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Reader Review #1

Name: Kyu Lee

Handicap: 7.9

Current Wedge: Epon Tour Spin

Edison Forged Wedge Loft & Shaft: 49 degree, KBS Tour 110 R

How did the Edison Forged Wedge perform on full shots? I was surprised on how the shots went directly to the target in a piercing trajectory. I was also able to manipulate the ball flight with ease with the Edison wedge.

How did the Edison Forged Wedge perform on partial shots and chips? The chips and pitches were very precise. I felt very in control of the distance I wanted the ball to go. The wedge gave me a confidence with less than full swings I haven’t had before.

How did the Edison Forged Wedge feel?  The wedge felt soft but not mushy, the feel was addicting as I was hitting full shots to half shots. I really enjoyed the feel, I liked it better than my current gamer.

Additional notes:  The word that came to me to describe this wedge was Control, a sense of complete control over the shot I had/wanted to hit.

Will the Edison Forged Wedge be your new gamer?  Yes! I will be also looking to replace my 54 and 60 degree wedges with Edison.

Reader Review #2

Name: Daniel Kim

Handicap: 28

Current Wedge: Tour Edge Iron/Wood Bazooka GW

Edison Forged Wedge Loft & Shaft: 49 degree wedge, regular shaft

How did the Edison Forged Wedge perform on full shots? The club performed great on full shots. I noticed a definite increase in distance with full shots with this club. I am hitting this gap wedge just as far (and perhaps even a little farther) than my pitching wedge. Normally I hit my pitching wedge around 60 yards, but I am able to hit this Edison gap wedge around 70 yards with a full swing. I am also able to hit the ball relatively consistently with this club.

How did the Edison Forged Wedge perform on partial shots and chips? The club performed fine with pitches and chips. I tend to use my putter to chip and the pitches came off the club about the same as my other wedges. (I think my technique has more to do with my pitches, rather than the club itself).

How did the Edison Forged Wedge feel? The club felt nice. It wasn’t too heavy or too light. The grip (Lamkin) was fine for my hands.

Additional notes: I found the club was easier to see where the face was hitting the ball. My current wedge is a super game improvement wedge where the club looks like a wood with a very wide base…it makes it difficult to see the angle of the face. The Eddison does not have this issue.  Does it matter that it is forged? No, with my ability it makes no difference. Was I able to have more backspin on the ball? No, I play with cheap balls that are rock solid and will never have any backspin. This wedge, though, does clearly seem to have more distance on the full shots (maybe the higher center of gravity on the club?). This club allows me to hit about 70 yards with a full stroke, rather than trying to do a half swing with a 9 iron.

Will the Edison Forged Wedge be your new gamer? Because of the increased distance off the club, this wedge has replaced my previous gap wedge and will be my go to club for the short 60-70 yard approach shots.

Reader Review #3

Name: Seth P.

Handicap: 6.1

Current Wedge: Callaway Apex 19 GW

Edison Forged Wedge Loft & Shaft: 49* w/Project X 6.0

How did the Edison Forged Wedge perform on full shots? 

I will report off two sets of “data” for full shots. The first will be anecdotal from the time I was able to use on course and second will be from an indoor trackman session where I tested my two more common shots: I will be playing with this club full and what I call ½ (probably closer to ¾ if I saw it on video) which is a ~100 yard shot on course. I left in some poor strikes to account for on course performance. Any significant outliers were discarded. The ball used for trackman test was current model year ProV1

-The weather in CNY has been poor this spring so I have had minimal time with the club on course however from the limited experience I have had the club performed very well on full shots. The ball launched at out of a nice window and carried the number I anticipated with plenty of perceived spin. I’d say in comparison to my current game it was similar, but this wasn’t much of a surprise seeing as I switched to the apex set GW to get away from the traditional blade wedge on full swings specifically. 

-The trackman data showed similar findings. Launch and spin were both ~29* and 9200 respectively with the Edison having slightly tighter deltas on both data sets. The Edison wedge carried about 5 yards further and again maintained a tighter delta. The down range dispersion circle for the Edison was also tighter.

When looking at the “100 yard” shot

-On course I found the Edison to hit my number more often but again with limited course time and very soggy conditions it was hard to say definitively.

-Trackman data, once again, showed similar comparisons between the two clubs. Launch and spin ~28* and 8000rpm with the Edison carrying a little more spin, launching a touch lower, and sightly tighter deltas. When looking at carry distance the Edison was ~93 yards with a total distance of 96 (delta +/-4) this was compared to the apex at 84 and 88 (delta +/- 6). 

How did the Edison Forged Wedge perform on partial shots and chips? I wasn’t able to get a sufficient amount of time on the course to adequately assess this at this time. I typically do not use this loft around the greens so the lack of time will not impact my assessment. 

How did the Edison Forged Wedge feel? The wedge had a very solid feel is my best assessment. The ball came off the face with solid quick feel but didn’t feel “jumpy”. I could identify mishits easily through feel but the ball flight wasn’t severely impacted unless the strike was extremely poor. Compared to my current wedge it felt more lively while not being jumpy. 

Will the Edison Forged Wedge be your new gamer? Yes, I will be replacing my current apex GW with the Edison 49* wedge.

