IJP Design Autumn Winter 2013 Apparel Review

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Same great construction, same great style. One of the best in the game.


It’s no secret that I am fond of Ian Poulter’s clothing line, IJP Design.  Every season, I get super excited to see what the new collection will have to offer, and this Autumn/Winter collection was no exception.  I saw the new Signature ultramarine tartan trousers and the new colors of Raglan polos for the first time in the IJP Design sales brochure shortly before the release of the collection, but once I received the new apparel in person, it was clear that the pictures I had seen did not do the products justice.

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As Matt and I state in all of our clothing reviews, it doesn’t matter how great golf clothes look or how well they are made if they don’t perform well on the course.  The Raglan polo from IJP Design is a staple in every collection they release, and for good reason.  It is a comfortable shirt that is easy to swing a club in.   It also keeps you comfortable in a variety of conditions.  I’ve frequently worn the Raglan in hot summer conditions and have yet to experience any discomfort related to heat or humidity.

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The Signature tartan is the best IJP Design tartan to date.  From a performance aspect, they are easy to swing and move in as well as wear in a variety of weather conditions.  They are 55% polyester and 45% wool, but are comfortably breathable.  IJP Design has recently changed the weave of the fabric and I would imagine that this directly contributes to the breathability.

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Ian Poulter and style are synonymous in golf.  Whether you like his style or not, you can’t deny that he has a lot of it.  His standard of style directly carries over into his clothing line and provides options for all tastes.  The Raglan polo I reviewed is a nice thistle color and is a pretty basic shirt.  If you want to get away from being basic, you can pair it with the matching ultramarine Signature tartans to add a little flair to your look.  That’s the beauty of IJP Design: you can get basic shirts and trousers with a variety of colors, or you can mix and match with more vibrant and bold options.

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As usual, the new line of clothing is extremely well constructed and durable.  IJP Design apparel is certainly not cheap, but is also far from the most expensive apparel in the industry (Raglan Shirt: $70, Signature Tartan Trousers: $160).  If you’re looking to get good looking, well-made clothing at a competitive price, than IJP Design is a great option.  As mentioned in our previous review, IJP Design frequently runs good sales and promotions where you can save a few bucks and get some great stuff.


IJP Design has done it again and delivered high quality clothing that looks good, feels good, and plays great.  I personally feel they are best in the game, and my closet would prove it, so if you are looking to invest in some quality golf apparel, don’t hesitate to give IJP Design a try no matter your tastes!

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