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The Cobra Air-X Offset driver is perfectly suited for its target market – the golfer with a moderate swing speed and a slice.  Good forgiveness.  Nice price.


You might be thinking “Air-X?  Didn’t Cobra already kill it for 2022 with their LTDx drivers?”  PIG staffer Dylan stated the LTDx “should be in the conversation for best drivers of 2022,” Zack proclaimed the LTDx LS a “must try” and Matt S. called the LTDx Max “one of the most consistent, easy to hit drivers I’ve tested this year.”  [You can find all those reviews HERE].

So why the Air-X?  Because Cobra never overlooks the segment of the golfing community with slower swing speeds.  And that some of those golfers may also need help with a slice – hence two models:  the Air-X Offset and the Air-X Straight Neck.  Do Cobra designers ever sleep?

Check out the Cobra Air-X Fairway Wood HERE


With ‘Offset’ in its name, I shouldn’t have been surprised when I pulled the headcover off the Air-X Offset driver, but nevertheless, I let out a “Whoa.”  That’s not to say the offset is over the top or jarring, just that it’s definitely apparent.

Speaking of the headcover, it’s really nice.  Supple to the touch, it also has great visual interest.  Adding the large embroidered Cobra logo on the underside was a nice touch.

Back to the club, the large grey head looks aerodynamic from every angle.  The crown offers a glimpse at its carbon composite construction in the back section while highlighting that feature with red text pin striping on the trailing edge.  The face is fairly nondescript and well proportioned.  The sole is busy, in typical Cobra fashion, and coordinates well with the headcover.

Sound & Feel

The Air-X Offset driver produced a medium volume, metalic ‘DINK’ with a deep tone.  The sound was consistent, only getting dull at the edges of the face.

Overall, the club felt well balanced.  Cobra engineers did a nice job marrying shaft and head weight, with neither dominating during the swing.  Reasonable contact felt powerful and stable.  Strike location feedback was basically non-existent – which in my book is perfectly acceptable for the target golfer.


Following up on the “whoa” moment I mentioned earlier, the offset definitely assisted with the strong slice-fighting tendencies in the Air-X driver.  The other design feature in the Air-X driver for minimizing left-to-right ball flight is heel weighting.  The combination had me painting the centerline on Trackman with a cut swing.  Someone with a strong slice may still produce some left-to-right curvature, but the Air-X Offset driver should make it manageable.  From my experience, eliminating extremes makes the game so much more enjoyable.

The Air-X is the lightest driver Cobra has ever produced.  For me, the lighter weight implored me to swing with good tempo.  The less I tried for distance, the more I got.  The forgiving nature of the face deserves some of the credit as my contact was far from dialed in during data collection at Club Champion.

It’s worth noting that while the stock Cobra Ultalite shafts of the Air-X driver are labeled “40,” they are actually 50 grams.  Shaft labels can be tricky – sometimes more marketing than spec driven.  As always, we want readers to be informed.


For the golfer who fights a slice, the Air-X Offset driver can be a game changer.  And, as Cobra states, the lightweight design is well suited for “effortless speed.” One other attractive aspect is the price: $349.  Cobra clearly recognizes that some golfers just want to enjoy the game more with the swing they have, aren’t interested in adjustability, and don’t want to spend a fortune on a new driver.

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Cobra Air-X Offset Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Matt
    What flex shaft was in your club test and how would the Air X offset driver compare with Cobra’s F Max offset driver from a few years ago?

  2. I used to own a 9.5 degree Cobra Ti offset driver when they came out around 20-25 years ago and had it for a long time. My longest drives are still held by this old thing. My current driver is an F9 refitted with a 50g Evenflow Riptide CB, regular flex. Might explore the new PXG Gen 5 @ $300, might not.

  3. Robert Dicks

    I demo’d the Air-X driver against my Cobra F-Max Superlite driver of 2018. For me, the 2018 driver was, after a 15-shot average with each, three yards longer. Your mileage may vary.

  4. I’m 49 years old, athletic, and a 5HC. I use this driver in a 9.5 degree offset version with a regular flex shaft. I’ve tried nearly every driver out there and this hit the spot for me. I hit it straight or a baby fade and about 250-260 carry. I also play recoil 480 regular flex in my irons…just fits my tempo and feels best to me. Don’t get caught up in all the hype with club marketing…try different things and play what works for you and helps lower scores!

  5. I use the air x offset max 9.5 driver and it has sorted my slice out I occasionally slice tho but it’s manageable it’s the best driver I’ve had for straighter drives

  6. Robert hancock

    Do you have a used air x driver right handed

  7. Would you recommend the Offset or Straight? I am 62 years old with a moderate a moderate to slow swing.

    • Matt Meeker

      It’s mainly dependent upon your typical ball flight Chris. Offset is beneficial for players who slice the ball.

      – Meeks

  8. Kevin Giles

    I have just recieved my new air x about 3 weeks ago im a lefty and used a S 9 cobra previouzly and am enjoying the weight differential.l had to adnjust .my swing a little to more inside out being pronounced but very happy my % of fairways hit is up 15 to 20 %.handicap 15 age 76

  9. Ian Barrowcliffe

    If the lighter weight helps increase your swing speed, then those who swing around the 85-90 mph might need to switch to the stiff flex. Has anyone tried this with the stiff flex ??

  10. Norm Stafford

    I have just purchased a newAirX offset drive 11.5 degree loft and ultralite 40 r shaft and it has got me back in the game

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