2021 Adams Tight Lies Hybrid Review

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The 2021 Adams Tight Lies Hybrid is extremely easy to hit.  Well designed to deal with all variety of tough lies.  Tremendous consistency.

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Adams Golf started out with the Tight Lies, grew into a high performance, full-line OEM, and is now being reborn with a singular focus on the Tight Lies line.  For this relaunch, Tight Lies comes in two models – a fairway wood and a hybrid.  In this review, I’ll examine the Tight Lies Hybrid to see if it can fill the shoes of the club that started it all.


The 2021 Adams Tight Lies Hybrid is a big hybrid.  It’s long from front to back with a shape that, surprisingly, favors the toe a bit.  The matte grey crown has an Adams Golf alignment aid which is slightly toward the heel.  What stands out most at address is the lip on the front edge, a result of Adams’s Extended Face Technology.  Finally, it’s worth noting that this club wants to sit a little closed at address.

Flipping the club over, you’ll find a clean looking sole.  There’s simple Tight Lies and Adams branding across a chrome section in the middle.  Two pieces of technology – the Velocity Slot and the Tri Sole Design – get called out, but it’s done in a way that doesn’t detract from the overall look.

The Tight Lies headcover has strong retro vibes.  I think this falls on the positive side of the throwback continuum, but if you never gamed an original Tight Lies, this could be a miss for you.

Sound & Feel

The Adams Tight Lies Hybrid sounds great at impact.  It’s very quiet – a mid-low pitched “click” with just a hint of metallic tones.

This traditional sound matches the feel which is more solid than fast.  In fact, the feel is so far from that springy, fast sensation that I was starting to wonder if this club had any ball speed in it.  Those concerns were quieted when I got to the launch monitor.


The hallmark of the original Tight Lies was that it could produce a good shot from any situation with almost any kind of swing.  The 2021 version takes that to an even higher level – it is one of the easiest to hit clubs that I’ve tested.  From the first swing through the final testing session, I felt like I knew where every shot was going to land.

Digging into the specifics, I found the Tight Lies Hybrid to be mid launch and mid spin.  And those ball speed concerns I mentioned earlier were unfounded: on centered and un-centered shots, there’s plenty of speed.  The Tight Lies Hybrid is not a distance club, but if you want repeatability, consistency, predictability, it has those in spades.

In terms of direction, I was concerned that the Tight Lies Hybrid would be strongly draw-biased, but I found it to be point and shoot.  With a normal swing, it just wants to go straight.  You can shape shots with it if you try, but that’s not really what it’s built for.

Finally, as with the original, the Tight Lies Hybrid performs well in every kind of situation.  The Tri-Sole Design minimizes drag, allowing the club to lift the ball off thin lies or dig it out of the rough.  Extended Face Technology expands the face 7mm to give you more margin for error off a tee or when you catch a fluffy lie.  After I saw how easy the Tight Lies Hybrid was to hit, I went looking for tough lies and failed to find one that this club couldn’t overcome.

If you’re looking for this kind of performance with more distance, check out my review of the Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood HERE.


Whether you’re looking for a club to save you from tough situations or one that will simply put more consistency into your long game, this is it.  The 2021 Adams Tight Lies Hybrid is insanely easy to hit, and it shines brightest from the most difficult lies.

The 2021 Adams Tight Lies Hybrid is only available through the Adams Golf website, linked below.  Though you can’t try the clubs in a store, they are offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

Visit Adams Golf HERE

Adams Tight Lies Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Nice review. As a budget conscious golfer who loves hybrids, this is on the radar. Will you be reviewing the Tight Lies fairway wood as well?

  2. Matt for the price it looks like a good buy. I might give it a chance.
    Thanks for the great review.

    • Good review, looking forward to the Adams fairway wood review.
      I would be interested in knowing how that compares to the new design hybrids from Adams that I currently use.

  3. bogeygolfer

    Enjoyed the review, very informative. How does it compare to the new Cleveland Hy-wood in your opinion? Thanks!

  4. If you had $300 and you could buy one of the other high end hybrids or two of the Tight lies is there a big enough difference to warrant spending more for the same results in consistency, and distance . To the point just because the club cost more is it really a better club ?.

    • Matt Saternus


      It depends what you’re looking for. If you want a distance club, there are definitely better options. If you need consistency and the Tight Lies goes the distance you need, it’s a great choice.



  5. Marion. Kvidera

    I’m81 yrs old,and I’ve had my Adam’s for 15 yrs and are the best clubs I’ve ever played with. I’m so glad that the new tight lies are here again and will be getting the complete set.

  6. How do these compare to the Cobra hybrids?

  7. I recently picked up an original Tight Lies 7 wood. Not a lot of zip off the face, but I can’t seem to mishit the thing. I may need to try the new model.

  8. I picked up all the hybrids and they are so easy to hit. Very consistent distance and ball flight. After using them for a few weeks I returned the g425 ping (which were $300 each) and had $600 extra to spend on something else. Hybrid distance is not always about the longest, it is about consistency and ease of hitting. These foot the bill on that, I am 69 years old and a 15.5 hdcp. Really like these hybrids

  9. Tom Corrigan

    Tom Corrigan
    Purchased the 3 & 5 woods. They are everthing they say, easy to hit in rough, off fairway, straight with good distance. Have been using more off the tee instead of driver, much better control & not giving up much distance if any. 30 day return policy is easy, they know the clubs are keepers.

  10. Bart Pasquale

    Do you offer left handed womans 7 hybrid ?

  11. David de Pelham

    When can I order another tight lies club?

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