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Devereux golf apparel provides a nice high-quality clothing option for the fashionable golfer that’s sick and tired of the same brands that everyone else is wearing.


Though golf clothing receives less coverage on our site, it’s still an area where people have strong opinions that guide their decision making when it comes to their next “on-course look.”  Every now and then, a brand will make an impression on you that leaves you feeling like you found something special and it deserves a second look.  This is what Devereux‘s golf apparel did to us at  Earlier this year, we reviewed Devereux and took notice that they were a new brand that was onto something good.  When the Devereux name came back around this fall, it caught our eye again and we wanted to look further to see if the brand has been able to maintain its momentum as a worthy new contender in the golf apparel industry.

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The Performance section of our reviews tend to be a bit cookie cutter at times for no other reason than there just isn’t much to it.  Either the clothing is comfortable in certain conditions, or it’s not.  Either the clothing allows you to make a golf swing with a full range of motion, or it doesn’t.  I like to think that clothing is considered a good performer as long as I am comfortable for the conditions I’m wearing it in and if I can make a full complete golf swing.  Shorter version: my clothing is a good performer if I don’t even notice it.

With the Devereux William and Brunner shirts, I had full range of motion on all my shots and was completely comfortable.  In warmer conditions, I had adequate breathability, but did not feel like I was wearing an extra thin shirt, a common feeling with other brands.  Believe it or not, the higher-end clothing seems to struggle the most with performance in this industry, but the Devereux shirts are proper golf shirts made to function, not just look good.

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Devereux really makes a name for themselves with the attention to detail in even the most simple shirts they have.  The Brunner shirt has a thin button-down collar, a breast pocket, and a subtle Devereux logo embroidered at the back of the collar.  It’s a fairly simple shirt, but as a staple of Devereux collections, it proves to be a versatile and classy shirt for many occasions.

The William shirt has a little more style, but it’s far from going over the top.  A simple white shirt with a button-down collar, button chest pocket, and signature Devereux logo on the back of the collar, the William adds a little extra character with Evergreen stripes across the chest.

In the interest of full disclosure, the Devereux line is made with an athletic fit, so this is important to keep in mind when buying.  I had to size up, but the shirts still fit well and had a nice tailored look.

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To steal from Matt’s previous Devereux review:

Devereux’s shirts are priced at exactly the level you’d expect for a more fashionable golf label. Their Essentials are at $80 to $85 and their Spring Collection shirts are $85-$90. This is very much on par with labels like Dunning Golf, RLX, and Travis Mathew, and the quality justifies this company.

I think this is spot on, but I would argue that currently, it’s even on the better value side.  A lot of these previously mentioned brands have gotten more expensive, or you’re getting outdated styles at the same price as Devereux’s current line.  For my money, at this point in time, there’s a fun mystique to Devereux and a chance to have something different that makes a statement for the same money, or less, than a lot of competitors.

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I’ll be honest.  I don’t have one of the more diverse closets when it comes to golf apparel.  I have a couple of companies I like to draw from and rely on year after year.  This doesn’t mean I’m opposed to trying anything else, it’s just a hard lineup to crack.  However, Devereux has caught my attention.  Yes, naming the William shirt after me* certainly helps, but these shirts are genuinely really solid.  I have to agree with Matt that I think Devereux may have just found a nice little spot in the world of athletic-fit golf apparel via their efforts to make their clothing into “proper threads.”

*William shirt not really named after me.

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