FootJoy HydroTour & HydroLite X Rain Jacket Review

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The FootJoy HydroTour rain jacket has smart features and a great fit to keep you dry and warm during early and late season golf.  The FootJoy HydroLite X rain jacket is best for warmer temperatures.


When we last checked in with FootJoy’s apparel side [find it HERE], they were focused on offering golfers a comprehensive layering system with the goal of “Make every day playable.”  For 2023, the focus has shifted to outerwear.  With a wide array of tops and bottoms for dealing with rain in any temperature, FootJoy has gone a long way toward achieving that goal.  This review will focus on two of their premium rain jackets, the HydroLite X and the HydroTour.


While it doesn’t color too far outside the lines, the FootJoy HydroTour rain jacket is a bit bolder than average.  Half of the colorways feature contrasting body and sleeves, as seen above, and every version highlights the waterproof seams with a different color.

Unlike most rain jackets, the FootJoy HydroTour comes in six colorways.  Shown here is the Black/Charcoal/Red, which I think is the best balance of “goes with everything” and “not another all-black rain jacket.”  There is an all black option as well as an entirely red version.  The other three colorways are Navy/Grey, Navy/Indigo, and Navy/Denim.

With the FootJoy HydroLite X, the look is more monochromatic.  In four of the six colorways – Black, Navy, Blue, and Acid Green – there is almost no contrast except the Velcro sleeve closures.  If you want a little more visual interest, the Charcoal/Black (shown here) and Navy/Grey versions have some contrasting panels on the back and sleeves.

The HydroLite X is also available in a short sleeve version with similar color options.


Matt Meeker tested the FootJoy HydroLite X and found that the fit was true to the medium sizing.  Where some brands want you to size up in outerwear, that’s not necessary with FootJoy.  He found ample room to swing and even enough space to fit a second layer over his golf shirt.  This gives the HydroLite X more versatility as it’s a lightweight jacket.  Adding a middle layer can make it suitable for colder temps, too.

In testing the FootJoy HydroTour rain jacket, I found the size medium to be perfect over a single layer.  This makes sense as I’m on the larger side of medium from Matt Meeker, and the HydroTour is a little thicker so it stands up to colder weather on its own.

The two things that stand out about the fit of the HydroTour rain jacket are the length and bottom of the jacket and the fit around the torso.  This jacket covers my belt but not much more, which is the perfect length for me.  Also, the bottom is not elastic, so you don’t have to pull it back down after every swing.  Finally, the fit of the torso is outstanding: there’s enough room for comfort and an aggressive swing but no extra material potentially catching the butt of the club.


The obvious place to start with these FootJoy rain jackets is the waterproofing.  Both come with a two year waterproof warranty.  In our testing, neither jacket let in a drop of water.  On the HydroTour jacket, the dual sealed seams really got my attention.  Both of us also made note of the YKK Aquaguard zippers.

Sticking with the zippers, both jackets feature a smart array of waterproof, zippered pockets.  The HydroTour has two hand pockets as well as two chest pockets – one interior, one exterior.  FootJoy’s HydroLite X jacket has two hand pockets and an interior chest pocket.  Matt Meeker noted that the pockets have excellent depth, which really adds to their usability.  A pocket is no good if your stuff is constantly falling out of it.

A feature that garnered attention from Matt Meeker and me is the waterproof cuff.  What sets these cuffs apart is the combination of the Velcro adjustability and elastic.  Many rain jackets that I’ve tested have one or the other, but having both is better.  You’re able to use the Velcro to set the cuff fairly tight to keep the water out, but the elastic keeps the cuff from strangling your wrist.

Finally, a feature that’s unique to the FootJoy HydroTour rain jacket is the Golf Collar with DrySeal technology.  It’s almost like having two collars in one – one that fits closer to the neck and one that fits more like a traditional rain jacket.  What makes this work is that there are two grommets in the outer collar that allows the water to get out the back of jacket rather than running down the back of your neck.  It’s one of those features that seems obvious once you’ve seen it, and works just as its designed to.


Whether you’re looking to play in the summer rain or extend the season when it’s cool and drippy, FootJoy has a perfect rain jacket for you.  The FootJoy HydroLite X has the light weight and breathability you’ll want when the temperatures are high, and the FootJoy HydroTour is a perfect choice for cooler, rainy days.

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