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The best trousers I’ve worn. My go-to pants. Great fit, quality, and craftsmanship. Perfect blend of style and functionality.

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When you think of Ian Poulter, you probably imagine loud plaid (or tartan, as the Europeans say) pants, bright colors, spiky blonde hair, and Ryder Cup dominance.  All of these things are true, but I would bet most haven’t really looked into the IJP Design clothing line.  Our own Matt Saternus is living proof of this.  After hearing enough of my repeated babbling of the brand, Matt finally decided to look into the brand and its collections and simply said, “Wow, I’ve been sleeping on this brand…”

The company motto at IJP Design is “Look good, feel good, play great!”  and they’ve stuck to that ever since the brand opened up shop in 2007.  The IJP Design Technical Trousers are the embodiment of that motto, and that’s why they have become my go-to pants for golf.

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Just like any piece of golf equipment, my golf clothes are worthless to me if they can’t perform.  It doesn’t matter how good my shirt or pants look if I can’t properly swing a club or am having heat stroke.  Trust me, I’ve encountered these problems more than a few times.

What I can tell you is that I have never had a better pair of golf pants in my life than IJP Design’s Technical Trouser.  They fit perfectly and are not the least bit restrictive to the swing while still looking like a nice tailored trouser.  They breathe well and are perfectly comfortable on a 90°F day.

You will also be hard-pressed to find better quality in clothing. Between the extra attention to detail and the durable construction, IJP Design really nails it.  These Tech Trousers have great extra detail in the additional small pockets to hold your ball mark, extra deep back pockets for your score card, the discrete extra branding on the pocket, the sewn-in pin tuck on the legs, and the side adjusters that can give you some adjustability in the waist.  All small features, but they really do make a world of difference.

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Style is a cornerstone of IJP Design.  They are trying to go above the norm and make sure their clothing is among the best looking out there.  The common misconception is that IJP Design only caters to a very select audience.  This is not true: you will find they have something for everyone.   If you want your bright plaid (or tartan) like Ian Poulter, they have you covered.  If you want a nice looking pair of black pants and a simple white shirt, they have you covered there too.  They also do limited runs where you can get “Tour” shirts, sweaters, and trousers if you want to go that route.

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The IJP Design Tech Trouser retails for $130.  Though not cheap, this price is very comparable, if not better, than you will find amongst other high-end designer brands in the golf industry.  In most cases, the quality of the IJP Design product line is even better than the more expensive clothing both inside and outside of the golf industry.  From that perspective, you are certainly getting your money’s worth.

Additionally, there are frequently great sales and special discounts on IJP Design’s website.  Though I firmly believe most of the clothing is absolutely worth paying full price for, IJP Design makes it easy for you to take the plunge at a level you can afford, and you will get the same great quality they are known for.

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IJP Design doesn’t get the attention it deserves, most likely because people expect the brand to only make loud plaid pants and bright pink shirts.  What theses people are missing out on is a diverse, high-quality, stylish range that should fit the bill for any taste in fashion.

The IJP Design Technical Trousers are my go-to pants for golf. The range in colors across the collections allow me to have options for any mood, but no matter what, I know I am going to look and feel good on the course. Now if only I could play great every time too…

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