Golf News – August 23rd, 2013

Golf News for August 23rd, 2013

Exotics Breeds New XCG Family With XCG7 And XCG7 Beta Drivers

Batavia, IL – After six successful XCG driver launches, the new XCG7 driver offers more variability, technology, and material upgrades than its predecessors. Continuing the Exotics tradition the XCG7 drivers bring premium technology to today’s techno-savvy consumers and increases commercial viability by offering two clubheads., the XCG7 and XCG7 Beta.

The XCG7 adjustable driver is available in two different clubheads, 440cc (Beta) and 460cc. The XCG7 driver features upgraded performance in a 6A4V titanium, 460cc driver head that produces easy-launching and high trajectory with added forgiveness. The new driver incorporates added adjustability with loft options from 8.5 to 12 degrees in ½ degree increments.

The Beta, 440cc adjustable clubhead presents a smaller, refined shape composed of 6A4V titanium with a deeper, beta titanium face. The new head also incorporates added adjustability with loft options from 8.5 to 12 degrees in ½ degree increments creating a penetrating trajectory.

Maximizing distance, engineers designed the Power Grid. Positioned directly behind the hitting area, the Power Grid creates an accordion-like effect and increases spring-effect by flexing at impact. The Power Grid alternates in thickness from 0.5mm to 1.0mm, allowing the thinner dimple-slots to flex, producing a hotter launch.

Four advanced-position hexahedron weight pads maximize MOI for greater stability in each clubhead. The weighting positions the center of gravity in the optimal location in the XCG7 lower and deeper in the head for mid spin and a higher launch angle. For a more penetrating launch angle, and to minimize spin, the pads in the Beta are located higher and closer to the face.

Further enhancing stability, weight is removed from the rear center of the sole. This dual-step cavity in the XCG7 allows the extra weighting in the rear heel and toe to provide maximum forgiveness. A wider cavity is featured in the XCG7 Beta to move weight forward for a higher CG.

Variable face thickness technology offers multiple levels of thickness that maximize the spring-like effect from more points on the face, especially in the heel and toe areas. Completing the new XCG7 design is a Tour-inspired matte black finish which reduces glare and features the Exotics logo on the top heel.

The XCG7 driver’s appearance is distinctive and easy to differentiate the two clubheads. The XCG7 Beta’s chromatic medallion includes ‘Beta’ on the plate, and ‘Beta’ appears in white on the hosel.

The XCG7 drivers features Tour Edge’s lifetime warranty and 30-day play guarantee. It is available in the most popular shafts on the market; Fujikura Fuel and Tour and the Matrix Ozik White, Red and Black Tie shafts. Suggested retail: XCG7 $299.99; Beta $349.99. For more information, call (800) 515-3343 or visit

Woods looks to improve on par 5s

Greenwood/Getty Images
Tiger Woods has won five times on TOUR in 2013.

By Helen Ross, PGATOUR.COM

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — The 4 a.m. wake-up call was early even for a man who famously likes to practice at oh-dark-thirty.

And the day got even longer for Tiger Woods, who nonetheless managed to carve out a solid round of 67 at Liberty National that left the man who leads the FedExCup just three strokes off the lead held by Kevin Stadler at The Barclays

From the opening tee shot that traveled 278 yards to the final 7-foot putt, though, Woods’ round that began at 8:16 a.m. took nearly 11 hours to finish. That’s because Mother Nature created two suspensions of play that lasted five hours and 51 minutes before the round was suspended at 7:43 p.m. with the entire afternoon wave still on the course.

“It was a long day, and tomorrow will be a short one, and then Saturday will be pretty much a marathon,” Woods said. Read full article.

Continues to Take Over Social Media

Callaway‘s latest YouTube series is called Alternate Shot. In a nutshell, two Callaway experts debate hot button equipment issues.

The first installment asks the question, “Should amateurs play blades?” Our question to you, “Is this new series a success or a fail?”

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