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The Cobra BiO Cell Pro is a stout, solid driver.  Great looks.  Tough animal to tame.

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Cobra recently got all of their fans worked up with the announcement of the new Cobra BiO CELL Pro driver which is a more performance-based version of the original Cobra BiO CELL driver.  This is the driver that Rickie Fowler has been playing on tour for some time now and it’s an all titanium head with a 440cc footprint that’s supposed to have a higher launch and lower spin to maximize distance.  This driver is not for the timid golfer.  This review will shed some light on the details on one of Cobra’s most exciting releases of 2014 so far.

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The original Cobra BiO CELL driver was released in five different colors: red, blue, orange, silver, and the return of a traditional black to the Cobra lineup.  In the new BiO CELL Pro, Cobra has only released the driver in black, blue, and Rickie Fowler orange.  All three colors look great, and I’m particularly fond of the blue.

The 440cc head looks great at address with a really nice shape and a deep face.  Once the club is grounded, the toe sits up a little higher, but this is not uncommon for a smaller head with a deep face.

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Sound & Feel

Simply put, the Cobra BiO CELL Pro driver has a great sound.  It’s a very solid sounding club with a nice explosion off the face when you catch one nice and square.

Along with the sound, the feel of the BiO CELL Pro is very solid as well.  The club has a nice weight and balance to it and feels incredibly solid at impact where it feels like the ball really jumps off the club.  The feel is far from forgiving, but this driver is not geared toward the player looking for an ego massage.



Cobra has continued their use of the MyFly technology in this club, giving the golfer 8 different loft settings.  It also features the Smartpad which is supposed to keep the face in the same position no matter the loft setting of the BiO CELL Pro.  The loft can be adjusted from 7º to 10º and there are four draw settings.  I found the most optimal setting for me was 8.5.º.  I tried using more loft to get the ball to launch higher, but had the best control and distance on 8.5º.

What the launch monitor told me is that this driver is not optimal for my swing.  I really enjoyed hitting it on the range and on the course, but it’s simply not the longest for me due to the higher spin.  Matt tested this club as well and found that it was a better fit for him because he tends to be a low-spin player.

Ultimately, I think this driver is best suited for players with higher swing speed who consistently hit the center of the face and prefer to see a lower ball flight.  This is one of the few drivers this year that produces that strong, piercing trajectory that many players like to see, so it will be a favorite with some.  But please be warned: when this club says “Pro,” it means it.

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There are certain club manufacturers out there that make 65 different woods each year and figure they’ll just cover any possible type of player by sheer numbers.  Cobra Golf took a little bit of a different approach in offering two drivers to fit the general public’s needs as a whole, but then they made a special driver for the subset of golfers looking for tour-grade equipment to meet the needs of their game in the BiO CELL ProThis club has everything the elite player is looking for from sharp looks, a hot face, and high-level engineering.  If you feel up to the challenge of playing clubs like the big boys, the Cobra BiO CELL Pro will certainly be an experience that you should pursue this golf season.

Price & Specs

The Cobra BiO Cell Pro driver retails for $399.

This club has adjustable loft from 7.0° to 10° and is available in RH only.

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