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The Cobra King F7 driver is a reliable performer that feels great and gives you confidence every time you step up to the tee.


For the past three seasons, Cobra‘s “regular” version in the driver lineup has been one of the easiest to hit drivers on the market.  True to this recent history, the King F7 driver is one of the most consistent and reliable drivers I’ve hit this season and has exceptional feel.  Knowing I’m far from perfect, I greatly appreciated the forgiveness of the King F7.  If all of this wasn’t enough, the integration of Cobra Connect – powered by Arccos – is a fun added bonus.


Though it comes in at 460cc, the Cobra King F7 driver has a smaller profile at address.  Often times a 460cc driver that doesn’t have a deeper face will have a flat pancake look.  With the F7 driver, that’s not the case  Players who like a bit of a pear shape and a medium face depth will be a good match for the F7.  The King F7 has a glossy crown that comes in silver, black, blue, and wood grain.  The sole is fairly simple with the main attractions being the three adjustable weights.

Sound & Feel

For such a forgiving club, the Cobra King F7 driver has some serious sound and feel.  Most drivers in the same “family” as the King F7 tend to feel springy and empty.  The King F7 feels solid and responsive but with a lot of life across the whole face.  The only shots that feel notably punishing are extreme mishits.

Like the feel of the King F7, the sound is also quite satisfying.  As long as I wasn’t on the extreme toe, heel, or sole the sound was a powerful “whap!”  It’s hardly a cannon going off on the driving range, but it’s enough to make you feel like you really struck it hard.


While the data above may show minimal differences, the impact of moving the weight forward and back was very apparent during testing.  Historically speaking, I’ve struggled with forward CG, but I had good success with this Cobra King F7 driver.  With the weight forward, I wouldn’t exactly say I had low spin, but it was lower than the rear CG position.

The big takeaway from performance testing was that my optimized performance with the King F7 did not lead to the longest distances, but it was extremely forgiving and reliable.  Hitting a solid tee shot was a breeze, and I always felt in control.  As mentioned earlier, this has been a theme among the previous generations of Cobra’s “regular model” drivers.  For players looking for accuracy, and less concerned about distance, the King F7 is a great driver option.

Cobra Connect – Powered by Arccos

Cobra‘s making a big push this season to integrate more technology into their clubs.  Working alongside Arccos, Cobra is the first major manufacturer to seamlessly integrate shot tracking into their grips.  This integration gives golfers the ability to automatically collect stats like longest drive, average driving distance, and number of fairways hit.  So far this have proven to be a fun feature, and I’m looking forward to seeing Arccos integrated throughout the rest of the Cobra lineup.  Learn more about Cobra Connect here.


Feeling good off the tee is half the battle on the golf course.  We’ve all had a miserable round or two (or ten) because of that battle.  I want to have fun when I golf, and the King F7 driver is the perfect tool if you feel the same way.  The forgiveness and great feel give you confidence to keep the ball in play, and the Cobra Connect lets you track your game to keep getting better.

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  1. Mike McCabe

    What is the difference between the F7 and the F7+? Is one more “forgiving” and one for the better player?

  2. Pete Yango

    Hi Bill:
    Love the reviews!!

    What do you think of the stock Fujikura Pro 60? I am thinking of using it in the King LTD as I like the head a little better. I have a SS of about 106. How were your spin numbers?

    Thanks for your time.


    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately, Bill is not writing for PIG anymore. I’m sorry we can’t be of more help.



  3. Clayton Oymaa

    My 2g weight broke off and I cannot find another one I checked on-line but no one seems to have these weights. Any suggestions? I really like my driver.

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