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Arccos Golf and Arccos Driver Launch for Android Operating System

 Platform Expansion Driven by Widespread Demand for Golf’s #1 Performance Tracking System

(STAMFORD, CT) – Arccos announces its award-winning Arccos Golf and Arccos Driver performance tracking and live competition systems are now available for Android devices.Boasting identical functionality to Arccos offerings for iOS, the Android versions pair with free apps available for download on Google Play. Each allows golfers to better understand their game, dramatically improve performance and have more fun.

Featuring one virtually weightless sensor for each club in your bag, Arccos Golf ($299.99) automatically records your shots and delivers info on distances hit, club averages, driving accuracy, greens in regulation, sand saves, putts and more. It also offers personalized course management via GPS 2.0, which shows GPS distances to any point on more than 35,000 courses and provides a GPS map of every shot you take.

Arccos Driver ($79.99) delivers real-time data for tee shot distances, fairways hit and more. The single-sensor system automatically detects each drive, then uses a player’s smart phone to record second shot position. Other benefits include personalized challenges based on performance history, as well as daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards.

“The Android community has been very vocal about their demand for Arccos products,” says Arccos CEO Sal Syed. “This release is a big step toward ensuring more golfers can benefit from Tour Analytics, GPS 2.0 and the other aspects of our technology that have helped make Arccos golf’s #1 performance tracking system.”

Tour Analytics was developed in conjunction with golf’s most renowned statistician, Peter Sanders. Drawing from his work with PGA Tour star Zach Johnson and many others, it automatically breaks down a players’ handicap into five key components – driving, approach, chipping, sand game and putting – helping golfers:

  • Gain insight into what every shot means
  • Understand exactly how each part of their game contributes to scoring
  • Explore comparative data in each of the five components from golfers with the same handicap
  • Evaluate patterns across their entire golf history, supporting refinement of on-course tactics

Endorsed by 2014 FedExCup Champion Billy Horschel and two-time World Long Drive Champion Jamie Sadlowski, Arccos sensors easily attach to the end of a club grip and pair just once via Bluetooth to your phone. Unlike competing products, it does not suffer from the requirement to alter pre-shot routines, tap additional devices, or other hindrances to enjoyment and improvement.

Led by a team of Ivy League engineers, rocket scientists, PhD’s and designers, Arccos Golf is named after a function of advanced mathematics.


MISIG lands 19 PGA, LPGA and Champions tour pros

The Most Important Stretch in Golf keeping players loose and fit

May 3, 2016 –DES PLAINES, Ill. — It pays to have a golf product representative who has been around for a while, especially if that rep believes in the product like Kenny McDonald believes in the MISIG – Most Important Stretch In Golf. McDonald, a golf manufacturer’s rep for more than 22 years, is the guy who gets inside the ropes at most major golf events and has wonderful relationships with some of the biggest names in golf.McDonald has been working behind the scenes on tour for 31 years promoting everything from putters to tees and knows a good thing when he sees it.  He cut his teeth as a putting instructor and is a former PGA of America member and instructor.

“The MISIG is without a doubt the best golf performance trainers I’ve ever seen and ranks in my top 3 of all-time golf training products, McDonald said.” “It’s dynamic and it works with your swing. With other training aids you might have to make some adjustments or modifications using the product to get it to work for you, but not with the MISIG. It does in 10-15 minutes what tour pros go to the physio trailer for an hour to accomplish.”

The MISIG is a complete golf performance program that provides three key components for building and maintaining a strong, injury-free golf swing: a stretching program,swing training program and exercise program.

Stretch. Swing. Exercise. Repeat.  The MISIG develops stronger golf muscles and helps golfers avoid injuries due to increased flexibility, loosened tendons and muscles, and improved extension.  The trainer slips easily into your golf bag providing an effective warm-up routine on the range.  Within a few quick reps your big muscles are stretched, you feel the extension through your back and shoulders, and you’re ready to go.

Along with physical improvements, golfers will also gain a better understanding of the mechanics of the swing. The MISIG helps you develop the proper takeaway by keeping the elbow locked through extension and your wrists hinging properly.  This provides increased range of motion, more degrees in the backswing, and faster club head speed for a more powerful swing.

“When I’m in front of a pro, it’s very easy to get them to try it (the MISIG),” said McDonald. “They often take it to their physio person, and they all like what it does, and more importantly the results.”

To date, there are 19 PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour professionals trying the MISIG and McDonald is responsible for getting the majority of them to “feel the stretch.”  Not bad for a company that has been in business for just more than 12 weeks.

“We are so happy to have Ken McDonald on our team,” said Bernie Fay inventor and owner of the MISIG. “He really believes in the MISIG and says it’s so easy to get tour pros to try and more importantly to keep and use in their warm-up and exercise routines.”

The MISIG was launched at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show January 26-29 in Orlando, Fla., and was featured on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive by Lauren Thompson as her favorite “new product” of the show.

The MISIG can be purchased online at  It comes with three different length bands for customized tension training – yellow, blue and red – and retails for $79.99.


PitchFix USA Announces Twister 2.0 Now Available

Golf’s best divot tool just got better

New York (May 3, 2016) – Pitchfix USA, a global market leader in switchblade divot tools and other golf products, today announced its latest product – the Twister 2.0, which debuted at the 2016 PGA Show in Orlando is now available for purchase. An innovative divot repair tool, the Twister 2.0 improves on the original Twister making ball mark repairs easier for golfers and continuing to help reduce pitch mark repair damage to greens.

The Twister’s patent pending exclusive technology features a revolutionary 3-pronged metal retractable system that out performs all other divot repair tools. The new and improved Twister 2.0 features:
• Redesigned in a better shape
• Redesigned in a smaller size making tool easier to carry
• Ergonomic design for better grip during use
• New internal mechanism assures durability
• Release of ball marker in all directions
• Fixed magnet prevents loss of magnet during use
• 1 Inch ball marker size
• Increased color options

The Twister 2.0 remains highly customizable for promotional gifts and corporate branding and retails for just under $16. Currently, the Pitchfix products are available at many top U.S. retail outlets such as PGA Tour Superstores. For more information please visit

“The Twister 2.0 builds off the great success we had with the original model and will continue to help improve golfers’ experience and reduce course damage,” said Bart Fokke, President of Pitchfix USA and Canada. “We are very pleased to offer the new and improved version to the 26 million golfers in the United States.”

According to Pitchfix, when ball marks are repaired with traditional pitch forks very often the root structure is torn which creates an air pocket under the mark and a compacted piece of soil at the surface, making it difficult for the grass to regenerate and heal.

Pitchfix’s patent pending technology allows Twister 2.0 to work even more effectively than the original, says the company: the golfer simply pushes it in and out of the affected area, restoring the ground and relieving compaction simultaneously. This quick and simple procedure, according to Pitchfix, results in better repairs that recover quickly, making it virtually impossible to do damage with the tool.

According to Fokke, the Twister 2.0 will play a critical role in improving the condition of greens and reducing ongoing maintenance costs to repair damage.

“Reports indicate that the average golfer leaves about 12 ball marks during a typical round of golf,” said Fokke. “That can result in more than 700,000 ball marks per year on an average golf course. Add to that the players who do not repair their ball marks and the high percentage of improper repair from conventional two prong divot tools, and the potential maintenance savings with Twister 2.0 could be as much as ten percent.”

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