2021 Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood Review

50 Words or Less

The 2021 Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood makes the clubs that are most difficult to hit much more user friendly.  Very easy to elevate.  Forgiving.


What club do you have the most trouble with?  If your answer is “My fairway wood,” the 2021 Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood is worth a look.  This club is designed to remove the stress from your long game.


Like the Tight Lies Hybrid [review HERE], the Tight Lies Fairway Wood is larger than average.  Also like the hybrid, it has a slight pear shape, pushing more of its bulk toward the toe.  These clubs also share the matte grey crown, Adams Golf alignment aid, a lip at the front edge that extends the face vertically, and a tendency to sit closed.

On a personal note, I had a hard time perceiving the face height correctly because the face is so wide.  The face of this club is very large in all dimensions to provide more confidence from all lies, but I found that I was much more comfortable hitting it off the turf than a tee.

On the sole, there are several large swaths of silver on a charcoal base.  “Tight Lies” and “Adams” branding are seen on a strip of chrome in the middle of the head.  There are two technology call outs – Velocity Slot and Tri-Sole Design – but both are quite small.  Overall, it has a clean look in the bag.

Sound & Feel

The Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood is noticeably louder than the hybrid, though I would rate the volume as average compared to other fairway woods.  The dominant tone in the impact sound is metallic, a mid-pitched “crack.”  The audio feedback is very clear: when you mishit the ball, the harmonious “crack” turns into a discordant “clank.”

Like the hybrid, the Tight Lies Fairway Wood feels more solid than fast off the face.  The feedback through the hands complements the impact sound, giving you a strong idea of where the ball met the face.


I started my testing of the Adams Tight Lies fairway wood on the range without a launch monitor.  I didn’t need one to notice that this is one the highest launching and easiest-to-launch fairway woods I’ve hit.  That higher launch is due in part to the loft (16 degrees vs. the traditional 15), but there’s a lot more happening here than a one degree loft tweak.  If, like me, you have trouble elevating fairway woods, you need to check out Tight Lies.

Looking at accuracy, the Tight Lies FW is slightly draw biased, but it’s not a hook machine.  I had no issues hitting the ball straight or even creating a nice cut.  My normal swing produced a small draw, but I didn’t see anything snapping left unless I made a poor swing.

When I did get the Tight Lies FW to a launch monitor, the impressions I gathered on the range were confirmed.  This is a club built for consistency and forgiveness over raw distance.  The ball speed is good on and off center, but it’s not elite.  While the higher launch is a big plus for me in terms of distance, the spin is higher, too, which will negatively impact distance for some players.  If you’re a high end ball striker with good speed, this probably isn’t for you.  However, for the majority of golfers, the Tight Lies FW is going to produce more consistent distance than most other options.


If your current fairway wood is producing feast-or-famine results, consider changing to the 2021 Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood.  Though it isn’t the longest FW on the market, I found myself sated by the steady diet of high, straight, stress-free shots.

The Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood is only sold on the Adams website, linked below.  There is a 30-day money back guarantee so that you can try it at your own course.

Visit Adams Golf HERE

Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. Had a Adams speed line 3Wood loved it cost me £159 think it was 8 years ago can you see if Adams might bring back that and the idea combo sets ? And how does it stand against the F9 cobra FW

    • Matt Saternus


      I think Adams is back as a bit of an experiment for now. If the Tight Lies sells well, you will probably see more offerings in the future.


  2. Peter Lucier

    Please explain relationship of loft to launch angle. For the Tight Lies FW your review says 12.8 launch angle and a 16 degree loft. That is about an 80% relationship – normal, in the range of ok, or…?

  3. After trying out a Cobra F9 3 wood I put it in the bag where it has stayed. Put a Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue regular flex shaft on it and it feels great and is more stable than the stock Atmos shaft it came with. I’ve heard once you find the right 3 wood it’s hard to get it out of the bag and that’s true for me.

  4. Hi Matt
    I currently have a cobra F8+, set at 16 degrees, and it is my most dreaded club in the bag. So much so, that I never hit it off the tee, and even when it should be the right club from the fairway I’m opting for my 20 degree hybrid. Everything with it is low hooks. Some of this is due to my 13 index obviously, but do you think the tightlies may be an easier option? Any other suggestions? Many thanks! Love PIG, keep up the great work!

    • Matt Saternus


      The Tight Lies will likely be easier to get airborne but I don’t know about fighting a hook. My best advice is always to get a fitting so you can find head and shaft combination that works for your swing. As a 13, you should be able to easily find something that produces good results if you work with a good fitter.


      • Steve Oliver

        I just bought a Adams 4 hybrid. When I ordered they didn’t any 3 hybrids, why. I really wanted a 3, will they sent be one when available. It’s winter here in Maine so I just put it away. I don’t have the packing.

  5. How did the Tight Lies fairway wood compare to the Callaway Big Bertha B21 fairway wood? Which did you prefer?

  6. I had one of the originals back in the late 90’s, not sure where it ended up. I’ve always struggled hitting a 3-wood, and I’ve tried many. I purchased the Tight Lies about a month ago, and can honestly say it’s the easiest to hit from any lie, high and straight…maybe not as long as some others, but I’ll sacrifice a few yards for that consistency. Well worth the money.

  7. Just ordered the tight lies 3 hybrid after researching many websites and reviews I’m looking forward to when it arrives I’m an 20 hc not good with long irons but OK with hybrids most of the time hopefully this will give a bit more consistency of tee and fairway will review later on

  8. Susan Weber

    Does the 3 wood for men come in a senior flex? If so, how is it indicated on the shaft that it’s a senior flex?

  9. Hi Matt, I am interested in the Adams F W/ Hybrid package, and would like to know are they available left-handed, and also where would I be able to access them, I live in Brisbane, Australia. Thanks for an excellent review, cheers Herbert.

    • Matt Saternus


      My suggestion would be to visit Adam’s website and see what their LH and shipping options are.



  10. paul trombetta

    I just started back playing last year and a friend gave me an old tightlies. I liked t so much I bought a new 3 wood tightlies. It is absolutely the best club in my bag. I hit some balls so well with it, it actually startles me. paul

  11. Leon F Peterson Sr

    I would like to purchase a strong 7 wood new, but I am having a problem finding one to purchase can you help me out please.

    • Matt Saternus


      If they don’t have them on the Adams website, I would recommend checking ebay.



  12. I’m looking forward to trying this Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood!

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