Cleveland Launcher XL HALO Irons Review

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The Cleveland Launcher XL HALO irons are very large, hybrid-style iron.  Massive forgiveness and plenty of distance.  Ideal for the player looking to have more fun on the course.


With so many new players, golf needs more iron sets built to make the game fun for the beginner.  The Cleveland Launcher XL HALO irons fit that mold perfectly, using a large, hollow head design to promote forgiveness and distance.


If you’re looking for a traditional beauty, this one isn’t for the you.  The Cleveland Launcher XL HALO irons are big.  That starts with a very thick top line and continues to the large “back” that sticks out beyond it.  As you would expect, there’s also a substantial amount of offset.

Cleveland does use a couple tricks to make the Launcher XL HALO look a bit smaller.  The “back” is a different color than the top line, so it’s less noticeable at address.  Similarly, the toe and heel are chrome which puts all the focus on the matte grooved area, making the face look smaller.

Ultimately, even David Copperfield couldn’t make this look like a blade, but that’s ok.  For the player that finds confidence in a larger club head, the Launcher XL HALO will be great.

Sound & Feel

My feel expectations for a big, hollow iron are never high, but the Cleveland Launcher XL HALO surprised me.  Impact creates a crisp “click” and a feel that’s neither hollow nor solid.  Usually trying to split the difference like that isn’t very satisfying, but hitting this iron is fun.

If you’re looking for pinpoint feedback from your iron, this is not the one.  The HALO iron is built for stability, so you’ll be able to tell a pure strike from a mishit and that’s about all.


The primary reason that someone is going to play the Cleveland Launcher XL HALO irons is forgiveness.  This set has the highest MOI of any Cleveland Golf hybrid-iron, and that’s obvious in the results.  You can hit the ball all over the face and get playable results.

This iron set is also long.  Ball speed on and off center are excellent.  Combined with fairly high launch and low spin, that means a lot of distance.  And they’re not just long on pure strikes – even mishits get up in the air and carry a long way.

My primary concern when I got these irons in hand was hitting hooks.  These irons are fairly upright, and they want to sit shut at address.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that, despite those characteristics, the Launcher XL HALO irons really want to go straight.  In my testing, they were as point-and-shoot as any club I can remember.  It is fair to think I was making some subconscious compensations, but I wasn’t consciously fighting them and the results were outstanding.

Finally, I want to mention the clever way that Cleveland has designed the soles of these irons.  In the long and mid irons (seen in these photos), the soles have Gliderails to help the club skate along the turf.  In the shorter irons, Cleveland uses a V-shaped sole, reminiscent of some of their wedges.  Finally, the Dual and Sand Wedges have a 3-Tiered Sole.  This reflects a very thoughtful design that goes beyond distance and forgiveness.

The Accuracy Build that Cleveland is offering in their Launcher XL Hybrid [review HERE], Fairway Wood [review HERE], and Hy-Wood [review HERE] is also available in the Launcher XL HALO irons.  This configuration removes the 8 gram counter weight and shortens the shaft half an inch.


Whether you’re new to the game or simply want to take the stress of your approach shots, the Cleveland Launcher XL HALO irons are perfect.  These clubs will take almost any kind of swing and produce a ball flight that will put a smile on your face.

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  1. I just ordered a Cleveland Launcher XL Halo 4 iron! Looks like a riot!

  2. James Mathews

    I play with the 4-9 irons of this model (dynamic gold shafts though) and absolutely love them. Also use the older halo 2 hybrid. Makes golf easier and more fun. Handicap down to a 7. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Used to be a brand snob. Glad I’m not anymore.

  3. Great review, im a 3 handicap and have been demoing some SGI for the fun of it to see if they could help me out at all, and I found that the longer the iron the more I missed left, starting with the 7. 7 and longer just sit so shut for me that as a guy whos miss is already left, I couldnt play them. Definitely see the benefit though, and plan on finding a place to demo the Launch Pads. Would you say the Launch Pads have a longer or shorter head length compared to these? Wondering because the long head of the Clevelands was something I enjoyed. Also, I loved the new XL Launcher traditional irons, any plans to review those?

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