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CHASE54 Spring 2018 Apparel Review

50 Words or Less

CHASE54’s Spring 2018 collection has a modern, refined style.  Their high-tech fabrics not only perform well on the golf course, they feel as great as they look.


If you read my CHASE54 Fall 2017 intro, you know the 54 represents the perfect score.  You also may recall that CHASE54 likes to name their collections, and the Spring 2018 collection is called Luxe In Motion.  The name inspiration is described by Designer and Creative Director Lulu Faddis as “a blend of movement and luxury blurring the lines of what is style and what is performance.”  Let that percolate in your mind while we move on to performance.


What I’ve come to appreciate about C54 is that they don’t gloss over performance in the pursuit of style.  In fact, the C54 team develops fabrics before thinking about colors and cuts.

Both the Meta shorts and the Pace polo are made with DryFUZE, CHASE54’s premier fabric, which “transports moisture from your skin to the clothing’s exterior so you can look just as cool as you feel.”  I didn’t actually feel cool during some hot days on the course, but the wicking properties performed admirably. I was surprised to discover the Meta shorts only had 2% spandex, as they stretched freely when squatting to read putts.  There were no restrictions in my golf swing with the Pace polo’s 8% spandex and 92% polyester blend.

Style & Fit

After looking over the full Spring 2018 collection, I’ll stick with my previous assessment of CHASE54’s style – refined and modern.  The color block design of the cobalt Pace polo is a bit simple for my taste, but the tone of the blue is a real eye catcher.  And even though I called the polo simple, the detailing makes it far from such.  The subtle, coordinated placket, removable collar stays, and the bold yellow line on the back of the collar give this piece a ton of style points.

The grey Meta shorts also up your style game with a weave atypical of slick, shiny polyester bottoms.  These are shorts ready to make you look good at a cocktail party.  And the gripper tape inside the waistband will help keep you looking smart whether swinging a club or swinging at a club.

The fit of the Pace polo is mildly athletic.  Its form following, but even if you have some ‘extra’ form in areas, the stretchiness of the fabric keeps it from feeling tight.  I really appreciate what seems like a tailored cut in the arm pit area where the sleeves aren’t baggy or tight.  My standard medium size was perfect.

As for the Meta shorts, I went with the same 33” waist that fit great in last fall’s Trekker shorts, but these were way too tight.  And yes, I wore the Trekker shorts again to confirm I hadn’t expanded.  I did like that the Meta shorts had more of a slim cut, which echoed the fit of the polo – one of my criticisms last time around.  I’m left scratching my head on what size to order next time.


Looking back over my notes one last time, I realized I never mentioned how soft the Pace fabric is – it truly feels nice against your skin.  I appreciate the high tech fabrics CHASE54 utilizes, but it’s the style that draws my eye in.  If you are looking for a brand that will make you stand out in the crowd, check out the CHASE54 Spring 2018 collection.

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  1. Anonymous

    I love the new apparel! The colors are perfect and the fit is great. I’m looking forward to wearing it this season.

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