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Different enough to stand out, but classic enough to last more than two months.  Quality materials and solid performance.


If you were going to launch a new golf apparel brand, how would you make it stand out?

Give up?  I did, which is why I write about apparel instead of designing it.

Robert Brunner, on the other hand, has lots of ideas about how to make golf apparel into “proper threads,” which is why he launched Devereux in 2013.  Along with his brother, who manages the business side, they are building a brand with a more fashionable take on golf apparel.  (Check out our interview with Robert Brunner HERE)

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I put these two Devereux polos through some of my long club testing sessions, and I can report that they perform very nicely.

As many of the better brands do, they offer their polos in both jersey and pique fabrics.  Both materials are a step above what you get from your standard golf shirts.  The pique has a small amount of spandex woven into the pima cotton which gives it a little stretch.  The jersey polo, my preferred material, has more weight and a softer feel than you typically find.

Also important, Devereux engineered a unique cut for their golf shirts.  It is decidedly slimmer, though not Euro slim.  You can feel the shirt taper from your ribs down to your waist, but it doesn’t squeeze or pinch your sides in potentially unattractive ways.  It’s a flattering cut which also keeps excess material out of the way of your swing.

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Impressively, Devereux’s unique style shows through in both their Essentials and their Spring Collection shirts.  Their Essentials, available in a variety of colors, feature a thin collar to match the athletic cut.  The Brunner, their jersey polo, also sports an asymmetrical breast pocket, a button-down collar, and an embroidered logo on the back of the neck.  Lots of cool details there.

The Spring Collection combines a handful of colors – white, grey, navy, coral, and sea green – to make four designs that vary from tastefully bold to classic.  The designs are all very geometric, nothing too off-the-wall, and I’d expect them to wear well for many seasons.

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Devereux’s shirts are priced at exactly the level you’d expect for a more fashionable golf label.  Their Essentials are at $80 to $85 and their Spring Collection shirts are $85-$90.  This is very much on par with labels like Dunning Golf, RLX, and Travis Mathew, and the quality justifies this company.

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The golf apparel marketplace is a crowded one, but through a combination of high quality, smart offerings, and unique designs, I think Devereux has carved out a space for themselves.  If you value high quality apparel and prefer a more athletic cut shirt, you should definitely check it out.

Matt Saternus


  1. Bradley Clarke

    Love the look of the Brunner polo – button down collars are a winner with me.

  2. Great review, Matt.

    It’s been very interesting and rewarding for golf apparel fans, like myself, to see this influx of talented designers and apparel makers choose golf as the platform to showcase their abilities and designs. Golf fashion has really developed in the last decade, and the brands of today are fantastic representations of the evolving demographic of golfers worldwide. I’m really enjoying partaking in, and witnessing, the recent golf apparel progression, and I’m looking forward to seeing where golf apparel is headed in the next few years.

    Once again, fantastic review. Great insight into an exciting up-and-coming brand.

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