Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrid Review

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The Launcher XL Halo hybrid is a club for the weekend golfer, built to help make the game more fun.  Large footprint, forgiving tech, massive MOI.


The pandemic has seen a major golf boom as people look to get outside and take part in a game that is both social and safe.  For new players and existing casual golfers alike, the world of equipment can be daunting.  The Cleveland Launcher XL Halo hybrid is part of a line of clubs that helps make it simpler and more fun.


Looking at this club, you’re going to notice a larger footprint than most hybrids.  That probably won’t come as any surprise with “XL” in the name.  In terms of face height, front to back, and heel to toe, the Launcher XL Halo a little bigger in order to inspire confidence and give golfers a little more to work with.  The alignment aid is a little unusual and not really my cup of tea, but it identifies the middle of the face and that’s what it’s there for.  I also notice a little bit more offset at address than you typically get in a hybrid.

In terms of visible tech, you can see two of the most impactful features in the two photos above.  One is the Hibore Crown Step which helps lower the club’s center of gravity (CG) to help aid in higher launching shots.  The other is the trio of rails on the sole, which help the club move straight through the turf and more easily through the rough.

Sound & Feel

The Launcher XL Halo hybrid feels light and easy to swing.  I think part of that is due to the 8g weight in the butt end of the grip, which reduces the swing weight.  The feeling off the face is soft but responsive.  The sound of impact isn’t overly loud; it comes off with a mid-pitch ‘thwack’.


I was impressed with how easy it was to launch shots high in the air.  In that respect, the club lives up to its name.  Typically I struggle to get the height I need out of a hybrid (which is why I’ve recently added a 7 wood to the bag) but with this club it came easily.  Swing after swing produced high, straight shots with predictable, if not outrageous, distance.

Someone who needs workability in a hybrid will almost certainly be looking elsewhere.  While it’s possible to get the ball moving right to left or vice versa, it’s really not what this club was made to do.  The same is true for controlling trajectory.  If you need the ability to fire low bullets with a hybrid, there are plenty of options out there.  This thing was built to launch the ball high.

I think the Gliderails aid considerably in the performance of this club.  I mentioned how consistently straight shots seemed to fly.  While I’d like to take full credit for that, history has taught me better.  It seems like the sole helps keep the face square through impact.

I tested the standard version, but this club is also available in a slightly different configuration Cleveland calls “Accuracy Build”.  For those seeking maximum accuracy with this club, Cleveland will take a half inch off the length and remove the counter-weighting.


The Cleveland Launcher XL Halo hybrid is consistent, high launching, and easy to hit.  That feeling is what makes new golfers fall in love with the game.  It’s what they chase every time they go to the golf course.  I think those new or casual weekend golfers who pick up this club are likely to get that feeling more often as a result, and hopefully enjoy their time on the golf course more.

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  1. Michael Pasvantis

    I was a little apprehensive about trying this club mostly because of the amount of offset it has. That, coupled with my tendency to hit hybrids left (right handed golfer) made me a bit nervous. That has pretty much gone away. This club feels almost a bit like cheating it’s so easy to hit. High, far and straight are its characteristics, oh and it’s as forgiving as any hybrid out there. I put my ego aside and stopped trying to hit utility irons and “players” hybrids and this all started when I put a set of Cleveland CBX2 wedges in my bag. Those, by the way, were also game changers for me. This Cleveland company is on to something…

  2. Cleveland has been making some really good gear. The Hy-wood is the most game changing club I’ve played since the original hybrids and 460 drivers. They also hit a home run with the CBX2 wedges.

    That got me interested in the hybrid. Let’s be honest, at the distance these clubs are designed for, most golfers want all the forgiveness and ease of use they can get. If this club is as easy to hit as others in their line, this will be a terrific addition to most golfers’ bags.

    Unfortunately Cleveland is an afterthought to a lot of golfers these days. They are missing out

  3. Phillip Cantrell

    is there a lot of distance between the 3 & 4 hybrid ? im an 8 handicap

  4. XXIO has created a “new” Cleveland.

  5. Nick Pallitto

    I’m looking to buy my last set of clubs, I’m 64, good shape, left handed 15, handicap. I live in central Florida, I would like a professional to evaluate my swing and see if these are the clubs for me. My cousin just purchased a set, he’s a 12 handicap, he loves them.

  6. Nick Pallitto

    I’m 64, good shape, left handed 15, handicap. I live in central Florida, I would like a professional to evaluate my swing and see if these are the clubs for me. My cousin just purchased a set, he’s a 12 handicap, he loves them.

  7. Dear Matt,

    My handicap is 54 (golf less than 1 year) . Do you think that this club is adapted. Ihave still some problem to center my shot. Hybrid 3 or Hy Wood 3+ ?

  8. Ron Conner.

    Hi Matt.

    How would you compare this Hybrid to the Adams Tights lies 2 you tested a few years ago?

    I think you said they were low spinning and quite long.

    Could you recommend a Hybrid for distance?


  9. Hi Matt
    I have the same question as Ron Conner. How does it compare to the tightlie hybrid you
    Tested. Which would you recommend for a senior golfer?

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