Cobra Air-X Fairway Wood Review

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The Cobra Air-X fairway wood is all about straightening out a slice.  Lightweight with great consistency.  Good looks and a nice price.

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Cobra’s tagline for the Air-X lineup – “effortless speed” – reflects the designer’s focus on reducing weight to make the clubs easier to swing for golfers on the opposite end of the speed spectrum from Bryson DeChambeau.  With Bryson’s length off the tee, fairway woods might be irrelevant, but for golfers with slower swing speeds, fairway woods are often the workhorses in the bag.  Is the Cobra Air-X fairway up for the task?  Let’s find out.


The Cobra Air-X fairway may not have “Offset” in its name like the Air-X Offset driver [full review HERE], but its offset is readily apparent.

The grey head has a wonderfully rounded shape at address.  I like how the carbon composite construction becomes visible about half way back from the face.  What appears to be simple red pinstriping actually contains the text “ultralite carbon fiber.”

Inviting for contact off the fairway, the Air-X face is shallow and wide.  The sole has a lot going on, but as usual for Cobra, it’s well coordinated and doesn’t come across as too busy.

Sound & Feel

Across the face, the Air-X fairway produced a woodsy “crack.”  The sound was pleasant to my ears and matched well with the stable, solid feel in my hands.  Feedback on strike location was minimal.  Sensory wise, the club fit the “effortless” billing.


After a handful of swings in the bay at Club Champion, Master Fitter Lee Wiston and I almost simultaneously said the same word: consistent.  I was launching the ball straight down the target line with a nice high trajectory swing after swing.  Reviewing the data field, the numbers confirmed the consistency we observed.

It’s important to note that I gathered this data following testing with the Air-X Offset driver.  That’s important because I had grooved an outside to inside, slice-ish swing that was nicely suited to testing the design attributes of both Air-X woods.  For the Air-X fairway, the combination of the offset and the heel weighting was effective in minimizing left-to-right ball flight.

With my normal swing and a neutral club setup, I typically see a straight ball flight or a slight draw.  Utilizing that swing, the Air-X fairway produced a strong draw that often flirted with being a hook.  This is not a club for someone desiring a baby draw – the Air-X fairway is all about fighting the slice. 

It’s also worth noting that I was testing a 20° 5 wood, the middle of the three lofts Cobra offers in the Air-X fairway.  Having gamed a 16.5° fairway the past couple of years, I really enjoyed the additional loft – a great reminder to try new things. 


The forgiveness of the Cobra Air-X fairway is impressive, resulting in repeatable performance.  Lightweight and aerodynamic, the Air-X fairway is an excellent choice for golfers with slower swing speeds who also struggle with a slice.

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Cobra Air-X Fairway Price & Specs

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  1. Tom Burns

    Was seriously considering this club but your comment ” This is not a club for someone desiring a baby draw – the Air-X fairway is all about fighting the slice. ”
    A slice is not my problem and do not want this club if hooks are probable
    Is there another comaprable Cobra you would suggest with less offset ?

  2. David McGee

    Purchased the 23° loft. Carry is 160-170 yards, depending upon wind conditions. The loft is similar to an 8 iron and the ball stops within 3-5 feet.

  3. Wally Schmidt

    Any idea of what the exact weight of the “Draw weighting weights” are in the offset 3 and 5 fairway woods are? They are not removeable so I need to ask…….I just bought them because I had an offset Cobra 3 wood 30 years ago and it worked well. Any info to help obtain these 2 weight specs would be appreciated.

  4. Does Cobra have a 9 fairway wood?

    • Matt Meeker

      Not in the Air-X Lou as you can see in the spec chart at the end of this review. If you are asking in general, not that I recall. Best to check the Cobra website – there’s a link in the review – and see what their current offerings are across the models.

      – Meeks

  5. Hi! Am I missing something here? If it is designed to fix a slicer but this club turns u into a “hooker” then what have u accomplished by getting this club? Besides that, does a slice not typically land softer than a hook on a green? Sorry not trying to be a dufus etc but seems odd to have a club designed to fix one “fla” but then creates one that is potentially worse? Keep up the reviews…….I love reading yours and then users comments…….very interesting! Have a nice day!

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s unlikely (bordering on impossible) that a club is going to turn a slicer into a hooker. If a player is hitting a 30 yard slice, the club might turn that into a 20 yard slice, or 10, or maybe even straight, but it’s not going to create a 30 yard hook without the golfer making a substantially different swing.


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