2023 Adams IDEA Hybrid Review

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The 2023 Adams IDEA hybrid is very consistent and easy to hit.  Some draw bias.  Great value.


Longtime golfers know Adams Golf as one of the innovators in hybrids and – for a time – one of the all-around leading OEMs.  Two years ago, Adams made a brief comeback with a new Tight Lies hybrid [review HERE].  Now, Adams Golf is back – hopefully for good – offering golfers name-brand clubs at a price that’s well below the other big names.


It’s hard to sum up the address look of the 2023 Adams IDEA hybrid in one word or phrase.  It has a touch of the traditional pear shape, but at 100cc (3H & 4H), it’s not a small hybrid.  The carbon fiber in the crown takes it further from the domain of the traditional.  Despite all that, the grey leading edge of the crown seems to shrink the club by putting your focus on a small portion of it.  This club also has a tall, square face which presents a lot of hitting area and can boost the confidence of the player looking down at it.

In the bag, the Adams IDEA hybrid looks good in or out of the head cover.  The cover has a faux-leather look that belies its budget-friendly price.  Similarly, the sole isn’t full of loud colors or oversized branding.  The Adams logo is prominently placed in the middle of the sole, but there’s space to take in the weight in the heel and the large Velocity Slot near the face.

Sound & Feel

The 2023 Adams IDEA hybrid produces a unique impact sound that reminds me of a muted piano.  It’s a quiet, almost airy “tink” that matches the light feeling of the ball coming off the face.  The sound does get a little louder and more robust on perfect strikes, but it’s always below average in volume.

Feedback on strike quality is modest.  The sound of impact never gets discordant or loud.  You need to pay close attention to your hands to know where the ball struck the face.


The original Adams hybrids were game changing because they replaced hard-to-hit long irons with clubs that were more reliable and forgiving.  These new Adams IDEA hybrids offer those same benefits, but with everything turned up by modern technology.

I found the most notable characteristic of the 2023 Adams IDEA hybrid to be its consistent launch.  I think the new or casual golfers that Adams is targeting will agree.  There’s nothing more demoralizing than a shot that never gets airborne, but that won’t be an issue with these clubs.  These hybrids launch on an average trajectory regardless of whether the ball is struck perfectly or thin.

That easy launch combines with consistent ball speed to create reliable distance.  On center, the ball speed is good, and it stays high even if your strike is imperfect.  There are faster hybrids, but you’re going to pay a substantial premium ($100 or more) for a couple MPH.  The IDEA hybrids produce plenty of distance, and they do so swing after swing.

Finally, there’s the draw bias.  Given that this feature is called out on the sole’s heel weight, I was expecting it to be stronger than it is.  In my testing, I found the draw bias to be moderate.  It can help to straighten out a weak fade or keep a slice from peeling off to a neighboring hole, but it’s not going to turn quality strikes into hooks.


The 2023 Adams IDEA hybrid is a good way to make your long approaches more manageable without spending a fortune.  At a price well below most of their counterparts, these clubs still offer plenty of distance and, more importantly, forgiveness.

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2023 Adams IDEA Hybrid Price & Specs

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