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The Lamkin Technique putter grip is an interesting take on the oversize grip with a focus on helping golfers use proper grip technique.

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These days, picking the right putter grip and deciding whether or not to putt cross-handed, claw, or standard is working its way toward becoming the new “how do I fix my slice?”  As such, the golf industry has seen the meteoric rise of the oversize putter grip and everyone is racing to provide their take on the product.  Lamkin’s latest oversize offering is called the Technique which is specifically designed to provide different alignment aids for golfers looking to experiment with the reverse overlap, cross-handed, or claw putting grips.

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Obviously at first glance, there is a lot going on with the Technique putter grip.  Your first impression may be that the grip is a little too busy looking and isn’t all that appealing, but once you realize the point of all the different graphics, the Technique is fairly interesting.  The different lines and circles are there to give you different focal points on the grip to make sure you consistently place your hands in the same spot on each putting stroke regardless of what grip technique you use.  As far as the other appearance characteristics, the Technique has a tapered shape rather than straight and is predominantly white in color which will show dirt with extensive use even with cleaning.

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Admittedly, I’m just not an oversized putter grip kind of guy.  I’ve experimented with all of them because I really believe in their benefit, but I always struggle to adjust to them in the long run.  What I will say is that I found both the mid and oversize Technique grip to fit very well in the hands and comfortable in the stroke.  Often times golfers will find the larger grips tend to mute the feel of putt in their hands, but I found both sizes of the Technique to still provide good response and made feeling the shot a breeze.  I mentioned earlier that the white finish shows dirt, but the Technique still stays quite tacky with proper maintenance.

Again, the whole point of the Technique putter grip is to provide assistance is proper and consistent technique in your grip.  While the concept of reminders and alignment aids isn’t new, I can’t think of a grip with as many different reminders on it.  The Technique has many different types of shapes and textures so you have a variety of different feel reminders to burn into your brain as you dial in the perfect grip for you.

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We can sit here and talk forever about how great the Lamkin Technique works in helping you try out different putting grip techniques, but in reality everyone is going to respond to grips differently and may or may not find it useful.  I will say that I think the general concept of the Technique will work for some people, but the value in the grip is that it’s actually a good grip out on the course as well.  A key component of good performance for a putter grip is being comfortable in the golfer’s hands and the Technique is exactly that.  Even with the larger size, the Technique felt very natural in my hands which made it easy to control my putting stroke.  As designed, the larger size also helps keep your hands quiet and reduces a large amount of unnecessary wrist action in the putting stroke.

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If you’re the kind of golfer that’s always looking to experiment with different technique, the Lamkin Technique will be a fun option for your putter.  With the Technique, you can guarantee yourself that you’ll use the exact same grip in the exact same spot on the club on every stroke which will produce that much needed consistency into your putting game.

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