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Dormie Workshop makes high-end, handmade headcovers that ooze craftsmanship and creativity all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia.



Sometimes a “hot list” will miss the mark by a mile, and every now and then they actually expose you to absolute gems.  This is the experience I had with Dormie Workshop headcovers.  As I was cruising through one of the latest celebrations of magical breakthroughs in golf equipment, I happened upon a page featuring headcovers.  On that page was a cover that was a leather patchwork made to look like an old-time hockey goalie mask.  I was in love.  That goalie mask cover motivated me to reach out to Dormie to create my own custom headcover, and it was exactly what my bag needed this golf season.



Clearly beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Dormie Workshop covers this area well.  If one of their stock offerings doesn’t do it for you, there’s always the option to go fully bespoke.  You can have a fully custom design created for you with endless options.  For guys like me, having so many options can be paralyzing, but the Dormie team is excellent at helping you through it.  I gave them a theme, colors, and a little bit of background, and they were off to the races.  After a few renderings, and me being overly picky, Dormie nailed the design for my new headcover.  Even the inside liner of the headcover is cool.  To finish my headcover off, Dormie used a red and white gingham pattern that you’ll only notice upon an up close inspection (check it out in the slideshow below).



When you first open the package of your cover, which is impressive in itself, the quality is the first thing that hits you.  Maybe it sounds cheesy or cliché, but it’s kind of like setting your eyes on a brand new baseball glove.  The texture is soft and rich, and the finish is bold in the sunlight.  If that isn’t enough, this Dormie cover even had a subtle hint of that nice new leather smell.  Knowing a fancy custom job isn’t enough to hang their hat on, Dormie uses high-grade materials to make sure their covers will hold up for years to come.



Value in a niche market like high-end custom headcovers is subjective.  There are enough competitors out there to compare pricing, but the good companies are all a little different.  For the amount of work Dormie Workshop will do, their prices are great.  For a cover like mine, you’re looking at hand-cut appliqué and stitching, embroidery, art fees, and custom design.  That’s quite a bit of work for $150 when you also consider the quality of the materials and the flexibility.  According to Todd Bishop of Dormie Workshop, custom covers start at $100, and the sky is the limit depending on what you want.



My goal with my headcovers is to have something unique and reflective of me with an interesting story.  My Dormie Workshop headcover fits all of those criteria.  I know not everyone is looking to make that kind of investment for their headcovers, but there are plenty of golfers that are willing to dive in and make that commitment.  If you want further proof, and more examples of Dormie Workshop’s work, take a look at my latest Instagram obsession (Graham DeLaet’s cover might be my current favorite).  Pay attention to Dormie Workshop.  I guarantee you’re going to start seeing them pop up in more and more places around the world.

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  1. Bought a driver and a 3 head cover. Very nice but driver cover only lasted one season.

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