FootJoy Fall ’19 Layers Apparel Review

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Incorporating high tech materials and Tour proven designs, the 2019 mid and outer layers collection from FootJoy is all about performance in any weather condition without sacrificing style.

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The FootJoy “FJ” logo is one of the most recognized in all of golf.  Sure there’s the myriad of professional golfers we see on television every week sporting their shoes and gloves, but the same can be said of the average golfers at the local munis.   And when the weather slips away from shorts and polos, FootJoy is there to “make everyday playable.”  Wet, cold or both, the 2019 FootJoy apparel collection is all about layering.


The first thing that grabbed my attention about the two rain jackets was the use of multiple colors.  FootJoy brought style to what’s normally a dark, monochrome, blah layer.  The DryJoys Tour LTS jacket comes in 8 colorways, and even the black version uses contrasting white zippers for a little style pop.

The Heather Blocked Vest also incorporates color blocks and contrasting zippers, and then adds coordinated stitching to deliver a warming layer suitable for social activities beyond the golf course.  I love the way FootJoy designers utilized one color palate across their products that makes coordinating layers simple.


Over the years I’ve found that FootJoy polos run a bit on the roomy side in the shoulders and chest, and the long sleeve Thermolite is no exception.  At 5’-10” and 165 lbs., my typical go to size is medium, and I would definitely go down to small for this shirt.

Interestingly, the fit of the vest and jackets was much more in line with what I consider normal sizing – not too loose, not too tight.  The ultra-lightweight DryJoys Select LS jacket is perfect for slipping over a golf shirt while maintaining a clean silhouette.  An outer layer for colder conditions, the DryJoys Tour LTS jacket pictured above has room for a sweater or pullover.

The DryJoys Tour LTS rain pants come in sizes XS to XXXL, and you’ll want to consult the online sizing chart if you aren’t in a store to try them on.  With my 33” waist that trends to 34”, the medium was spot on per the chart, though had the appearance of being snug at the hips.  Wearing the pants over golf shorts, I didn’t need to engage either of the pairs of snaps that decrease the waist.

The super elastic section at the rear of the waist, along with the zippers on the legs that start at the knee, made slipping the pants on and off while wearing golf shoes a breeze.  Snaps at the ankles allow the wearer to choose between a loose fit, favorable for pants underneath, or a trimmer fit for shorts.


The FJ DryJoys Select LS jacket is a marvel of fabric engineering.  100% waterproof (with 2 year warranty) and breathable, the Select LS jacket also weighs in lighter than a golf shirt.  Both the inner and outer layers offered stretch that left my swing completely unencumbered.  All these performance factors make the FJ DryJoys Select LS the perfect jacket to keep in the golf bag for pesky rain showers.  I don’t know what the patent entails, but I love the fit and height of the StaDry collar – like a mock turtleneck – for keeping rain from running down my neck.  The elasticized and velcro adjustable cuffs allowed me to dial in fit at my wrists for both comfort and for keeping the sleeves out of the way of my grip.

When temperatures drop and rain lurks on the horizon, the FJ DryJoys Tour LTS jacket is what you want to be wearing.  Still lightweight, the Tour LTS has a moisture wicking insulating layer to help golfers stay warm and dry.   I’m really looking forward to having this jacket, with the same collar and cuff designs as the Select LS, in my arsenal for this winter golf season in Florida – rain or shine.

The FJ DryJoys LTS pants offer all the same benefits as the jacket fabric wise, plus include a few great details for keeping your focus on the golf game.  Deep front pockets will be great for keeping my hands warm, but what I really liked about them is the zippered opening for accessing the pockets of whatever I’m wearing underneath.  I also applaud the gription material Footjoy added inside the waistband for keeping your shirt or mid-layer tucked in.


FootJoy offers a wide variety of products in their fall 2019 apparel collection, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the pieces I tested.  I also give FootJoy a solid tip of the cap for their “Find My Rain Jacket” chart (LINK) that compares their four models in these key performance areas:  Lightweight Factor, Stretch Through Swing, Breathability and Warmth.  When conditions aren’t ideal, FootJoy gives golfers the ability to adapt without losing focus.

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