ECCO BIOM Tour Lace Golf Shoe Review

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The ECCO BIOM Tour Lace golf shoe is a spiked golf shoe that combines top-of-the-line design, materials, and functionality to create one of the best shoes on the market.


I recently reviewed my first pair of ECCOs, the Erik Van Rooyen special edition BIOM (review HERE) and loved them.  So, needless to say, when the opportunity to review the company’s newest spiked offering arrived, I jumped at it.  How does this spiked version stack up and who might it be a good fit for?  Find out in this review.


The ECCO BIOM Tour Lace has an athletic, modern look.  The color scheme is minimal and muted (it is also available in a similarly basic-looking white).  The appearance of any branding or tech is minimal.  The shoe does a nice job of finding a balance between looking sleek and substantial.


Comfort can mean a couple different things.  There’s comfort like sinking into a big pile of pillows or a soft blanket.  And there’s comfort like a pair of gloves that fits perfectly.  The former is more about a pleasurable sensation, and the latter is more about an object that feels good because it is perfectly fit for purpose.

While these shoes do feel pleasurable to wear, the real comfort of them is in the fact that they fit the foot so naturally.  I learned all about the “last” when researching for the EVR review, as well as the long history of innovation that ECCO is so proud of.  This shoe is built on the same foundation, so it’s no surprise that they feel very similar.  They are adequately cushioned but the feeling is more about sensing contact with the ground than it is about making you feel like you’re walking on clouds.


When it comes to the key aspects of the performance, the ECCO BIOM Tour Lace excels in every dimension.  The first part of that is what I alluded to above, the way the shoe hugs the foot and enables the player to effectively use the ground and make a powerful move through the ball.

This is because the shoe is designed from the inside out.  In retrospect, this seems like the obvious way to go about designing a shoe.  In wearing these shoes, however, there is a clear difference in comparison to other manufacturers.

Waterproofing is another key aspect.  These are exceptional at keeping moisture out and keeping feet warm.  I played in sub-40 degrees and was glad I had these shoes on.

Traction is probably the most notable selling point.  It’s interesting that ECCO chose to put the term “lace” in the name rather than “spiked” since most shoes have laces but not all that many have spikes these days.  Either way, these absolutely lock you into the ground.  If you have active feet or just really want to avoid slipping in wet conditions or uneven lies, these are going to give you the best chance at keeping your footing.

The only downside of this, and this applies for pretty much all spiked shoes, is that they will show where you’ve been if you’re playing on softer greens.  Testing these out on a soft golf course in late fall, I found myself feeling a bit guilty seeing the impressions they were leaving behind on the greens.

The ECCO BIOM Tour Lace also has a removable sole.  This provides the wearer with more width if needed.  While it wasn’t necessary for me, I did remove the sole to test it out and did find it adds a noticeable amount of width.  However, the footbed does also become just a bit firmer without the extra padding.


If you’re looking for a spiked shoe to help keep you locked into the turf, look no further.  The ECCO BIOM Tour Lace is exceptional in every way.  If you’re looking for a non-spiked shoe, I also recommend you look into ECCO.


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  1. M Constantine

    This have to be one of the ugliest golf shoe in recent memory.

  2. Wearing those makes you look like you just got done working security at the local mall. I’m sure functionality is great, but pass.

  3. I really like Ecco shoes and own the biome c4s. Unfortunately after a couple of months of use they look like they’re a year or two old. Have had 3 pairs and it’s the same for all of them.

  4. Funny, I like the style and looks of them. Maybe I’m too plain. Soles also look like they’d help keep things stable swinging.

  5. Andrew Cohen

    I only wear ecco golf shoes. I currently have 5 pairs. While, in my opinion they aren’t the best looking golf shoe, for me, they are by far the most comfortable. Our group are early morning players. The ground is still wet with dew. While my feet are warm and dry, my friends (who are not wearing eccos) are complaining about their wet socks and feet. This, even though their shoes are supposed to be waterproof.

  6. Bill Wellington

    Does this shoe come in Black ??

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