ECCO BIOM H4 EVR Edition Golf Shoe Review

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The ECCO BIOM H4 EVR is a special edition of the company’s BIOM H4 golf shoe.  All the same top-of-the-line materials with a bit more fun in the design.


ECCO doesn’t necessarily have the market share that some of the bigger names in the golf footwear space do, but they absolutely have the same level of experience and expertise (or more).  The company was founded in Denmark in 1963 and has prided itself on innovation for decades now.  I remember my dad wearing their casual shoes and swearing by them when I was a kid.  Having heard great things about their golf shoes, too, I was eager to step into my first pair, the ECCO BIOM H4 EVR.

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Looks are a big part of the draw with the ECCO BIOM H4 EVR edition.  If you aren’t aware, EVR stands for Erik van Rooyen, one of the company’s brand ambassadors.  The 33-year-old South African has won once on the PGA Tour and is known to stand out with his style (and sometimes mustache) on the golf course.  Hence, this shoe features some distinctive graphics that are a nod to his personality and style.

Beyond those small details, the BIOM H4 is just a really good looking golf shoe.  It strikes a fantastic blend of traditional and modern, and spices it up with well-placed pops of color.


The BIOM H4 EVR edition is very comfortable.  The footbed isn’t particularly cushy, relative to other athletic-style golf shoes.  It sits on the firmer side, which I believe is an intentional choice to help with ground contact.

The rest of the shoe feels great.  It hugs the sides of the foot nicely, and the heel has plenty of padding, which makes going up or down hills more comfortable than it can be in some other shoes.

The outsole is made from ECCO leather with 100% GORE-TEX waterproofing.  Wet socks won’t stop me from playing golf, but I really prefer to keep my feet dry, so this is a huge plus.


I’m not sure if I’ve ever encountered as many technological talking points in a shoe as I did with the ECCO BIOM H4 EVR.  Ultimately, ECCO’s claim to focus on innovation seems to be legit and after walking a few rounds in these I have every reason to believe the technology they’ve implemented works.

ECCO’s BIOM® label refers to NATURAL MOTION® technology, which purports to bring the player “closer to the ground using an anatomical last.”  A last is the physical foot form that the shoe is made around.  This shows that ECCO is designing the shoe from the inside-out, rather than focusing on the looks first.

The shoe features several other pieces of proprietary technology designed to enhance stability, provide comfort and flexibility in a lightweight package.  I do think the shoe is relatively light weight for its category, especially considering all the tech that is worked in.

Overall, I think this is as close to an ideal golf shoe as I have tested.  While some look fantastic but aren’t all that comfortable or easy to walk in and others are super comfy but don’t necessarily provide much in the way of harnessing ground force, these do both.  They are extremely comfortable for walking and helped me feel firmly in touch with the ground with all sorts of lies.


The ECCO BIOM H4 EVR edition is a fantastic golf shoe.  It looks cool and performs great.  After this review, I am an ECCO convert.  While their sizing is unique, they provide a very easy-to-use guide to help you find your correct size.  ECCO should be on the list of anyone looking for a new pair of golf shoes.


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