G/FORE MG4+ Golf Shoe Review

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Distinctive design elements not only give the G/FORE MG4+ a modern style, but also enhanced performance.


The delivery carton for the MG4+ (MG4 Plus) golf shoes may have been bland and unassuming, but inside, the canary yellow shoe box was pure G/FORE.  And like an old friend who knows just what to say, opening the lid I found the now classic G/FORE:  “No1 Cares What You Shot.”


Although not as bold as the MG4.1 [review HERE], the MG4+ do have a modern look with sleek uppers and distinctive chiseled white midsole.  Well positioned on the heel, the white G/FORE logo adds identity without distraction.  The logo appears again on the bottom of the heel, so make sure to rake those bunkers.  The two tone sole has a lot of visual appeal and is further highlighted by the emblazoned “Pray for Birdies.”

The MG4+ comes in six colorways:  snow, snow camo, nimbus (light grey), charcoal, onyx and twilight (blue).  Included in the box were blue and white shoelaces for golfers looking for a more casual style option.


With or without socks, the first thing my feet registered were the soft yet pronounced bumps on the footbed.  Feeling odd at first, the compressible bumps quickly became massage proxies with every step.   Combined with the auxetic foam of the midsole, the MG4+ shoes provided supportive cushioning that was very comfortable.

Sizing was accurate in terms of length, but the shoes were snug through the midfoot.  Switching to a thinner sock made the fit more comfortable. Golfers with wide feet or those between sizes may want to go up a size.  In the heel, the fit of the MG4+ was splendid with its tall Achilles tab and generous cushioning around the opening.


Staying with the heel area, it’s worth highlighting the external heel cup that’s solid like a ski boot and adds to the stability of the MG4+.  In conjunction with the heel cup, the synthetic uppers and rigid royal blue material on the sole provides nice lateral support and stability.

The MG4+ outsole is comprised of two distinct traction elements both in terms of material and design.  What G/FORE describes as knurled, the center areas are populated with rigid pointy pyramids.  The dark blue surrounding areas consist of a softer rubber in a sawtooth pattern.

Having been caught in a classic Florida summer afternoon downpour, I can confirm the shoes are waterproof and easy to wipe off post round.  I’m also happy to report that footing is solid even on wet tile floors.


The MG4+ is quintessential G/FORE.  That’s a simple statement, but one meant to applaud the latest work of a brand that is consistent in its style and exemplary use of premium materials.  If you’re looking for a distinctive, modern golf shoe that offers stability and traction during every phase of your game, the MG4+ is a compelling choice.

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Matt Meeker

Matt lives in sunny Orlando with his wife who allows his golf obsession to stretch the limits of normalcy. He's also a proud coach with The First Tee of Central Florida who loves teaching kids about golf and life skills.

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  1. Why would anyone play golf without socks?

  2. Michael Haley

    I’ve had a pair for the better part of the summer. They are my go to shoe. They are so comfortable imo and provide good traction. The one ding against them imo is the right toe area on my shoe started to rub away fairly early. I don’t have an overly aggressive turn, but I’ve found over the years some shoes hold up better in this area than other ones. Still, I’ll take the comfort and feel of them.

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