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I wish Nike made the new Tiger Woods TW14 Mesh spikeless shoe in a regular street shoe, I’d wear it daily.  The total package of comfort, looks, and performance.  Breathability is a big plus for the summer.

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Nike Golf has made quite a big leap in recent years in the equipment arena of golf, but they have always been one of the most dominant players when it comes to golf shoes.  The new Nike TW14 Mesh golf shoe is no exception and a true testament to why Nike has been so successful with their shoes for so long.  A total package of premiere comfort, great looks, and exceptional performance, the TW14 Mesh is a can’t miss for this summer golf season.

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As said above, I wish Nike offered the TW14 Mesh in a regular street shoe and that’s because it is one of the most all around comfortable shoes I have ever worn.  The mesh upper gives you incredible breathability on the hottest of days and Nike’s Dynamic Flywire technology gives you great support and comfort while maintaining flexibility.  The midsole is nice and soft, but still sturdy to give you a good foundation.  Walking 18 and hanging out in the clubhouse for a couple hours to have a few pops after will certainly not be a problem in the Nike TW14 Mesh shoes.

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In today’s day and age, there are so many options between both ends of the spectrum, but few seem to find themselves right in the sweet spot of flashy/cool and conservative like Nike does.  This quality is what makes the Nike TW14 Mesh golf shoe so damn appealing to me.  The TW14 Mesh doesn’t scream “hey, look at my feet and be intimidated” but if you do happen to look at them, they’ll leave you saying “man, those are some sick shoes.”  In regards to the white and volt pair that we received, I love them because they are for the most part a basic white shoe, but the volt yellow accents and the speckled grey midsole make the TW14 Mesh a visually appealing statement no matter where they are worn.

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Ok, so the Nike TW14 Mesh are comfortable as hell and look awesome, but this is almost useless in a golf shoe if it doesn’t work, right?  Fortunately, Nike is aware of this and they are certainly not going to release a shoe with the Tiger Woods name on it if it doesn’t work as a good golf shoe.  Though a spikeless shoe, take a look at our pictures showing the soles of these shoes and you will notice there is plenty of different tread to give you a nice sturdy grip in almost any condition.  When walking on pavement, it does feel a little bit more like a spiked shoe than a typical spikeless, but this hardly impairs your walking ability in the parking lot.  On the course, this heavy-duty grip pays off and allows to stay firmly planted on the side-hill wet lie next to a lake, or in that cement-like fairway bunker.  The TW14 Mesh is a light-weight shoe for the golfer looking for a little more flexibility and comfort than typically found in high-end spiked shoes.

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This review may give you an idea of the ins and outs of the Nike TW14 Mesh golf shoe, but I can’t encourage you enough to go check this shoe out for yourself.  My closet is hardly short of different shoes to choose from for a trip to the golf course, but I frequently find myself reaching for the TW14 Mesh because of its many great qualities and versatility on and off the course.  Everyone in the game is getting really good at making a good quality spikeless golf shoe, but remember, there’s a reason that Nike is regarded by many as the best in the shoe game and the TW14 Mesh is an excellent display of their power.  Now if Nike would only make this in a street shoe so I could truly wear it all the time.

Price & Specs

Price: $170

The Nike TW14 Mesh is available in White/Black-Volt-Wolf Grey and Base Grey/Black-Legion Red-Dark Base Grey

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