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Edison 2.0 Wedge Review

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50 Words or Less

The Edison 2.0 wedge is an improvement on an already great wedge.  New finish looks amazing and enhances soft feel.  More spin and consistency than first generation.


When I find a piece of gear that works for me, it stays in the bag.  That’s why, since I first reviewed them in August of 2020 [find it HERE], the Edison wedges have been locked into my bag.  The same is true for Matt Meeker and numerous readers [reader reviews HERE], which speaks to how these wedges work for a range of players.

After roughly 30 months, Edison has crafted the replacement, the Edison 2.0 wedge.

Find out why 5/5 reader switched to the Edison 2.0 HERE

edison 2.0 wedge address


When I unboxed my Edison 2.0 wedges, the first thing that stood out was the finish.  The Pearl Chrome Plating doesn’t look that different in pictures, but in person it has a rich, premium look that’s a step up from the original.  It’s not a dull matte, but it’s far enough from normal chrome to cut down on glare.

In the bag, the visual interest comes from the unusual geometry.  The branding is a simple “Edison 2.0” in black and gold, leaving your eye to focus on the varying depths and unusual shape of the cavity.

At address, the Edison 2.0 wedge is average in size with a fairly thin top line,  Designer Terry Koehler favors an iron-like shape, which is evident in the more squared toe and leading edge.  There is a slight progression in face shape throughout the range with the higher lofted wedges being taller in the heel and thus looking rounder.  The difference is small: the 59 degree wedge is just 1/8″ taller in the heel than the 47 degree.

edison 2.0 wedge face

Sound & Feel

With over two years in my bag, I know the original Edison wedge very well, so it took only a couple swings with the Edison 2.0 wedge to know that the feel has been improved noticeably.  The original felt good, but the new version is softer.  This may be the result of the new finish.  What has been preserved is the precise feedback through the hands.

The soft feel is matched with a very quiet, dull impact sound.  Unless you’re playing a very firm ball, contact isn’t more than a “thud.”  The low volume means that getting feedback on strike quality through your ears requires a great deal of focus.


If you’re not familiar with the original Edison wedge, here’s a quick recap.  By moving the center of gravity (CG) higher and creating a slight cavity back, the Edison wedge produces more consistent distance, more spin, and a lower, Tour-like launch angle.  With the Edison 2.0 wedge, those ideas were taken a step farther for even better results.

According to Edison, 14 to 17 grams were moved from the low center face to high center face.  The result of this even higher CG is an increase in spin.  I tested the original Edison head-to-head with Edison 2.0 with the same Nippon Modus 115 shaft [review HERE], same Golf Pride grips, and same specs.  In this testing, I saw about 500 RPM more spin.  Interestingly, the launch angles stayed fairly consistent from the original to 2.0.

In addition to moving the CG higher, Edison placed more mass behind the ball for more consistency.  There’s also more thickness behind the 3/4″ miss, something designer Terry Koehler referred to as a “perimeter weighted hitting zone.”  I saw a small, measurable improvement in the consistency of ball speeds and distances in the Edison 2.0 wedges.  Much like the difference between blade and cavity back wedges, these differences won’t be obvious on the course, but they will add up in the form of shorter putts throughout your round.

Not all the changes to the Edison 2.0 wedge revolve around weighting.  In the middle lofts, a small amount of bounce was added to the Koehler Sole.  This was done because most players use those clubs as sand wedges, and the additional bounce is helpful there.  For those not familiar with the Koehler Sole, it’s a versatile design that combines high bounce at the front with low bounce at the back.  This allows for tremendous versatility regardless of your swing or the conditions you play in.

Finally, the new Pearl Chrome Plating is more than just pretty, it’s functional.  This new finish is more water repellent than the original, meaning wet conditions won’t rob your shots of spin.

edison 2.0 wedge


With the flood of new 2023 gear, I’ve received many questions about what’s going in my bag this year.  My answer has consistently been, “I won’t make any decisions until the season starts.”  The Edison 2.0 wedge is the exception: these will be locked into my bag when the year starts [full WITB HERE].  If you want to hit lower, spinnier, more consistent wedge shots, you should do the same.

Visit Edison Golf HERE

Edison 2.0 Wedge Price & Specs

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  1. I see that you put the modus 115x in your wedges. Are these the modus wedge version or just the standard ones? if its the same as your irons did you soft step an 8 iron shaft in them? thanks

  2. I have been considering these for a while, especially for my 50 and possibly the 54. How do they hold up in the 58/60 for bunkers around the green? I don’t typically hit a lot of full shots with my 60, mostly half and greenside so was interested how they would compare to a “traditional” wedge when it comes to all the finesse shots around the green.

  3. Played the Ben Hogans wedges that were a design of his….looks about the same except for the price $200 per club……. YIKES!!!

    • I still have the Hogan TKs in the bag as well. Little worn now but best feeling wedges I’ve hit. Do need something new and reckon anything from Terry Koehler is a safe bet.

