Nike Method Converge CounterFlex Putter Review

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The Nike Method Converge CounterFlex s1-12 is a bigger mallet with counter balance designed for a straight and smooth putting stroke.

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Ready or not, 2016 is coming and with that, the ban of the anchored putter.  It seems like ever since the announcement was made, golf companies everywhere started trying to dream up substitutes for anchored putters to give players the same results they get from their broom sticks or belly putters.

Nike’s latest player in the counterbalance game is the Method Converge CounterFlex S1-12.  With a strategically placed adjustable weight, players can dial the putter in to the exact counterbalance they need to help keep their stroke balanced and smooth without anchoring the putter.

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From address, the Method Converge S1-12 is a fairly large mallet that makes lining up the shot an easy task.  The dark finish and the red RZN layer make the alignment aids really pop and serve up a generally cool look.  From address, you also see two cut outs in the flange that serve two purposes: weight control and creating visibility of the ground beneath the club as an additional aid to maintain a smooth stroke that stays low to the ground.  The sole of the putter has a somewhat mechanical look as well as two removable weights to get the club perfectly dialed in for your needs.

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Sound & Feel

The RZN Groove insert on the Nike Method Converge CounterFlex s1-12 is supposed to make the feel soft in the hands.  My personal feeling is that this putter is extremely responsive, has good feel, but I wouldn’t call it a soft feel.  The sound is a very pronounced click and the feel is very firm as well.  Shots away from the sweet spot sound a little more dead and feel even firmer.  Though the feel is more of a firm click overall, it’s still responsive and very playable.

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As players look to venture away from anchored putters, it’s difficult for putter companies to make options that are “one size fits all” for the general public.  With so many unique swings, and a wide variety of reasons for players needing to anchor their putters, adaptability is key.  While others have had certain adjustability in their counterbalance putters before, the design used in the Method Converge CounterFlex S1-12 is unique.  With a turn of the screw at the top of the grip, you can adjust the 70 gram weight in the handle lower or higher depending on your needs.  This gives Nike the ability to cover a wide range of counterbalance needs through a fairly simple solution.  The CounterFlex grip even has markings on it to indicate the different locations for the weight to make a difference in the balance of the putter.

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I’ve used counterbalance putters before to varying degrees of success, but I’ve never felt like they simulated the same effect of an anchored putter.  With the Method Converge CounterFlex S1-12, I still don’t feel anchored, but I got a result similar to what anchoring did for me.  With belly putters, I always felt like I just hand to move the club head back and then forward, the putter took care of the rest.  When I use the S1-12, I feel like the club just about swings itself on a straight path.  All I had to do was control the distance back and the distance forward to get a nice smooth, straight stroke.

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I firmly believe that the Nike Method CounterFlex putters are some of the more stable counterbalance putters out there right now.  The adjustability in the handle is certainly one of the better attempts to give players a simple solution to properly dial in the fit and feel of the putter.  If you’re looking to replace your broomstick for 2016, add the Nike Method Converge CounterFlex as a worthy option in the testing process.

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