Evnroll Neo Classic ER5 Putter Review

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The Evnroll Neo Classic ER5 putter has a modern look and features patented SweetFace groove technology.  Extremely consistent.  Soft feel and distinctive sound.


I love learning new things, and I did that while researching the new Evnroll Neo Classic ER5 putter.  Turns out the logo “E” is more than just a cool graphic design, it also represents the essence of Evnroll – the even roll.  The vertical bar of the E represents the putter, and the three horizontal bars the resultant equal rollouts from strikes across the face.  I’ll discuss that further under Performance, but kudos for the meaningful logo.  Now on to the ER5.


The Evnroll Neo Classic ER5 is a wonderful version of a fang style mallet putter.  I like the look of the almost desk phone shaped topline.  The inside edges of the fangs perfectly frame a golf ball and assist the single white sightline in the cavity floor.  I wasn’t familiar with purpose of the two dots on the top flange until I read Zack’s ER8v review [you can find it HERE], but now understand they assist with eye positioning.

Looking face on, blade height of the ER5 is slim, and I like the gentle curve of the sole.  The black insert looks spiffy against the fine milled stainless steel.  The afore mentioned “E” logo on the face front also appears on the back side cavity.

There’s a lot going on with the sole, starting with two large weight ports that frame a large script Evnroll.  Then there’s eye catching milling on the underside of the fang and the “ER5” model designation.  I understand the significance of highlighting Rife as the designer and USA milling, but those designations are major contributors to the busy look.

I love the coordinated look the grip and headcover provide.  Both are high quality, but the headcover is too big for the putter head which makes it seem generic.  The Evnroll Neo Classic ER5 is also available in black and a women’s satin version with teal paint fill.

Sound & Feel

With a tour level urethane cover golf ball, the Evnroll Neo Classic ER5 produced a high pitched metallic “ting.”  The sound was consistent across the aluminum face insert, but grew louder as putt lengths increased.

Impact felt very soft, and I wasn’t surprised to learn that there’s a layer of polymer behind the insert.  When my club pro Ryan rolled a few putts he exclaimed that he “couldn’t even feel it.”  I had the same sensation with centered contact – a testament to the insert grooves and high MOI.  The soft grip material also contributed to the soft feel.  Location feedback increased slightly away from center.


The putter head felt light for its size and had wonderful flow.  My putting stroke performs best with toe hang, and the 25° of the Evnroll Neo Classic ER5 felt comfortable.  I also found aiming the putter and aligning my setup quick and easy.

Off the face, the ball engaged in an end over end roll instantly, and consistency of the outcomes was noteworthy.  Part of my testing protocol is hitting putts towards the heel and toe from the same spot to evaluate dispersion and the Evnroll Neo Classic ER5 was as consistent as any putter I’ve tested.

The technology behind the consistency – SweetFace – is what Evnroll was founded on.  While most putters have a sweet spot, Evnroll groove design extends that spot across the full width of their patented milling pattern.  It’s difficult to see in the photo above, but the v shaped grooves vary in width – wider in the center and narrowing progressively towards the heel and toe.  The design keeps ball direction straight off the face with additional energy when off-center.  Take another look at the “E” logo and it all starts to make sense.


This was my first interaction with an Evnroll putter, and I was impressed with the performance of the Evnroll Neo Classic ER5.  The sound is distinctive, and if you are looking for a lot of tactile feedback this may not be the putter of choice.  Regardless, all golfers could benefit from the SweetFace technology.  Priced at $399, the ER5 is a serious investment, but worthy of being considered when compared with other boutique brands.

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