  4. Robert Taylor

    Great review Matt! I have to say the original version of the Edison wedge is the best wedge I’ve ever had in my bag. I put BGT ZNE 115gm shafts in my 54 and 58 degree wedges and I’ve never hit the ball so much closer to the hole with my wedges. My bunker play is better, my chipping and pitching is better and my full swing wedge shots are the best they have ever been. I was a long time Vokey wedge fan/snob, and they are really great wedges, but for someone like me, a 7-hcp, who doesn’t hit the sweet spot all the time these wedges have performed much better. Already ordered new 2.0 versions and will put my BGT ZNE shafts in those as well. Thanks for the great review Matt!

  5. Seth+Peterson

    I’ve been waiting for this review since Edison sent me the preorder email for the 2.0 a few months back. I put the OG Edison’s in my back a season and a half ago and haven’t considered taking them out until now. It sounds like I might need to get in touch with the good people at Edison and upgrade myself. Thanks for the great work as usual.

  6. This is great news Matt. Unfortunately, I bought new Edison’s over the winter to replace my 2 year old wedges so I’ll have to wait till next year to upgrade.

  7. Still no lefties…uggghhh. Loved my SCOR wedges years ago, would love to try these someday.

  8. Hey Matt
    Specifically for bunker play, In the highest lofts (58/60), how do these perform? I seem to have a lot of success w high toe for sand shots and that’s the only reservation I have with gaming these In all 3 wedges (gap, sand, lob). Gap and Sand are usually full shots and straight face short game chips and pitches for me. Thanks for your help

  9. How are these compared to the Cleveland cbx wedges? Feel, forgiveness etc.

  10. Richard Davidson

    How are the lofts and bounces announced on the clubs?

    • Matt Saternus


      The lofts are listed in the spec chart. The Koehler Sole has multiple bounce angles, so they don’t publish a number, to my knowledge.


  11. Super interested in these, but can’t find more details on the sole. How’s the heel/back edge relief when you open the face up? Does the leading edge sit high when open or lower (ie if you open the face on a tighter lie are you going to be terrified to blade it over the green…). Thanks!

  12. Mike Bann

    Great wedge

  13. First I’ve heard of these wedges, sound like something I’d be up for trying. Might even help me solve my age old problem with comfortable yardage. I like to know what I’m going to pull from my bag when I get in a certain yardage ranges, and feel confident doing so.

  14. Gary Genest

    Love to try one of these higher CG wedges, as I have heard a lot of good things about them. My current gapper hits nice shots, but very high and affected by the wind. I am an 8-9 HC and live in Florida, so lower & more accurate BALL FLIGHT would be just the recipe for my short game!

  15. Jonathan Blum

    Jonathan Blum. Shavertown Pa. Handicap 11. I’m 70, losing a little distance. Play with elevate regular ping. Maybe I should try graphite?

  16. Wayne Carter

    Wayne Carter, Vacaville Ca. 6 handicap
    The issue I have with my gap is height .( too much) and inconsistent distance. When trying to flight it down I can get a thin or fat shot. I would like something like a 50 degree to fill not only that 90 to 110 yards but also the around the green for the low tight spinner.

  17. Dave D'Arche

    I have three of the original’s in my bag. Been playing them for 18 months. Definite improvement. They offered to custom bend my new order for a specific #. I had all three modified. Not sure if they still offer this. Terry’s main man is Bill Totten, who knows his stuff!

  18. Ian Twining

    Ian Twining, Bolton, Lancashire, 27 handicap
    My issue is with my short game. My shots off the tee are fine and my drives are usually 20-30 yards in front of my mates in the society. The problem is my short game is inconsistent so any advantage I gain from my drive is quickly lost around the green. I have a mix of inherited wedges but haven’t been able to make use of them. My irons are Cobra King F7 one length.

  19. Chris Yoshina

    Chris Yoshina, Honolulu, HI, 16 handicap
    I have lost a lot of distance within the last couple of years it seems (15 -20 yards per club) so I would probably be using the wedge for pitches around the green and half shots. Getting old I guess (going to be 70 in July). My problem with my current gap wedge is inconsistency. I either hit it closer to the toe resulting in a shorter shot to the right of the flag or I flush it and go long. And sometimes on pitches I don’t feel confident on my feel so I opt for a bump and run instead. I would be interested in trying a 52 degree wedge with a A flex.

  20. Bill Huff

    After reading your comments on Eidison2.0 bought the 56 degree wedge. Next, I bought the 59 degree wedge. Let a friend of mine, former UGA golf team member, try it. Asked for the website adress.

  21. Hey Matt first of all thank you for the referral on these wedges game changers coming from vokey’s. Have you personally seen any statistical gain in strokes after switching to these wedges ?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’d love to be able to give you some Shot Scope stats, but I play so infrequently that I don’t have nice historical data from my pre and post Edison days. That said, there’s no question whatsoever that my wedge play is better now than it’s ever been.



  22. Matt,
    Are these still fine for a mid capper? I play CBX Zipcores and are these Edison wedges more forgiving than something along those lines?
    I think I am decent with my short game, but have really benefitted from putting away my vokey’s and using Clevelands more player friendly wedges. I am wondering if you noticed that these are even more forgiving than the cleveland CBX zipcores you have reviewed.

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