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The EVNROLL ER8v incorporates unique face milling and alignment aids inside a premium body to help give golfers consistent putting and better scores.

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With over 25 years of experience designing putters, founder and owner of EVNROLL putters, Guerin Rife claims to have found the secret to unlocking better putts.  Using 303 stainless steel, Rife’s unique face milling pattern promotes a better and more consistent roll for more made putts.  For the modern amateur, could this be the answer to lowering your score?  Let’s find out.


As soon as I unboxed the EVNROLL ER8v putter, I was impressed by its premium look.   Set it in a row with any other high-end brands, and it would fit right in.  

The biggest and most obvious differentiator is the face milling pattern.   The face consists of two naked spots that bookend horizontal grooves.   When you examine more closely, each groove is wide in the middle and becomes more narrow towards the outside.  EVNROLL calls it Sweet Face Technology, and it’s the unique feature that EVNROLL has built their brand on.   

At address, the CNC milled stainless steel putter boasts a deep, black flange line.   This is my preference but it is customizable for those wanting something different.  The EVNROLL ER8v also sports their signature two naked sight dots right on top.

Just inside the sight dots is the neck attachment.  There is no welding as the head is attached via screw.  I like this feature as it likely creates tighter tolerances between clubs.  

Sound & Feel

Despite how great or flashy a putter looks, if it doesn’t feel good in my hands, I won’t play it.  Sound and feel are so unique to each individual that when you find that perfect feel in a putter, it stays with you.  That’s how I feel using the new EVNROLL ER8v.

Using my gamer Bridgestone Tour B balls, each putt had a pleasant, muted “tock” that is soft through the hands.  Almost every putt I hit elicited this feeling as if it was dead center of the face.  Poor strikes felt almost as good as my best ones.   To a certain player, this lack of feedback could be viewed as a negative, but I preferred the consistency.  

For the review of the ER8v, I had EVNROLL’s signature Gravity Grip installed.  This larger grip helped me feel the face angle more and prevented unwanted movement of the wrist and hands.   While this grip is an upcharge, the heavier weight gives the club a more counter balanced feel which helped me find a better tempo on the course.  It was well worth the extra $20.  


Is the $400+ price tag for an EVNROLL ER8v justified and going to help you make more putts?  I will first say this putter is as premium and well made as any other putter at this price point.  It also performs better than I had expected.  While most face mill patterns are beautiful to look at, the EVNROLL milling serves a specific purpose – to increase consistency in putts across the entire face.  During my testing, I hit more lousy off-center putts than I care to admit and the ER8v still yielded good results.  I have to give credit here to EVNROLL and their Sweet Face Technology.  It’s legit.

In addition to the milling pattern, the alignment aids deserve some credit.  The deep, black flange line combined with the 2 sight dots are designed to help with positioning.  Standing over the ball, the flange line should perfectly bisect the 2 sight dots.  This ensures you aren’t standing too close or too far away from the ball at address.  I am a big fan of this instant feedback.

Even with good alignment, much of what makes a putter successful for someone comes down to fitting.  While EVNROLL offers fittings in their studio in Carlsbad for $150, the majority of golfers in the US aren’t able to travel to California on a whim.  An adequate replacement is a local putter fitting.  Using your results, you can find something that suits your putting style in EVNROLL’s vast library of head and neck combinations.

Even if you can’t get to California or have access to a proper putter fitter, at least find a retailer to try before you buy.  Performance is so often measured by feel which is unique to each individual.  With so many custom options, you’re going to need to hit a few putts to see what works best.  So will the EVNROLL ER8v help you make more putts?  The proof is in the pudding and any putter that improves distance control and consistency will certainly help the ball find the hole more often.


Put an EVNROLL ER8v in a group of premium putters and it will be hard to tell it apart from the rest at first glance.  However, the unique grooves, alignment aids and soft feel is what sets the EVNROLL ER8v apart.  If you’re looking to take your putting up a notch in 2022, spend some time with the EVNROLL ER8v putter.

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