Wilson Launch Pad Irons Review

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The Wilson Launch Pad irons are large, hollow irons designed to help players easily launch the ball high into the air.  Progressive design makes the long irons more playable.


For years, the trend has been to get long irons out the bag.  Thanks to hybrids and utility irons, many players – especially those with slower swings – have ditched the 3, 4, and 5 irons.  The latest iron from Wilson, the Launch Pad, defies that new convention by encouraging golfers to put the long irons back.  That’s because these aren’t your ordinary long irons.

Check out the 2022 Wilson Launch Pad Irons HERE


The Wilson Launch Pad irons are super game improvement clubs, and they have the size that you’d expect.  At address, the chrome top line is fairly thick, and the rear of the club extends out beyond that.  There is less offset than I expected, which makes them much more attractive to my eye.

Though the size – particularly in the long irons – is substantial, Wilson has kept the branding extremely minimal and stylish.  Besides the iron number, the sole has only the “LP” logo, the Launch Pad name, and a small Wilson Staff shield.  Unlike many SGI clubs, there are no flashy colors here, just black and chrome.

Sound & Feel

Throughout the set, the Wilson Launch Pad irons have a fast, click-y sound at impact.  However, the pitch varies as you move from the larger long irons to the smaller short irons.  In the long irons, impact is a bit louder and higher pitched.  The scoring irons are medium pitched and a little quieter.

Predictably, the Wilson Launch Pad irons make most shots feel like they’ve been flushed.  Your hands will know if you completely abandon the sweet spot, but most reasonable shots will feel good.


Matt Meeker and I both tested the Launch Pad irons and were equally impressed with the namesake feature.  The Launch Pad Sole is designed to “float above the turf” while lowering the center of gravity for high, effortless launch.  It performs exactly as expected.  From the scoring irons through the long irons, the ball soars on a towering trajectory and lands like it was dropped off a skyscraper.

Part of the Launch Pad’s high launch is created by the low CG, part of it comes from lofts that are surprisingly traditional.  No, these are not 1950’s specs, but compared to other SGI clubs they’re not too strong.  But don’t be concerned, there’s still a ton of ball speed and that combined with high launch means lots and lots of carry distance.

What I was most eager to test was the performance of the long irons.  As someone who hits it low, I have to be very careful about when to switch to utility irons or hybrids.  With the Wilson Launch Pad irons, I got beautiful trajectories and sensible distance gaps all the way from 4-PW.  The 4 and 5 irons launched high, carried a long way, and landed softly.  What more can you ask for?

Finally, the Launch Pad irons have an unusual stock grip.  Wilson has made a rubber Lamkin midsize grip the standard on this set.  As someone who regularly plays midsize grips, this made the clubs very comfortable for me right out of the box.  While the effects of grip size are not uniform across players (learn more HERE), this larger grip may help some people relax the tension in their arms and make a smoother, faster swing.


Whether you’re looking for a set that will allow you to play a 4I again or you just want to hit higher, longer shots, the Wilson Launch Pad irons are worth a look.  Their progressive set design pairs maximum ease of play in the long irons with more compact, controlled scoring clubs.  Get fit for the right shaft and flex and enjoy hitting towering shots effortlessly.

Wilson Launch Pad Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Would like to hear more about Wilson Launch irons!

  2. 9handicapper

    Wow, are they kidding..? …. If I didn’t know any better I’d say these were a set of the Cleveland “LAUNCHER HB TURBO IRONS..” .. at least a close knock-off. …. if nothing else, a knock-off of the Cleveland HiBore that they started producing in 2002(?).
    I’m not knocking the clubs because I have 2/3 friends that still play their Hibores with great success and have yet been able to find irons that play any better or longer — so go for it Mr. Wilson.

  3. Mark Lehman

    What about inserting the 4 iron only into your regular set of irons and removing a 4 hybrid? Any downside?

    • Matt Saternus


      No reason you couldn’t do that if the distances gap out in a way that works for you.



      • These do look just like Cleveland HiBore knockoffs, however, this style began way before Cleveland’s HiBore came about… way back in the early 80’s with Maltby AST hybrid irons with the letters denoting Maltby’s Advanced Shell Technology. Those were excellent clubs for that time. Later the Adams Idea hybrids were marketed heavily and became quite popular in the mid 80’s and onward.

  4. Ron Anderson

    Of you want to play a quality iron, Wilson irons deliver. The irons are the best clubs in the market. I play on the other side of the ball so left is right for me.

  5. I’m going to test these against the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo and see which ones give me the best numbers. Looks and feel will play a big part in the decision also.

    • Melvyn Walker

      Hello Dan
      Can you please leave your opinion on testing /comparing both sets of irons. Still waiting for the Wilsons to be released in the UK.

