Cobra King LTD Pro Driver Review


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The Cobra King LTD Pro driver has all the same bells and whistles of the King LTD driver with lower lofts and fade settings.



After getting past the awe I was in over the Cobra King LTD driver, it was time to step up and review the low-loft version of the driver and see how it compared.  The Cobra King LTD Pro driver is pretty much identical to the King LTD in every single way except that it has a lower range of lofts (7-10º) and multiple fade settings for the players with higher swing speeds.  This gives players of all swing types an option to play the greatly hyped King LTD driver.



As I’ve stated before, I think the looks for the Cobra King LTD line are just flat out cool.  The King LTD Pro has a similar, if not identical, footprint of the regular King LTD.  At address, I would say it sets up just a little more open.  I’m still sticking with statement that I think the King LTD and LTD Pro are the coolest looking drivers around right nowThe Spaceport immediately draws your attention to the club, then you realize there’s bright orange accents.  The crown has a subtle checkerboard pattern to it that you’re just able to see in the perfect lighting, so it isn’t a distraction when on the tee box.


Sound & Feel

Same as the King LTD, the Cobra King LTD Pro has an amazing sound and feel that is unlike any other driver out there right now…or ever.  The sound is a sweet “whap” which is a delightful result of combining the titanium face, Cobra speed channel, and the hollow carbon fiber crown.  Mishits are still going to sound different, but the result is hardly as painful to the ears as most other drivers that just sound like you hit a rock on a dead spot.

The feel of these LTD drivers is very interesting.  The face feels buttery and soft, yet still very solid and explosive.  With a lack of filler inside the head, you get a very pure and responsive feeling.



The performance of the Cobra King LTD Pro was interesting for me.  By comparing my numbers between the King LTD and the King LTD Pro, I actually hit the LTD Pro with more spin than I did with the King LTD.  I liked my 11.8º launch angle better than the 15º I had in the King LTD, but that lower spin gave me significantly more roll with the King LTD.  Generally, I had about the same distance with two clubs, but much less rollout with the King LTD Pro.  The difference is that I had more of a straight/slight draw ball flight with the King LTD whereas the King LTD Pro gave me consistent fade thus the softer landings.  To get my spin down, I paired the LTD Pro with a better-fit shaft and regularly found myself in the 2000-2300 range for spin and got a little more roll.  Ultimately, I found I could control the King LTD Pro better than the King LTD, and with the right shaft, I felt I could freely swing at the ball and not lose control of the shot.  Disclaimer: that’s me specifically.  Other players may have a totally different experience.



Just when I thought I had the driver of my dreams in the King LTD, I got dialed in with the Cobra King LTD Pro driver, and it went straight into the bag.  If you haven’t bought into the new generation of Cobra Golf over the last couple of seasons, the new King LTD woods are certainly a strong statement telling you that you should.  Not only have they re-emerged as a quality equipment manufacturer, but Cobra has set itself up to be a giant killer with some of the best equipment on the market, including the King LTD Pro driver.

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  1. Will you be reviewing the ping g driver? I’ll be curious to how you think they stack up with each other. I’ve hit them both (and the rest of the new drivers) and they are the clear top two in my opinion.

  2. What shaft did you pair this up with? I have a very similar average Swing speed so would be interested to hear!

    Great reviews BTW – love the site!

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