon’s steel shafts, and there has certainly been an increase in use as a result.  Given Nippon’s premium reputation, I imagine we will see a similar outcome for the Regio Formula shafts very soon.

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