Reader Review #4

Name: Matt B.

Handicap: 17.6

Current Wedge: TaylorMade MG3

Edison Forged Wedge Loft & Shaft: 55*, KBS 120 Stiff

How did the Edison Forged Wedge perform on full shots? One word immediately comes to mind – consistent. I was able to hit my number (105-108 yds) on most swings with the 55* Edison. My very first swing on course was 105 into wind on a downslope, caught it clean to leave about a 5′ uphill birdie putt. It’s easy to hit, extremely forgiving, and wants to launch quick and land steep. It stops on a dime for me with full shots – while I was expecting the flight to be a bit lower based on the tech of moving the COG up in the head, I think the shaft (KBS 120s) has more to do with it for me. It’s a higher spinning / launching shaft than I’d play in most of my wedges, and I think my normal gamers (Nippon wedge or KBS 610) would flight this quite a bit lower. Regardless, the wedge just flat out works on full shots, even out of trickier lies (buried a bit or fluffed up in a flier patch), which I think is where the higher COG really helps. If there’s one downside, I’d say these aren’t super workable wedges, although I’m not one to attempt sweeping draws or cuts into greens on approaches regardless. I’d much rather take consistent numbers / spin, easy turf interaction and forgiveness.

How did the Edison Forged Wedge perform on partial shots and chips? Moving past the full shots into chips and pitches took a bit more tinkering to get down, but once I figured it out, it performed very well. On my first few pitches, I found the leading edge to bounce off the turf a bit more than I’m used to, but then I started to open the face a bit more to use the back half of the grind and began hitting my numbers and spin much more consistently. I found that I was flying these a bit further than expected on pitches at first, but then started to get dialed and using the grind to achieve the spin I wanted for any given shot. For a 55* wedge and the shots I like to hit (both full and half + 3/4 swings), the versatility was evident right away. I even attempted some fully open faced flops and it glided right under the ball as expected, stopping on a dime — not a shot I’d hit often with a 55*, but was impressive to see I could do it in a pinch. It takes some practice, but I’m now a believer in the Koehler sole with dual-bounce.

How did the Edison Forged Wedge feel? The feel was solid, not the softest wedge I’ve ever used but by no means harsh. There was the tiniest amount more of an audible click than my gamers (MG3) but nothing super noticeable, and it wasn’t as accentuated as I’d expect on off center hits. The weight and build were spot on.

Additional notes: Traditional wedge shape and extremely nice to look at address — very similar to my MG3 wedges. I appreciate how it’s a “forgiving” wedge but the design is still very much geared towards the “players” look.

Will the Edison Forged Wedge be your new gamer? While I’m not sure I’ll replace all of my MG3s with Edison, this will definitely get consistent rotation in my bag and will be my go-to for half sets, which I play often (GEOMs). The versatility of a 55* will work well as a jack of all trades wedge with 7-9 club set ups and I’m excited to continue testing and using the Edison. I will also likely try a couple of different wedge-specific shafts to see if I can achieve a lower flight (especially for windier conditions).

Reader Review #5

Name: Kevin Colcord

Handicap: 23.5

Current Wedge: Mizuno JPX-921 Hot Metal @ 49*

Edison Forged Wedge Loft & Shaft:  Edison @ 51* with KBS Tour 80 Regular Shaft

How did the Edison Forged Wedge perform on full shots?  In full shots the wedge performed well.  Distance was comparable to my existing Mizuno gap wedge. The swing weight feels a tad heavier than my Mizuno which I really liked.  In fact, I am relooking at the swing weight on all my irons.

How did the Edison Forged Wedge perform on partial shots and chips?  I removed my normal gap wedge and used the Edison wedge exclusively for practice and several rounds of golf.

I worked it extensively around a local short game area to test pitching and chipping.   The wedge worked well with many different lies and I was able to get the ball to stop very quickly – possibly more so than with my normal wedge.

My gap wedge is the club I use most often for chipping and I tested the Edison in this role as well.  It performed well – very similar to my existing wedge.

One claim I was unable to verify is lower ball trajectory.  I am a high trajectory wedge player on the 30 yards and farther shots and did not see a lower trajectory with the Edison.  This is primarily due to my not having the skill/expertise to take advantage of this option.

How did the Edison Forged Wedge feel? The Edison Forged Wedge has a very solid feel to it.  It looks better in person than in the pictures and is well put together.  I ordered mine with the KBS TGI 80 shaft as that is very similar to what I am using in my irons.

Additional notes: The Edison Forged Wedge arrived very quickly. I passed my specifications to Matt on March 10 and the Edison wedge arrived on March 19.  I received email notifications from Edison upon their receipt of the order and upon shipment.  It came vis USPS in a sturdy corrugated box with plenty of padding.  Included in the box was the Edison Forged Wedge, a small reusable padded head cover, the packing materials, and a preprinted note from Tom Koehler.

My overall impression is that this is a very high-quality club.  It is well put together and has a great feel to it. As I indicated above, the wedge looks better in person than in the pictures.

Will the Edison Forged Wedge be your new gamer? Yes, for now.  I am going to play the Edison for a couple of months and see how it goes.

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