  6. Does this set really let you hit a 4 iron again? Or even allow you to hit a pitching wedge? The Honda Ridgeline claims to be a truck, but it’s really just a minivan with a bed. That being said, it’s a perfect “truck” for lots of people, just as these “irons” will be a big help to some. But that 4 iron isn’t a 4 iron.

  7. David J Rose

    No matching sand wedge ?

  8. I’d definitely like to try these. I currently have a Tour Edge #4 iron-wood .. which I’m very happy with, and anyone shopping in this category should also look at .. but still would like to compare it vs the new Wilson LP. Thx for the info!

  9. Will you meeet specs

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re asking whether or not Wilson offers custom orders on these clubs, yes, they do.



  10. Doug Schiff

    Graphite shafts available?

  11. I started playing Cleveland HB, 4-PW, last summer. I also switched to Cleveland RTX CB wedges, 60, 54, 52, and 50. I re-gripped with oversized on all clubs. I’m 63 so I’ve lost some swing speed due to flexibility, and I have been very inconsistent with irons. One or two shanks and I develop the yips to the point where it becomes impossible to enjoy a round, and I play about 5 rounds a week weather permitting. My Cleveland irons were the solution. I hit them all consistently long, high and straight. I will occasionally hit a shank due to a poor swing, but it’s rare. I feel so confident that the yips are gone. I would recommend them to any who experience what I have. Do I love the looks? No. Will I swallow my pride? Yes. Played 36 holes four days in a row in Phoenix several weeks ago and outplayed several guy 30-40 years my junior. The Wilson irons look so similar I’m guessing the results would be the same.

  12. Hi Matt,
    How does the sand wedge work in a bunker?

  13. I’ve been playing the Cleveland launcher the last few months and they are very easy to hit. I went into my retailer today as they just got the wilsons in stock. No question the wilsons are sexier and they are slightly larger both width and height. I think it comes down to preference but they both accomplish the same results. I found the Cleveland’s to be slightly heavier and for some go.fers, that’s a good thing..

    Unless you are a single digit who can work the ball with draws and fades, buy these clubs and enjoy and easier game of golf.

  14. These look very similar the Cleveland Hi Bore set in my garage. As my HC came down, I moved to Apex irons, but this makes me think I may want to play a round or two with them. I did like the feel of them … just not the look of the shorter clubs.

  15. Franklin J Ellias

    I just purchased a full set of the Launch Pads with senior flex graphite shafts.. I replaced my set of 8 year old Adams regular steel shaft irons and I can’t believe the difference. I am 78 and took up golf 12 years ago. I play on 3 different senior leagues and with my wife and friends all for fun.
    I was never able to get the loft and distance because of physical handicaps do to arthritis. I tried 5 or 6 of the “top brands” and the person assisting me asked me to try these Wilson Staff clubs. I was a little hesitant because of advertising by the “top brands” I am so glad that I listened to club fitter.
    On the range I have gained consistency, height and distance. I can’t wait to get on a golf course.

  16. I am 77 and a 10-11 hdc. I have had the Cleveland Hibores, Cleveland Altitude and currently have the Cleveland Turbo irons. I have liked them all and they have gotten much better with each generation. I recently tried the new Cleveland Halo irons indoors with a fitter. I did not see a noticeable difference from my Turbo irons. The fitter said to try the Wilson D9 game improvement irons. I hit the 7 iron considerably longer (15-20 yds.) than my Turbo 7 iron. That can be partially attributed to the 3 degree stronger loft. But having said that I love my Turbo’s and I am going to keep them (for when I get old), but I also want the added distance from the D9 irons and will buy the 7-GW. Here is my suggestion since I have had all the Cleveland super game improvement irons. If you are a mid handicap golfer and struggling with irons, try the D9 game improvement irons. If you are a mid handicap or high handicap golfer and struggle with your irons try the Super Game Improvement irons like the Cleveland Turbo or Halo or Wilson Launch Pad irons. Golf is suppose to be fun at any age. Don’t let your ego get in the way of owning the Right set for YOU.

  17. I have been using the Wilson Launchpad 2 irons for a short while now. They are definitely easier to hit and the ball goes high and straight. They take only a small divot normally; it is difficult to ‘chunk’ them, but it is possible! . And of course possible to hit bad shots, slices and pulls, but they have cut down on those for me somewhat. I don’t find them particularly long, but consistency is more important to me. As for them being “sexier” I do not find myself attracted to golf clubs in that way! (Why people refer to inanimate objects as ‘sexy’ is beyond me!)

  18. P.S. I have discovered a bit of a problem with them. It could be just me, but I’m having difficulties using them to chip. I look down at this big lump of club and duff chips. I got a chipper and put my old eight iron in the bag to chip with. It could be just me, I wonder have others found this a problem with the Launchpad 2’s?

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