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G/FORE MG4X2 Golf Shoe Review

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Purposely designed for on and off course versatility, the G/FORE MG4X2 golf shoes are a wonderful fusion of performance, comfort, and style.


Although G/FORE designers seem obsessed with form and function, I love that they always find a way to inject a little fun into their golf shoes, as exemplified by the “Respect My Ball Flight” motto surrounding the stylish red logo on the sole of the new MG4X2.  Golf has a rich and storied history, and by adding a bit of whimsical flair, G/FORE reminds us that it’s still a game.


When G/FORE introduced the MG4.1 two years ago [full review HERE], I wrote that the shoe defied “any preconceived notion of what a golf shoe should, or even could, look like.”  Slipping them on even now, I still feel as if I’m on the forefront of modern style.  The MG4+ [full review HERE] looked more like a modern golf shoe, yet still maintained that G/FORE flair.  The MG4X2 seems to blend the best of both predecessors with a distinctive athletic style that plays equally well at the neighborhood farmers market or the local muni.

The dark blue overlays and heavy stitching against the grey knit uppers really look sharp together.  And although that section of the MG4X2 looks “normal” in the realm of athletic shoes, the chiseled heel and voluminous lattice of the midsole provide a modern silhouette. 

The MG4X2 comes in five colorways: onyx, twilight, snow/poppy, nimbus (featured here), and snow.  A second set of shoelaces in grey were included with the nimbus shoes.  And if your laces ever wear out, G/FORE will even send you a fresh set – that deserves a round of applause.


The low cut of the shoe opening along with the tall flexible heel tab made slipping on the G/FORE MG4X2 a breeze.  The expansive lacing gave me plenty of points to dial in the fit – even down toward the balls of my feet.

With the shoe billed as a cross trainer, I expected the MG4X2 to be comfortable, yet I still let out an “ahhhh” as I stood up to venture to the golf course.  With every step, small compressible bumps on the insole provided a gentle yet energizing massage to the bottom of my feet.  The midsole seemed to have that perfect balance of cushioning and support.  Overall, the shoes felt fluid and in tune with my every move.

I should point out that I ended up going with a half size larger than my norm in the MG4X2.  Interestingly, the G/FORE site recommends ordering a half size down from your regular size.


Based on the structure and comfort, I focused my attention on comparing the MG4X2 to my favorite running shoes and two features stood out: heel density and sole width.  Whereas my running shoes are firm at the outside heel to account for stride impact, the MG4X2 are soft.  I found my body weight naturally shifting to that heel spot during the swing – exactly as my swing coach has been directing. 

It’s not easily discernable from my photos, but the midsole of the MG4X2 is notably wider than the uppers and creates a stable base in the address position.  The wider platform helped me fight sway in the back swing, and also promoted a solid finish position.  There’s ample flexibility in the shoe but clearly less than that of a running shoe.

The sawtooth elements on the sole created an interesting sound walking on solid surfaces that reminded me of the treads on a dozer.  They’re obviously not that loud or impactful, but engaging.  As you can envision, grip while walking was excellent.  During the rotational demands of the golf swing, the sharp edges created by the gaps in the treads provided good traction – perfect for a practice session or casual round.

G/FORE describes the uppers of the MG4X2 as a water resistant stretch knit “fused with an internal waterproof lining” which left me wondering if the shoes were water resistant or water proof.  With Central Florida daily rains fading away with fall, I resorted to testing the shoes at my laundry sink.  Drops of water beaded up on the fabric nicely.  Switching to a steady stream, the fabric became saturated and my fingers sensed a hint of moisture inside the shoes.  I’d call the MG4X2 water resistant plus – great for a light passing shower, but not ideal for a rainy day.


The MG4X2 are exactly what G/FORE states on their website:  “a multi-functional shoe that takes you from the street to the course with ease.”  Missing in that statement is how cool the shoes look and how comfortable they are.  The $225 retail price may seem hard to justify for a golf cross trainer, but not all purchases have to be practical.


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  1. Joseph.chin.

    It is fantastic I recommend to all friends thankyou.

  2. Zachary Bean

    While their shoes are comfortable and sharp. The quality is as poor as they come. Waterproofing is gone and soul separating after 1 yr and 1 month and the company just says we stand behind our product, but this happens from time to time. Nothing they will do

  3. I bought a pair yesterday, played 18 in then and have since ordered two more pairs. They are the most comfortable golf shoe I’ve ever owned!

  4. I bought one pair this month. The midsole of the MG4X2 creates a stable base in the address position. if you are in the way to improve your swing, this is the perfect shoe¡¡

  5. Tried on a pair at Pinehurst, unbelievable comfort,you guys got it right.

  6. I’m still not sure, so am I supposed to order 1/2 size up or down? 😅

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks for reading the review Benny. I can only stand by what fit me, which was a half size larger.

      – Meeks

  7. Bought two pairs in their half price sale , in Scotland so have only worn once on the links. Outstanding stability and comfort. Half a size up for me too.

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