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50 Words or Less

The Arccos Driver shot tracking system lets you dip your toe into this new technology by tracking your drives without any interruption to your game.  Fun social and competitive elements.


Last year, Arccos Golf launched the only shot tracking system that operates seamlessly – no tagging and no uploading data.  The only problem is that the price makes getting started a big leap.  This year, they launched Arccos Driver, a system that lets you get started on shot tracking for $80.

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Set-Up & Ease of Use

Setting up Arccos Driver is simple.  All you need to do is download the Arccos Driver app (available on iOS and Android), set up your account, and then pair the sensor with your smartphone.  When you get to the course, launch the app and select the course you’re playing.  Arccos Driver allows for 9 or 18 hole rounds, and you can start on any hole.  This flexibility may seem obvious to some, unnecessary to others, but I assure you that it’s neither.

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The biggest strength of both Arccos systems is that you don’t need to tag your shots.  I have a few rounds with Arccos Driver and many more with Arccos Golf, and I have yet to have either system miss a shot.  I don’t understand the black magic that allows Arccos Driver to know where your drive landed, but I do know that it works.

Adding to the seamless experience is the fact that you don’t have to worry about charging or carrying a separate device or uploading your data after the road.

Solid GPS function for over 35,000 golf courses.

The “gamification” and social elements of Arccos Driver genuinely make golf more fun.  I loved golf long before shot tracking existed, but this system adds new elements – leaderboards, “Bomb Drives,” social sharing, and personal challenges – that simply make the game more enjoyable.

Finally, while Arccos Driver is largely about fun, there’s a lot of potential for improving your game.  Stats for distance and accuracy are presented clearly and can help you improve your performance with the most important club in the bag.

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The tag that Arccos Driver uses is bigger and heavier than any other tag.  It’s not big or heavy enough to bother me, but I expect some will take issue with it.  Also, the tag requires a battery that needs to be changed approximately every 50 rounds.

Another issue is that Arccos Driver asks you to keep your phone in your pocket while you play.  For some this will be a non-issue, but others may not like the added bulk or the fact that they’ll be tempted to check texts and email on the course.

Finally, Arccos Driver has a $40 annual subscription for “premium” features (1 year is included with purchase).  Arccos Driver functions exactly the same with or without the subscription, but when your subscription lapses, you lose access to your historical stats.

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Arccos Driver costs $80.  For that you get the sensor and 1 year of the premium subscription.  You don’t need the premium subscription to use Arccos Driver, but the $40/year cost is required if you want access to your historical stats.

Since we know that driving is not only the most fun part of the game, but also the most important for scoring, I think Arccos Driver is a great way to get started on stat tracking.  Also, the social/game features add another element to the game and allow you to connect with golf friends all over the globe.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Arccos has an upgrade program for players who get hooked on stat tracking.  If you are a user of Arccos Driver, you can get Arccos Golf for $199.99 instead of the normal $299.99 by calling their customer service at 1-844-692-7226.

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Between the valuable stats, seamless technology, and added fun, Arccos Driver is one of the best golf technology products I’ve ever used.  On top of that, the price makes it an easy way to get started in shot tracking, and the ability to upgrade to Arccos Golf is extremely customer-friendly.

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  1. Andrew LaMantia

    Does the Arccos driver tracking system give yards to green after you tee off all the way to the green

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t used the Arccos Driver app recently, so I’m not sure what data it provides. That said, I would be surprised if it didn’t provide basic GPS functions like distance to the green.



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