Nike Vapor Fly Pro Driver Review

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50 Words or Less

The Nike Vapor Fly Pro driver has a tour preferred shape designed for more distance and more forgiveness.

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The evolution of Nike Golf has been interesting to watch over the years.  It goes without saying that collaborating with Tiger Woods for years was a great help, but as we are watching the transition into the new generation of elite players, Nike has the likes of Rory McIlroy at their disposal.  Not a bad deal if you ask me.  Not one to be a dinosaur in an industry, Nike has worked closely with youthful talent like Rory and Michelle Wie to not only develop top performing equipment, but to also create modern and vibrant appearances that are beyond traditional.  The new Nike Vapor Fly Pro driver is no exception and is certainly a bold statement from one of the biggest leaders in all of sports.

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Let’s cut to the chase here: the Nike Vapor Fly Pro driver is far from modest and certainly makes a statement with its appearance.  When you’re at your local golf shop, it’s awfully difficult to miss the bright blue and neon yellow heads from afar.  When you look at the heads up close, you’ll find slick touches like the weave pattern on the crown.

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One of the biggest wins in the look of the Fly Pro drive is its shape.  At address, the Vapor Fly Pro driver has one of the best pear shapes in the game today.  My first thought looking at the head from address was, “Man, Rory and Nike really got this thing right.  This shape is perfect.”  The club sits nicely at address and looks like one serious golf club regardless of its bright, non-traditional color scheme.

I think the color scheme of the Vapor Fly Pro driver is still the big elephant in the room.  While the blue is bold, a lot of companies are offering unique crowns and colors, and it’s clear this is going to be a continuing trend in the industry.  I’m not going to lie to you, I was really skeptical when I first saw these blue drivers on TV, but I have to say that I am extremely impressed with how cool these look in hand.  With a lot of great drivers released this season, the Nike Vapor Fly Pro driver is easily one of the leaders of the “cool” group.  Hats off, Nike.  You changed my mind with this one.  Well done.

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Sound & Feel

Aside from the loud colors, hitting the Nike Vapor Fly Pro driver doesn’t scream out for attention on the driving range.  One of Nike’s goals with the Vapor Fly Pro is to have a driver that sounds and feels very solid.  The Flybeam structure that’s visible on the sole is supposed to make the entire head more stable and solid at impact by minimizing how much the head actually compresses and absorbs the energy from high-speed contact.  The Flybeam still allows for the face to flex, so the sound still has a little “pop” to it but it’s an otherwise middle of the road driver sound.  Likewise, the feel is very solid and firm.  I suspect that Rory’s feedback to Nike in designing this driver was something along the lines of “make this feel similar to my 909 Titleists and those that came before.”  It doesn’t feel like the ball explodes off the face, but the face is very responsive.  You know exactly where you hit it every time.  There are very few surprises as you watch your ball fly down range.

I think the feel and balance of the Vapor Fly Pro are certainly going to be geared more toward upper-echelon players.  I found that if I didn’t put a good swing on it, the club felt out of balance throughout the swing.  However, when I made a good swing, the club felt like it fell in the groove perfectly.  It was interesting on the monitor because I was seeing both ends of the spectrum for smash factor.  I was seeing some of the worst smash factor numbers I’ve ever seen with a driver, and I was seeing some of the best smash factors numbers I’ve ever had.  Moral of the story, when your swing is on, this driver will be great.  When your swing is off, you’re going to pay for it.

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My performance numbers for the Nike Vapor Fly Pro driver are a little misleading.  I like the numbers you see above.  Anyone of my caliber should, but I definitely didn’t unlock the potential of this driver.  I found I fought to control it a bit throughout the swing (see comments on balance above) which always results in me dropping speed in the swing.  I hate when that happens.  Grooved players with high swing speeds are going to experience the best results with this driver by far.  Let me be clear, I’m not criticizing this driver at all.  It’s a good driver with an excellent shape and super cool looks, but I feel like when Nike calls this the Pro model, they mean it.  You’re really going to have to pump this driver to get the most out of it, and that’s ok.

The Vapor Fly Pro driver is a spin killer, simple as that.  I was regularly seeing 1500-1750 for spin anytime I had a positive angle of attack.  When I would slow my swing down as mentioned previously, the angle of attack decreased and my spin went up, and I also controlled the ball better and was more on target.  Again, you players with good swings will likely be able to control the ball better and really make the most of that low spin to get the big rollout just like Rory – and I’ll be jealous!

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As if the Nike brand isn’t recognizable enough, the bold look will help the Nike Vapor Fly Pro driver be one of the most recognizable drivers on Tour this year.  Hopefully the Vapor Fly Pro will get a fair shake from better players because it really will be a strong driver for them with its low spin and super solid feel, but for the mere mortal players like most of us, we’ll be better off checking out the Vapor Fly and Vapor Fly Speed drivers.

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  1. Is the face angle set to square or is it open like previous models? by that I mean when the adapter is set to neutral

    • I can’t tell you if it is 100% because I didn’t measure it, but I would say it definitely did not appear “on the shut side” to my eye. I’m also not saying that I thought it looked wide open, but it was consistent with a “Pro” position at address.

      • Thanks for the reply bill,
        Good to hear, I just remember the covert tour 2.0 was open. Won’t over look this driver on my next driver fitting

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