Fourteen TB-5 Forged Irons Review

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Beyond their captivating looks, the Fourteen Golf TB-5 Forged irons offer a great blend of performance and forgiveness.  Wonderful feel.


Over the years I’ve seen few sets of Fourteen Golf clubs in the bags of golfers.  For me, spotting the signature Fourteen Golf feather logo is like seeing your golf ball sitting in the fairway after an errant tee shot – unexpected, yet rewarding.  There’s something inherently gratifying about seeing clubs from Fourteen Golf in person.  The new TB-5 Forged irons are no exception.

Like all new irons developed at Fourteen Golf, designers begin their quest with a target player in mind.  For the TB-5, the target was an experienced golfer who desires the look and feel of a players iron, but needs some forgiveness.  On the Fourteen scale for ease of play (3-9, easiest to most difficult), the design had to be a 5 – moderately easy.  The design parameters for the TB-5 were challenging, but the result sets Fourteen apart in the crowded iron space.

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I had the same visceral reaction holding the TB-5 Forged irons in my hands as I did the first time I saw them on social media:  “Wow.”  The aesthetics of the cavity are stunning, with its canvas of satin finish punctuated by a raised single feather and modest TB-5 engraving.  A closer inspection of the cavity reveals what Fourteen refers to as the “Theater Blade” design.  There’s a varied face thickness that flows naturally from thicker at the toe and heel to thinner in the center.

At address, the topline is perfectly on point with the targeted player profile – thin for wonderful visual appeal, yet long enough to not be intimidating.  Face on, the TB-5’s have a bit more of a game improvement look due mainly to the height at the heel.  However, the contrast in finishes and absence of paint fill in the grooves maintains an overall attractive look.

I don’t think I’ve ever commented on the toe view of an iron before, but the TB-5’s have a brilliant profile.   I love the curves Fourteen designers created from the trailing edge to the topline.  Plus, seeing wedge sole shaping carry across the set evokes visions of ideal turf interaction.

Sound & Feel

If I had to choose one word for this section it would be “muted.”  As you would expect with well-crafted forged irons, the TB-5’s have a pleasing soft feel.  Although the sweet spot seemed enormous, there was muted feedback to my hands on every strike – something players like me in this category desire and appreciate.

I’d describe the sound as a muted crisp click or pleasant snap.  Audible feedback is subtle, but there is definite loss of definition as contact waivers.  The harmony between sound and feel is immensely satisfying.


I mentioned the enormous sweet spot above, but it’s worthy of repeating:  the TB-5 Forged irons offer a generous hitting area.  When your contact is reflective of the number of days since you last touched the clubs, the TB-5’s provide proportional forgiveness.  Slight mishits typically came in 5-10 yards short – reasonable in my book.  What I really enjoyed was still getting the ball nicely airborne on thin shots.

With good contact, I was achieving high ball flights with mid-spin and typical distances.  I found the word “towering” next to my field notes for the 8 and 9 irons.  And while the irons offered forgiveness it wasn’t at the sacrifice of performance.  I enjoyed being able to work the ball left and right with ease.

I put my visions of ideal turf interaction to the test and was not disappointed with the results.  Long and short clubs seemed to glide across the grass, making solid and stable contact.  The consistency at impact that the sole design delivers was particularly useful during play when the Bermuda and rye grasses were in a transition phase at my club.


In their quest to design a set of clubs for the better golfer who needs some forgiveness, Fourteen Golf hit the bullseye with the TB-5 Forged irons.  Expertly executed, the TB-5 exhibits the optimal balance of performance and forgiveness plus a wonderful forged feel.  If you like to garner the attention of discerning golfers, the TB-5 irons are a sure bet on looks alone.

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Fourteen Golf TB-5 Forged Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Jim W Rosteck

    Matt what handicap range fits your definition of a “better” golfer?

  2. I have been looking at this year’s Fourteen golf clubs .
    I can’t wait to try a set out.
    Thanks for the great review Matt

  3. Xavier Molina

    No 4 iron? What were your thoughts on the stronger lofts?

    • Matt Meeker

      Stronger lofts are relative to what you are used to Xavier. Compared to my gamers, which I consider in the same category, there’s only a degree difference. And I found the high trajectory offset any distance gains due to loft.

      – Meeks

  4. I don’t see the spec for the ‘P/A’ club anywhere. What’s the loft of that club? Thanks

  5. Those are gorgeous! Lofts are a bit stronger than I would expect for a forged cb “players” iron

  6. Mike Cavanaugh

    Great review Matt – I love the look of those irons I am going to try and find a demo site. Thanks for your First Tee work! I am on the board for First Tee Greater Philadelphia- play well and happy holidays!

  7. Can you review TC-7?

    • Matt Meeker

      We’ll try to make that happen Kevin, but you can help by letting Fourteen Golf know on social media.

      – Meeks

  8. Shane Romero

    Love the look of these clubs! I would love to play a round with them and compare them to my 1957 Miura blades!

  9. What is offset for these and other in the brand?

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