G/FORE Gallivan2R Golf Shoe Review

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The G/FORE Gallivan2R golf shoe has out-of-the-box comfort and an eye-catching look.  Unique cleat system provides good traction without tearing up the greens.  Light and stable.


Based on the name and the look, it would be easy to assume that the new G/FORE Gallivan2R is just an update on the popular Gallivanter.  In fact, the Gallivan2R is actually a blend of two of G/FORE’s most popular shoes: the Gallivanter and the MG4+ [review HERE].  This is a mash up that’s created Matt Meeker’s favorite G/FORE shoe ever – let’s find out why.


At a glance, the G/FORE Gallivan2R (pronounced “gallivan-tour”) is nearly identical to the original Gallivanter [review HERE].  The upper is super clean without any obvious branding.  A closer look reveals embossed logos on the tongue and at the bottom of the laces, but you’d be hard pressed to see them at a distance.

The staid upper sets the stage for an eye-popping reveal when you lift your foot.  The sole of the Gallivan2R is a bright, neon pink.  This is kicked up another notch by the G/POD cleats in orange, yellow, grey, and red.  For me, this is the quintessential G/FORE look, hiding a lot of fun and personality beneath an outwardly toned-down look.

The G/FORE Gallivan2R comes in a wide array of styles.  There’s a limited edition Tuxedo version which has a white upper with either black or sky blue/green highlights.  The Camo version is white with a blue camo sole or grey with grey camo.  G/FORE’s Camo Welt has a navy blue upper with a largely white sole.  Finally, the standard version, shown here, comes in two colorways.  One has a white upper with a navy welt.  The other has a white upper, green interior, and pink welt for a watermelon look.


Though I’ve admired their looks for several years, the Gallivan2R was my first experience wearing a G/FORE golf shoe.  I was immediately impressed when I slid them on.  What stood out most is the textured, cushioned insole. There are soft “bumps” throughout that give your foot a gentle massage as you walk.

As I spent more time in them, I appreciated how these shoes balance a stable, locked-in heel with comfort and space in the toe box.  G/FORE notes that the Gallivan2R has a “3D molded heel cup” which makes the shoe feel stable laterally and keeps it from rubbing up and down on the Achilles.  The heel also flares back slightly to further prevent chafing.

Finally, the TPU upper makes the shoe both light and flexible.  Right out of the box, the G/FORE Gallivan2R moved easily with every step.  There are no pressure points or creases across the top of the toes.  While this is not as light as a TRUE Knit [review HERE], the Gallivan2R is one of the lightest shoes of this type, and I felt I could easily walk 18 in them.


The G/POD cleats on the G/FORE Gallivan2R have a thoroughly unique look.  Not only are they multi-colored and varied in size, they’re fairly flat in contrast to most spikes that look like they could double as medieval weapons.  This provides two advantages: they won’t tear up the green, and they don’t create any pressure points on your feet.  In spite of their unusual appearance, the G/PODs create enough traction to keep you grounded in most conditions.

Another thing that G/FORE got right was the laces.  Both Matt Meeker and I noted their impact on the fit.  The laces on many modern golf shoes are almost purely decorative.  With the Gallivan2R, we were able to create exactly the level of comfort and stability we wanted.  Additionally, the length of the laces is perfect: they’re long enough to tie easily but short enough to look tidy.

Matt Meeker noted that the G/FORE Gallivan2R offers a wide platform that felt stable for swinging but remains comfortable for walking.  Sometimes a more stable shoe can be a drag to walk in, but G/FORE got the balance right.  I think the light weight and medium heel drop also contribute to that.  The whole shoe feels cohesive without any element at odds with another.

Finally, the Gallivan2R features a waterproof TPU upper that’s very easy to clean.  That’s important since most of the colorways are bright white.  It’s worth noting that G/FORE does not offer a waterproof guarantee on the Gallivan2R, but they did keep my foot dry under a moderate amount of simulated rain.


Take it from a first-timer and an experienced wearer of the brand, the G/FORE Gallivan2R is a fantastic golf shoe.  It has standout looks, but it’s a lot more than a pretty face.  G/FORE put serious work into creating a stable, comfortable shoe that’s a pleasure to walk in.

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  1. These look great! Have the MG4’s. Super comfortable but lacking traction. Hopefully better traction with these. Are the spike replaceable? Sorry if i missed that in your review.

  2. How much $.

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