Lamkin UTx Wrap Golf Grip Review

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The Lamkin UTx wrap grip is a slight variation on already-superior grip that provides great performance in all conditions.

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A little less than a year ago, I first tried the Lamkin UTx grip and was a quick convert.  Presently, you can find the UTx on most of my clubs and it’s my go-to for my equipment testing.  As far as I was concerned, the grip was good and nothing needed to change.  Then one day an email popped into my inbox telling me there’s a new UTx grip and it’s going to be a wrap style.  In that email was one of the first glimpses of the Lamkin UTx wrap grip and my interest was piqued.  A few weeks later, we received a supply of the Lamkin UTx wrap to start testing if this grip was as good as the standard UTx.

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So far, there are only two color variations, black and blue, available in the Lamkin UTx wrap grip.  I am going to assume the red color previously seen in the standard UTx is being replaced by something similar to the red UTx grips that have been found on the newer Srixon clubs and the color will be introduced with the UTx wrap as well.  Let me be clear here though, I am only speculating.  The pattern etched in the rubber is the same as the standard UTx grip, but obviously there’s a big visual difference in the wrap pattern around the grip.  This wrap pattern gives one of the most modern grips on the market a traditional look.

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Consistent with the original UTx, the Lamkin UTx wrap grip has great feel in a variety of weather conditions.  There’s plenty of tack in the rubber and just enough cord to maintain a good grip with excessive moisture.  The excellent response is still there in the UTx wrap so you still get optimal feedback in your hands.  The softer ACE 3GEN dampens the vibration just enough which is key.  Most efforts to take some sting out of the club will lead to next to no feel in your shot.

Obviously the new wrap pattern is going to be the focus of this iteration of the UTx grip.  I’ve found most modern wrap grips to be somewhat tough to hang on to and fairly unresponsive.  The Lamkin UTx wrap not only maintains its superior grip, but it still has the same responsiveness of a standard grip.  The UTx wrap just gives the golfer a little bit different texture in their hands that seems to add a little more friction if you’re looking for a better grip.

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The Lamkin UTx wrap grip is a true all-weather grip that is still comfortable to play for long periods of time.  I am notorious for having grips with the least bit of cord tear up my hands in a very short period of time.  With the UTx grips, this hasn’t been a problem for and the wrap version is no different.  So far, a bulk of the testing has occurred in warm indoor ranges where my hands have gotten sweaty or it has been in cold and wet conditions outside as the Chicago snow melts.  In both cases, I have been able to maintain a controlled grip and haven’t experienced any slipping issues.

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It’s important to remember that the grip is your only connection to the golf club.  The Lamkin UTx wrap grip not only gives superior feel and performance, but genuinely helps you make better golf shots.  For those that have been using all of those rubbery, slippery, dirty wrap grips in the past…it’s time to do yourself a favor and switch to the UTx wrap grip.

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