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The Hyperice Venom is an effective tool for warming up your lower back and relieving pain.


From weekend hackers to the GOAT, back pain can, at best, limit our ability to play or, at worst, keep us off the course altogether.  And if you golf, back pain is nearly inevitable.  Even with our ever-growing knowledge about the body and fitness, the golf swing is simply a torturous motion designed to hurt out backs.  The Venom is a new product by Hyperice designed to give us a slightly better chance of avoiding that pain or relieve the pain we have.

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Ease of Use & Setup

Using the Venom is simple.  First, wrap the belt around your lower back.  Next, attach a charged battery to the belt.  When the battery is attached, the touchscreen turns on and gives you options for temperature and vibration pattern.  Push start and enjoy the massage.



I am knocking on wood as I type this, but I am currently not suffering from any back pain.  As such, I can’t speak directly to how it works in relieving pain, but I know from past experiences that heat and vibration can go a long way.  On its top setting, the Venom produces as much heat as any heating pad I’ve ever used, and the vibration gives a solid massage.

The way in which I use Venom now is as a warm up.  We all know that it’s important to move around and stretch before hitting golf balls, but we rarely do this.  What I can commit to is throwing Venom on for 5-10 minutes before I hit the range.  When I do this, I don’t feel like I need to start my practice session with baby swings; I can jump right in.



At $250, the Hyperice Venom is certainly not cheap.  That said, most people suffering from chronic back pain will be happy to pay to experience some relief.  If you’re not in pain now, it’s worth considering a purchase to ward off future problems.



Whether you’re looking for an easier way to warm up or a way to relieve some back pain, the Hyperice Venom merits consideration.  The price is a bit steep, but protecting your back is priceless.

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