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The Hyperice Venom 2 Back delivers heat and/or vibration to effectively relieve lower back tightness and soreness.  Simple, intuitive controls.


When the Hyperice Venom 2 Back arrived after the holidays I was feeling great, and began my normal process of product research and photos.  Having had back related aches and pains over the years I felt confident I’d be able to give the Venom 2 (I’ll drop the “Back” for simplicity, but know there are also Go, Leg, and Shoulder models) a fair assessment despite my lack of physical issues.  A few days later I woke up with a stiff lower back after pushing a bit too hard at the gym, and I was able to put the Venom 2 to a real test.  Did the unit offer relief?  Keep reading to find out.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Having looked back at Matt Saternus’s review of the original Venom [check it out HERE], I was impressed with the updates that Hyperice made to the unit.  The large battery and control blocks are now one sleek module.  Vibration units are built into the wrap.  And the Hyperice Venom 2 also had an additional compression strap for further fit customization.

The control module turned on right out of the box, and I was able to strap on the Venom 2 and start the heating and vibration features instantly.  I found the three buttons visually intuitive, and easily changed the three levels of heat and vibration.  Reviewing the “Let’s Get Started” pamphlet I learned that the Venom 2 should be charged for six hours for a full charge, which I did after attaching the proper voltage adapter.

I also downloaded the Hyperice app as recommend.   I was not able to pair the unit with my phone, but frankly I couldn’t care less.  With the controls literally at my fingertips, I don’t foresee ever needing to control the unit with my phone.  That said, there are many “routines” on the app for better health utilizing the various Hyperice products, as well as usage tracking, and cross-connects with other apps like Garmin and Whoop.


The heat or vibrations feel wonderful on their own, but the combo is even better.  The treatment surface area of the Venom 2 is twice as large as the original and covered basically my entire lower back (I’m 5’10” and 165 lbs for reference).  Heat was strong within seconds, and I found the distribution consistent.  I could easily feel the difference in the three levels of heat (113°F, 122°F, and 131°F).

The vibration mode had three distinct patterns.  The first setting engaged an all-over vibration.  The second setting pulsed on and off.  The third setting, my favorite, was a 4 short, 1 long pattern.

The Hyperice Venom 2 worked great sitting down or standing.  Laying flat on my back was feasible, but the thickness of the device made it slightly uncomfortable – plus the vibration reverberated through the couch.  Tightness across my lower back gradually eased over a simple 5 minute session.  After that session I was also able to execute a stretching regiment that really loosened things up.

As Matt Saternus pointed out in his original review, the Venom 2 is great for warming up the back before hitting golf balls.  I’ve included dynamic stretching in my routine prior to golfing for a while now, and layering in the Venom 2 assures I’m ready to go when I hit the range for practice or prior to play.


I’ve only had the Hyperice Venom 2 Back for a few weeks, but clearly it’s made of high quality materials.  I don’t see any reason it won’t last for years.  The Venom 2 comes with a one year warranty.


Retailing for $249, the Hyperice Venom 2 Back is on the expensive side, but when I factor in the down time and the discomfort that a sore back can cause, the cost seems reasonable.  Plus the unit can be used by other family members or friends, which can also make the cost more palatable.

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Having a stiff back is never a great way to start the day – especially when golf is on the agenda.  The Hyperice Venom 2 Back offers an easy way to alleviate tension and loosen muscles.  I found the combination of heat and vibration most effective.  It also gave me peace of mind knowing I could combat those times where I tweaked my back from over activity or just those “I’m getting old” moments.

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  1. I owned the previous version and the battery wouldn’t hold a charge after two years. It’s great for what it does, however, I was very disappointed in it’s longevity.

  2. Just had a microdiscectomy on Tuesday. This thing looks great.

  3. Jon Compton

    This might serve my son well, who also had a disectonomy years ago.

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