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Glukos Energy products are designed to give you a healthier alternative to energy supplements when that boost is needed, and is working to establish itself in a saturated industry.

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In a world where fitness and fueling the human body has become ultra complicated, more and more companies are out there trying to provide the best and healthiest supplements to the fitness fanatics and athletes looking to get an edge.  It’s often tough to work through all of the options out there, determine what you need, what’s healthy, and to realize actual results.  Glukos has entered the fray with a product line that “contains no high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, additives, colors or caffeine” so the body is being energized in a healthier and more efficient way.

Unlike other sports products, GLUKOS provides almost instant energy. It passes through the cell wall of your mouth where it enters directly into the bloodstream.

Though I am an active individual, I admittedly am not big in the fitness supplement and snack world so I brought in my neighbors to help test (one is a serious triathlete, the other an avid runner).

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Product Types & Taste

Glukos offers a wide range of different products such as tablets, drink powders, gummies, bars, and gels.  Though consumed in different ways, each product ultimately has the same goal of giving you an instant boost of energy when you need it to perform at your best.

As far as taste, the Glukos products are pretty hit or miss.  The gummies had a sort of musty/salty taste to them and a weird texture that I did not find enjoyable.  The drink powder had a mild taste, left a very artificial and that same musty after taste.  The lemon flavor was the best of the bunch, but it was ok at best.  The bars have a strange texture that was almost sandy in my mouth.  The apple cinnamon flavor wasn’t that bad, but ultimately was unenjoyable by the end of the bar.  The best tasting products were the gels (which are more liquid than a gel).  Think of it like taking a quick shot of Glukos juice more than anything.

Admittedly, I do not regularly consume these types of products so I was happy to receive feedback from fitness fanatic friends.  Both of them shared the same sentiments with me regarding the taste of the Glukos products.  Their least favorite of the products was the Glukos bar because of the odd flavor and unappealing consistency and texture.

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The general feedback I’ve received is that it’s not uncommon for fitness supplements to not taste all that great, but it’s a fair trade off for performance.  Glukos aims to not use chemicals and stimulants while still giving athletes the same boost they look for in products like energy drinks.  The intent of Glukos products is that they quickly make their way into the bloodstream by passing through the cell wall of your mouth.  Essentially, this is supposed to create an almost instant impact for the consumer.

The only impact I really noticed, along with my friends, was that I felt hydrated from the powder mix in the water, but I did not notice any real performance boosts.  The Glukos product line is being marketed as designed to instantly fuel “the machine” but I honestly didn’t see it.

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There are countless options for general fitness supplements out there and undoubtedly, narrowing a decision down to the perfect option is going to be a tireless task.  I approached the Glukos review with an open mind but didn’t experience any real results.  Glukos is certainly making an effort to get their name out there with athlete endorsements and big displays in sports stores, but they are going to have reevaluate and update their products to have any real staying power.

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